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Vin Diesel: Kaulder



  • Kaulder : You wanna quit?

    Dolan Thirty-Seven : No. I want a raise!

  • [Kaulder falls asleep] 

    Chloe : [takes a selfie with him]  Say "Witch Hunter"...

    Kaulder : Witch Hunter.

    [Chloe freaks out] 

  • Kaulder : Do you know what I'm afraid of? Nothing.

  • Kaulder : [flying in turbulence]  These are ancient runes. They can manipulate weather. Rain, wind, cold, heat... And you just jammed them together in your bag? You know what you get when you mix a thunderstorm with cool, moist air at 40,000 feet? It's simple science.

  • Kaulder : I've seen people get old, retire, and die. Rarely on the same day.

  • Kaulder : Do you know what it's like to live for ever?

  • Kaulder : We don't destroy witches anymore, incarcerate them, taken the most powerful witches that walked the Earth and put them in one place

    Dolan Thirty-Six : Witch prison

    Kaulder : They've been waiting to be released, to exact revenge, we created the perfect coven

  • [last lines] 

    Kaulder : You know, I used to think the universe ran in endless circles, always repeating itself, always predictable.

    Dolan Thirty-Six : And now?

    Kaulder : I don't know what happens next.

    Dolan Thirty-Six : Do you know what we mortals call that? Living.

    Kaulder : You know, I still need you.

    Dolan Thirty-Six : Well then - I'm at your service... Come on. You're not getting any younger.

    Chloe : [standing next to the car]  So you ready to go, or what? I'm driving.

    Kaulder : Okay...

  • Chloe : What do you know about us? We have green skin, wear pointy hats and got burned to the stake at Salem!

    Kaulder : Salem was wrong, those women were innocent!

    Chloe : You don't care, you weren't one of them!

    Kaulder : I'm not, but I do care.

  • Kaulder : [to Witch Queen]  You know the benefit of eternal life? I get to kill you twice

  • Dolan Thirty-Six : I think you'll like my successor. I'm leaving you in more modern hands.

    Kaulder : What about the vow you took?

    Dolan Thirty-Six : I vowed to face death at your side. Not to work until I keel over.

  • Kaulder : [sniffing a decanter]  Fear potion. Now, what in the world would you be afraid of?

    Chloe : Public speaking.

  • Witch Queen : So many of us pretend to be something that we're not. But you, you've lived. A man who's walked through history. To have known Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler...

    Kaulder : No need to be nostalgic. We have enough evil now.

  • Kaulder : Every generation has to be given their chance to destroy the world.

  • Bronwyn : Are you gonna turn me over to the Witch Council?

    Kaulder : No.

    Bronwyn : You're gonna kill me?

    Kaulder : Kill you? I'm tryin' to stop you from killing yourself. Enjoy New York.

  • Kaulder : My name is Kaulder.

    Sonia : [shakes his hand]  I need you to get back to your seat, Kaulder.

    Kaulder : I love to hear about growing up in Sefrou.

    Sonia : How'd you know? Haven't had an accent in years.

    Kaulder : I've met a lot of people in my life. You'd be amazed what you pick up.

  • Dolan Thirty-Seven : *to Kaulder* When I imagined my first prosecution in front of the council, I never thought it would be for a crime against one of our own.

    Dolan Thirty-Seven : *to Ellic* Ellic Lemasniel.

    Ellic : Hello Father. Whoo. You look like a good man. Tasty little thing, you. I never went...

    Dolan Thirty-Seven : *places mask back on Ellic*

    Dolan Thirty-Seven : Please don't think less of me.

    Dolan Thirty-Seven : *Punches Ellic in the stomach*

    Ellic : *grunts*

    Kaulder : *looks at Ellic impassively*

    Dolan Thirty-Seven : I'll confess it later.

    Kaulder : *pulls gate shut*

  • Max Schlesinger : You must understand, anyone who would use this herb is not afraid of you. And that scares me!

    Kaulder : More than I scare you?

  • Witch Queen : I've missed you, Kaulder.

    Kaulder : Here's what you don't understand. What your kind never understood. I've shown mercy. I could have killed every last one of you. I've done the math. I've had the time.

    Witch Queen : You're different now. So confident.

    Kaulder : Maybe you shouldn't have made me immortal.

  • Kaulder : One means nothing. Two, a coincidence. Three, trouble.

  • Dolan Thirty-Six : What if you were retiring, too? I mean, what would you do if your next mission was your last?

    Kaulder : But it won't be.

    Dolan Thirty-Six : Humor me.

    Kaulder : I have no complaints. Every day I wake up, the world sleeps a little easier.

  • Kaulder : So you're the new guy.

    Dolan Thirty-Seven : We've actually met before. A long time ago.

    Kaulder : You see that cornerstone? I watched them lay it in when this was nothing more than a cornfield. That was a long time ago.

  • Kaulder : Salem was wrong, those women were innocent!

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