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Production Companies


Special Effects

  • General Lift (motion control rigs)
  • Pixomondo (Pixomondo team worked for the 1st time in the franchise. They handled the 3rd act chase in Rio de Janeiro. They created and animated CG hero cars and CG vault in certain shots., modified and replaced some of the streets, buildings, environments to keep pace with the story, placed CG elements in the road like cars, city lighting and some destruction elements)
  • Moving Picture Company (MPC) (This is the 1st time that the MPC team worked on The Fast and Furious franchise. They handled over 240 VFX shots, namely the train heist sequence. These VFX shots involved a CG train and it's CG extensions, the bridge, digital doubles for the stunt work, some face replacements, quite a bit of environment work to tweak the desert location, including the creation of a canyon, and quite a few greenscreen comps of desert tiles. Finally, all the sequences was pre-visualized before the shoots by the 2nd unit)
  • Hammerhead Productions (Hammerhead Productions team returned for the fourth and the last time in this franchise. They handled practically the same VFX shots as Tokyo Drift, namely 200 VFX shots. They involved in the creation and animation of CG rockets, smokes, debris, CG reflection and window passes that were using in the greenscreen comps. They also completed face replacements, elaborate cleanup and rig removals, and negative fixes)
  • Proof (visualization services)
  • Look Effects (additional digital visual effects)
  • OOOii (OOOii provided interfaces during post-production like street cam capture and analysis, characters bios, government database, car GPS, and activity monitor)
  • Kaliber Visual Effects (matte paintings: Rio) (as Kaliber VFX)
  • Factory VFX (additional visual effects)
  • Clearcut FX (additional visual effects)
  • TeamWorks Digital (additional visual effects) (as Teamworks Digital)
  • Creative Chamber (additional visual effects)
  • HOAX Films (additional visual effects)
  • ICO VFX (additional visual effects)
  • Method Studios (additional visual effects) (as Method)
  • New Deal Studios (additional visual effects)
  • Gentle Giant Studios (lidar scanning) (as Gentle Giant)
  • BlueBolt (uncredited)
  • Pixomondo
  • Plowman Craven & Associates
  • With A Twist Studio (uncredited)

Other Companies

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