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Season 3

29 May 2013
Works for Me
Joe no longer feels needed as a nanny.
5 Jun. 2013
Toxic Parents
Mel dates a guy whose ex-wife happens to be dating Joe.
12 Jun. 2013
Inside Job
Joey learns that there's a job at City Hall for someone with his (financial) skills and Mel didn't tell him about it because she didn't want it to appear that she was giving him preferential treatment. She agrees to let him be interviewed and the ones who will decide if gets the job are her and another councilman. At the interview the councilman thinks Joey is the right man. But Joey discovers something going on and tells Mel about it, he then tells the councilman about it who tells him to forget about it because he's the one behind it and if Joey blows the whistle ...
12 Jun. 2013
Can't Hardly Wait
When Joey hurts himself because he was trying to hook up with a girl he just met. Mel tells him to try and slow down, try to get to know the girl before he does anything with her. Joey doesn't think she knows what she's talking about. But when he goes to the chiropractor and sees that she's attractive, he decides to take things slow. And when he learns she's never been with anyone, he freaks out. Zander sees that Ryder wrote a graphic novel and he wants to work together to make it a comic. When Zander asks Lennox to help them, things get messed up.
19 Jun. 2013
Oh Brother
Mel reconnects with a childhood friend.
26 Jun. 2013
The Truth Hurts
Joe foils Mel and Austin's weekend plans.
10 Jul. 2013
The Unkindest Cut
Mel and Austin have different opinions on the possibility of being parents.
17 Jul. 2013
The Unfriending
Mel severs ties with a high maintenance friend who Joe then begins to date.
24 Jul. 2013
Something Happened
Mel scrambles to re-establish her relationship with Lennox.
31 Jul. 2013
Family Feud
Mel and Joe co-host Good Morning Toledo, the local TV news show.
7 Aug. 2013
Fast Times
After a failed relationship, Mel tries to fast-track her new suitor.
14 Aug. 2013
Bad Influence
Mel is anxious to track down a personal video.
21 Aug. 2013
Teach Your Children
Joe's tutoring business lands him in hot water.
28 Aug. 2013
What Happens in Jersey...: Part 1
Joe hatches a plan to disguise Mel as his ex-wife Tiffany.
4 Sep. 2013
What Happens in Jersey...: Part 2
Mel and Joe find themselves in a compromising situation.
11 Dec. 2013
A New Kind of Family Christmas
After Joe's flight is cancelled, he ends up spending Christmas with Ryder and Lennox's mother Meredith, who destroyed his career.
15 Jan. 2014
A Decent Proposal
Austin's return throws a wrench in Joe's plan. Lennox tries to convince Mel and Joe they belong together.
22 Jan. 2014
Independence Day
Joe embraces the idea of courting Mel by looking for a new job and separate living quarters. Lennox and Zander collaborate on a web series.
29 Jan. 2014
The New Deal
Joe tries to make his relationship with Mel work while working as a nanny. Ryder searches for a new look for the up coming school year.
5 Feb. 2014
Feel the Burn
Joe launches a personal fitness business. Lennox and Zander sell their web series.
12 Feb. 2014
Plus One
Joe stirs controversy at one of Mel's work events. Joe coaches Ryder on how to ask out Stella. Lennox and Zander make a decision about their future.
26 Feb. 2014
House Broken
Mel gets a dog for her household, unintentionally showing her desire for a baby. Ryder strives to make his relationship work with Stella.
5 Mar. 2014
Couples Therapy
Mel and Joe see a couple's therapist who turns out to be one of Joe's exes. Zander returns home to question Lennox's principles.
12 Mar. 2014
To Tell the Truth
Mel and Joe's friendship with another couple is jeopardized when a secret is revealed. Zander comes to Ryder for help after he flunks out.
19 Mar. 2014
My Roof, My Rules
Mel and Joe must get past their differences and figure out how to parent a child who is legally an adult.
26 Mar. 2014
The Chaperones
Mel and Joe chaperone a dance. Ryder's relationship with Stella takes a big step.
2 Apr. 2014
I'll Cut You
Joe is rear-ended by Mel's hairdresser and Mel struggles to choose sides. Ryder seeks advice from Lennox.
9 Apr. 2014
Catch & Release
Mel wonders if she can trust Joe when his old buddy Charlie enlists him as a wingman. Lennox becomes jealous when she meets Zander's new roommates.
16 Apr. 2014
Born to Run
Mel announces her candidacy for the state senate election.
23 Apr. 2014
More Than Roommates
Mel convinces Joe that their house should be a reflection of both of them. Zander invites Ryder to his new apartment and gets mistaken for a college student.
30 Apr. 2014
Accidents Will Happen
Mel takes a pregnancy test. Lennox and Zander's relationship takes a twist.
7 May 2014
Right Time, Right Place
Tensions rise between Mel and Joe when Mel's dream wedding locale suddenly becomes available in four weeks.
14 May 2014
Don't Look Back in Anger
In a special clip episode, Mel and Joe meet with a counselor to discuss their relationship. As they look back on their years together, they quickly decide that honesty is not the best policy.
28 May 2014
Joe's mother Gloria shows up uninvited to help Mel with wedding preparations. Lennox steps in to help Ryder when he misses the college application deadline.
4 Jun. 2014
You're the One That I Want
As Melissa and Joey's wedding day approaches, his family shows up. Joey and the guys go dirt biking but because of Ryder, Joey gets hurt. Mel goes partying with Joey's mom and sis, when they come home, his sister tells Mel something about Joey that even Joey doesn't know about. Joey's nephew whom Lennox hooked up when they were in New Jersey shows up and wants to reconnect but she's trying to work things out with Zander.
11 Jun. 2014
Maybe I'm Amazed
Mel reconsiders her wedding plans when she discovers startling news about Joe's past.
18 Jun. 2014
At Last
Joe invites his family to move into the house; Zander attempts to win Lennox back from Marco.

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