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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, sexual content and language

Sex & Nudity

  • After Gisele got Reyes' fingerprints at the beach, (she gets them by having Reyes' feel her ass) Tej asks Gisele, "So, did he slap that ass, or grab and hold on to it?" (very mild, played for laughs)
  • During the family dinner when he finds out that Mia's pregnant, Roman asks her jokingly if Brian slapped that ass or grab and held on to it (again, Played for laughs)
  • 3/5
  • The main couple kisses often. Also lots of sexual innuendo and many shots of women wearing tight clothing (or very little clothing). Women are treated as sex objects in this movie, kissing between a couple, and many scantily clad women on display and treated as sex objects.
  • Women are shown working in bikinis
  • A painting of a woman with an exposed breast is shown in several shots
  • A scene is shown where a woman gets out of a public shower near a beach, side shot of breasts are show for a few seconds.
  • Close-ups of women in bikinis many of which are Brazillian cut.
  • The bottom few inches of two women's butts are focused on in a passing shot of a car.
  • A few kisses are shown, including one at the end with a female character wearing a short dress and sitting in another characters lap while driving down an Autobahn.
  • A beach scene with several bikinis (including Brazillian cut). One team member, wears a skimpy swimsuit to entice Hernan Reyes to touch her rear in order to get his hand print.
  • Many sexual references. ("Vaginal activity", "sexy legs", "taste of pussy" etc.)

Violence & Gore

  • There is a long sequence where Dom, Paul, and others trie to rob a train of several cars on board. Several crashes occur, and Dom and Paul fight several men on board. The scene ends when a vehicles crashes into a bridge and Dom and Paul plummet off a cliff into water.
  • Lots of fighting, shooting, explosions, and destruction. Lots of big, powerful guns are pulled, and many minor characters are shot and killed. Not too much blood is seen, though a supporting character dies of a bloody gunshot wound. Some brutal fistfights. Mostly, the movie focuses on rampant destruction, smashing up cars, buses, trains, bridges, buildings, and just about anything else that gets in the way.
  • Characters are attacked when being transported. An RPG strikes a vehicle causing it to flip over and catch on fire. A character is seen crawling out, but is later killed when two grenades are dropped where was stuck. A lot of gunfire and and killing.
  • Hobbs and his people invade Paul and Dom's hideout. Lots of shooting and chasing, and Paul and a woman crash through the roof of a trailer. Hobbs beats up a group of attackers, and a female DEA agent shoots another.
  • The Unrated version has a bit more blood spurts, some of which are quite large, than the Theatrical version. These are hard to notice due to the fast paced action.


  • Language includes one "f--k" and several uses of "s--t." One "f--k" and several uses of "s--t." Other words include "goddamn," "ass," "prick," "a--hole," "hell," "damn," "goddamn," and "son of a bitch."
  • At least 1 F-word (Stay the f*** out of my way-Hobbs to a Brazilian officer) 4 sexual references, 20 scatological terms, 14 anatomical terms (3 mild), 18 mild obscenities, exclamations (shut up), 5 religious profanities and 4 religious exclamations.
  • Name-calling (circus clowns, Martin Luther King, Rick James, stupid, crazy, loco, special [meaning mentally handicapped], kook, Wyatt Earp, blood bullets and wrath of God kind of guy, wannabe and half-breed.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There's social drinking. The main characters drink beer on more than one occasion, but never to drunkenness.
  • A man jokes that he will buy a lifetime supply of antidepressants.
  • Men and women discuss in passing how a man is the leader of a drug cartel.
  • Men drink beers and liquor throughout the movie.
  • A man pours liquor and toasts with two men.
  • A woman turns down a drink because she is pregnant.
  • A woman tells a man that she knows he used to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The street RPG attack scene is quite lengthy and violent.
  • There are lots of car crashes near the end.
  • There are innumerable killings in the film, though none are insanely graphic or uncomfortably lengthy.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A character is smashed in the head with a small metal statue, the bloody statue can be seen being placed back on a desk. Nothing graphically shown.
  • There's lengthy and brutal fight scene between Toretto and Hobbs, and there are many punches and kicks, as well as throwing through glass, into walls, etc. At the climax of the fight scene, Dom slams a wrench down, appearing to be on Hobbs' face, however it is revealed he smashed the wrench next to his head. There is quite a bit of blood throughout the scene.
  • Vince is shot and killed during the street attack. There is nothing extremely graphic here. Blood is clearly seen once, but he dies peacefully in the end.
  • A man is executed on screen but the camera cuts away before any bullet impact is seen.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A character is shown being blown up by grenades, a character has many gangsters running toward him but is later saved.

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