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A good movie
sreejithpro22 February 2010
This movie came as a relief for Malayalam movie industry which is in the midst of movies showing gimmicks of actors only.

Set in the backdrops of a village and an awesome cattle farm this movie has got an appeal of sathyan anthikad movie but handling a serious theme for the audience to think upon. Mohanlal was good and his acting!!!!!. Really inspiring to see mohanlal handling simply the role of a farmer who loves his land very much.

Although little exaggeration is there in the winning of mohanlal at the climax of movie against the land mafia but it can be tolerated for the movie to have a happy end.

actress have actually nothing to do as usual.

In short: This movie is a must watch especially for a mohanlal fan.
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Enjoyable although unnecessarily stretched out
kominbhai1 October 2010
One of Mohanlal's better films to come out during the past few years, Ividam Swargamanu was capable of much more as it was backed by a major production house and has a brilliant screenwriter and talented director at its helm. But due to some issues with the pacing in the first half, the movie comes off just as a good-not-great movie. The enormous cast headlined by Mohanlal is good and its always wonderful to see him share screen with seasoned actors like Thilakan, Sreenivasan, Lalu Alex or Jagathy. As said, the slow pacing in the first half may put off viewers and that is pretty lethal for a film like this where you need to be rooting for the protagonist by the end. But the movie is definitely worth a watch.
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Good swargam, thanks to Lal and Lalu Alex!
manjodude12 February 2010
Well, I enjoyed the concept and it was directed very well by Rosshan Andrrews. This may not be a realistic portrayal of problems caused by land mafia nevertheless it was quite interesting & engaging till the end.

It was refreshing to see comedy in actor Lalu Alex's villain role. Mohanlal & he save the movie. What's also appealing is the contribution from other actors like Jagathy(wonderful), Manian Pillai Raju(hilarious in a drunken scene), and of course the pretty actresses Lakshmi Rai, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy and Priyanka Nair.

The initial few scenes were quite boring which robbed some shine from this movie. Also, I find the locations or setting plain & ordinary. And what's actor Shankar doing here? They say Mohanlal & Shankar come back acting together after nearly 20 years but the latter had virtually nothing to do here. Sad.

Verdict: Fails to thrill as a whole but still a likable family movie.
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