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Captures a vivid dream well with strong atmosphere and feeling
bob the moo25 August 2013
There are a series of hotel rooms and characters in this short film but primarily we with one man who is semi-narrating to us while sitting on the bed holding a stomach wound. In terms of what happens from here, I'm afraid I cannot attribute much meaning to it, but the man is telling us about a dream. The dream is vivid and clearly a frightening one and this sense of foreboding but yet acceptance is through the whole film. So we sort of sleepwalk calmly through things while also feeling like things are very wrong but yet powerless to do anything but continue.

I liked this feeling a great deal and the atmosphere of the film is the whole thing – visually with the use of lighting and framing of shots but also the usual of music or, more importantly, silence. The cast do a good job of matching this and they are a part of it working. In terms of meaning, like I say, I didn't find any, but I did enjoy the brooding tone and presence of the film from the dialogue through to the lighting and everything in-between.
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