The Last Witch Hunter (2015) Poster

Michael Caine: Dolan 36th



  • Dolan Thirty-Six : [smacks a fly with his newspaper]  Try doing that with an iPad.

  • Kaulder : We don't destroy witches anymore, incarcerate them, taken the most powerful witches that walked the Earth and put them in one place

    Dolan Thirty-Six : Witch prison

    Kaulder : They've been waiting to be released, to exact revenge, we created the perfect coven

  • [last lines] 

    Kaulder : You know, I used to think the universe ran in endless circles, always repeating itself, always predictable.

    Dolan Thirty-Six : And now?

    Kaulder : I don't know what happens next.

    Dolan Thirty-Six : Do you know what we mortals call that? Living.

    Kaulder : You know, I still need you.

    Dolan Thirty-Six : Well then - I'm at your service... Come on. You're not getting any younger.

    Chloe : [standing next to the car]  So you ready to go, or what? I'm driving.

    Kaulder : Okay...

  • Dolan Thirty-Six : Witches live among us in secret. Their magic passed down from an ancient race, diluted, half-forgotten, but dangerously powerful. After centuries of conflict, a truce was forged. Witches would be allowed to live and govern themselves if they followed one strict rule, that magic never be used against humans. But a truce is a fragile thing.

  • Dolan Thirty-Six : I think you'll like my successor. I'm leaving you in more modern hands.

    Kaulder : What about the vow you took?

    Dolan Thirty-Six : I vowed to face death at your side. Not to work until I keel over.

  • Dolan Thirty-Six : [to Kaulder]  I've been reading the history of your life. And I've written my fair share of it. But your story has no ending. You are the greatest soldier of the Axe and Cross, in a war between our world and the next.

  • Dolan Thirty-Six : And so it begins...

  • Dolan Thirty-Six : What if you were retiring, too? I mean, what would you do if your next mission was your last?

    Kaulder : But it won't be.

    Dolan Thirty-Six : Humor me.

    Kaulder : I have no complaints. Every day I wake up, the world sleeps a little easier.

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