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  • Seven survivors of a plane crash in the wintery northern Alaska wilderness—John Ollway (Liam Neeson), John Diaz (), Peter Hendrick (), Talget (), Burke (), Hernandez (Ben Hernandez Bray), and Flannery (Joe Anderson)—are pursed by a pack of grey wolves as they attempt to make their way across the open tundra in order to hide in a clump of trees. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Grey is based on the novella "Ghost Walker" by Ian Mackenzie Jeffers. Jeffers wrote the screenplay for the movie, along with American film maker Joe Carnahan, who also produced and directed the film. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Once more into the fray, Into the last good fight I'll ever know, Live and die on this day, Live and die on this day. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • After the death of Henrick, Ollway continues alone. At one point, he stops to look at his collection of the wallets from the survivors from the crash. Suddenly, he is surrounded by the pack of wolves and realizes that he has led himself directly into their den. He adds his own wallet and the letter to his wife into the collection of wallets. The alpha wolf approaches him, and Ollway arms himself with his only defense—knife and some broken liquor bottles. In the final scene, Ollway remembers his father's poem, while facing the wolf. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The end credit scene leaves a few different endings as possibilities, but overall it is up to each individual viewer to decide. In the end credit scene There is a 5 second clip in which we are shown a close up of the Alpha Wolf's belly in the foreground, with slow, possibly labored breathing. Behind it, we see the back of Ottway's head resting on the back of the wolf. If you listen very closely, you can faintly hear Ottway breathing as well. Four theories have been posed. (1) Ottway mortally wounds the Alpha and scares away all the other wolves by doing so. So Ottway sits there with the Alpha while it dies as a way of respecting his kill, which is exactly what he does at the beginning of the film after he shoots a wolf. (2) Ottway mortally wounds the Alpha, but he was mortally wounded himself in the fight. Therefore he decided to lay back and die alongside his enemy as the letter he writes at the beginning of the film was obviously a suicide letter. It was foreshadowed he would likely die anyways. (3) Ottway mortally wounds the Alpha but knows the other wolves will attack him shortly and so he lays back, satisfied that he killed their pack leader who was responsible for killing his friends before the rest of the pack do him in. As it was mentioned in the film, Wolves are the only animals besides humans who seek revenge. Ottway got revenge for his friends and the wolves will get revenge for their pack leader. (4) Ottway kills the Alpha and was just resting for a moment after the vicious fight and, when he caught his breath, he'd get up and continue trying to survive. Perhaps the GPS watch that Diaz gave him was picked up by a search party. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Hernandez: When it's his shift to watch for the wolves, he decides to go relieve himself. He wanders to the other side of the wreckage and gets attacked and torn apart by the wolves.

    Flannery: As the group leaves the wreckage, trekking through the deep snow, Flannery starts to fall behind due to his wounds. When he gets far enough behind from the group, the wolves surround and attack him. Ottway and the rest notice too late and by the time they get to him, he was already dead.

    Burke: Starts suffering from hypoxia early in the film. On the second night the group camps in the forest, Burke goes to sleep and during a blizzard, Ottway tries to wake him up, but he doesn't. So either Burke died in his sleep, or died from the cold while unconscious.

    Talget: The group creates a tightrope to shimmy across a large gorge, Talget volunteers to go last. While he is working his way across, he freezes due to his fear of heights. Then his leg gets snagged on the zipper of part of the rope. While trying to get himself loose, the line snaps and he is sent slamming into a large tree and tumbling down the branches. When he finally lands, severely wounded, he sees the image of his daughter standing over him, before the wolves approach and finish him off.

    Diaz: Injures his knee after falling out of a tree while trying to rescue Talget. He marches on with Ottway and Hendrick until they reach a river. Diaz stops, ponders for a moment then tells the others he's defeated. He convinces them he wants to stay behind because there's nothing left in the real world for him. They say their goodbyes and part ways. Diaz rests on a log, looking at the beautiful Alaskan scenery and then hears the wolves growling behind him. Diaz repeats "I'm not afraid" and that's the last we see of him. His fate is left ambiguous but it can be assumed he was killed by the wolves.

    Hendrick: While he and Ottway are being chased by the wolves, he is sent tumbling into the ice cold river. He is carried downriver until he is stopped by a log, however his foot gets caught between a couple of rocks underwater and he is stuck with his face mere inches from the surface of the water. Ottway tries to save him, but every time he tried to pull Hendrick out, Hendrick would scream, which eventually causes him to drown. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Movies recommended by viewers that depict survival after plane crashes in the frozen north include The Edge (1997) (1999), in which two rivals crash land in Alaska and must work together to survive while being stalked by a huge Kodiak bear, and The Snow Walker (2003) (2003), in which a bush pilot and an Inuit Eskimo woman crash land in the Canadian Arctic. Although it takes place in the snow swept Andes, Alive (1993) (1993) is the story of a rugby team whose plane crashes, forcing them to survive by taking extreme measures. Other movies about survival in the snowy north include Runaway Train (1985) (1985) in which two escaped convicts are trapped on a runaway train in the Alaskan winter, Far North (2007) (2007 in which two women attempt to survive in the frozen Arctic, Limbo (1999) (1999) in which, after witnessing a murder, three people take refuge in the Alaskan wilderness, The Wild North (1952) (1952) in which a French-Canadian trapper is pursued by an inexperienced Mountie who ends up needing the help of the trapper to get out of the wilderness alive, The Savage Innocents (1960) (1960) in which an Eskimo is pursued by the police, Kjærlighetens kjøtere (1995) [Zero Kelvin] (1995) in which three men spend the Arctic winter together in a tiny cabin in East Greenland, and Frozen (2010) (2010) in which three college students are trapped on a ski lift after it closes down for the week. The Revenant (2015) (2015) may be of interest. Edit (Coming Soon)


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