Ye Maaya Chesave (2010) Poster

Naga Chaitanya Akkineni: Karthik



  • Karthik : [First Lines]  Of all the girls in the world why did I fall in love only with Jessie? This is Jessie, So beautiful... classy... educated... She has a style of her own... and, sexy too... If I took Jessie home and told my mom, ''I want to marry her'' I am sure my mom will happily agree... But why did I love her? What's the problem? She is getting married... that's the problem! Can we decide whom we fall in love with? We can't go in search of love... It won't last long. It has to happen by its own... It must spellbind us, turn life topsy turvy! It has to be with us always. That's true love... It happened to me... Actually I didn't choose Jessie... Love made me fall for her.

  • Krishna : [Showing a group of friends]  I brought them all to see you make a century, but you got out for duck...!

    Karthik : He bowled a full toss!

  • Karthik : Hi

    Jessie Thekekuttu : Hello.


    Jessie Thekekuttu : You are not following me, right?

    Karthik : I hope you are not following me, right?

    Jessie Thekekuttu : This is where my office is. I work here.

    Karthik : OK. Kebabs are also here! I love kebabs. That's why I'm here.

    Jessie Thekekuttu : [speaks in Malayalam]  I asked just like that.

    Karthik : [confused]  What?

    Jessie Thekekuttu : Nothing.

    Karthik : Are you saying that you will buy for me too?

    Jessie Thekekuttu : No, Nothing.

    Karthik : So, what do you do ?

    Jessie Thekekuttu : I am a program analyst with Wipro. I joined two months ago.

  • Karthik : Hi, are you going to the office?

    Jessie Thekekuttu : [sarcastically]  No, I am going to play cricket... coming?

    Karthik : You are hot... Oh, its hot! Blue suits you a lot.

    Jessie Thekekuttu : Oh! Really?

    Karthik : Yeah.

    [Jessie looks back to check whether her dad is watching her] 

    Karthik : Why do you keep looking back?

    Jessie Thekekuttu : If my dad sees me talking to you, I am a dead meat!

    Karthik : [surprised]  Oh!

    Jessie Thekekuttu : How old are you?

    Karthik : Um, 22.

    Jessie Thekekuttu : I'm 24. It's okay... if my dad asks me, I'll say you're like a younger brother to me.

    Karthik : [gets shocked by her reply and stops walking] 

    Jessie Thekekuttu : [stops, looks back at him]  what happened? Did you forget something?

    Karthik : I don't wanna be your brother Jessie!

    Jessie Thekekuttu : I don't either, I already have one. One painful brother is enough.

    Karthik : I too have a younger sister. Here after I accept every woman in this world as my sister except you!

    Jessie Thekekuttu : Why?

    Karthik : Because I'm in love with you Jessie!

    [Jessie gets angry and walks away] 

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