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  • On April 28th, the day before everyone's future was revealed, Mark must protect Gabriel, Aaron mounts a rescue attempt to retrieve Tracy, and Janis is ordered to kill a fellow FBI agent.


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    FBI Assistant Director Stanford Wedeck (Courtney B. Vance) addresses his agents...

    WEDECK: On October 6th, the planet blacked out for two minutes and seventeen seconds. The world saw the future. Some of us were alarmed by what they saw. Others were elated and rejoiced. Still others saw nothing at all, and they were left confused, concerned, and otherwise, uncertain. But that uncertainty will soon be resolved. Tomorrow is D-Day, the day we catch up to the flashforwards. Our future, both as individuals and as a collective, is upon us. This building may very well come under attack tomorrow night. But we WILL NOT back down. We are the FBI, and we will be open for business.

    Wedeck makes the assignments, and Mark (Joseph Fiennes) and Demetri (John Cho) will lead SWAT and sniper teams to protect the exterior. Before that happens, a few things start hitting the fan, first and foremost is that the tape of Simon (Dominic Monaghan) walking around at the baseball stadium in Detroit during the blackout is made public. It isn't the same video the FBI has, which means someone else had footage. Who was it, and more importantly to Mark and CIA Agent Vogel (Michael Ealy), why release it now?

    The FBI is hell-bent on finding Simon, but it appears the lady who recruited Janis Hawk to spy on the FBI for them is quite the recruiter. She finds Simon and takes him out of the bar where he was hiding. Vogel meets with Janis separately, and she tells Vogel about Carline's order to kill Mark Benford. Vogel tells her she can't refuse Carline, or they'll just get someone else to do it and kill her. She doesn't want to kill Mark, but Vogel can't think of other alternatives. But he wants her to go through with it because they were so close. Janis tells him they want something big, and Vogel tells her to give them exactly that.

    Olivia (Sonya Walger) and Gabriel (James Callis) come to the FBI office, where Gabriel wants to talk with Mark about his Mosaic bulletin board. More accurately, the things that are different on the real board than what he wrote in his notebook. Needless to say, it's a bit awkward between Olivia and Mark with Gabriel insisting she's supposed to be with Lloyd Simcoe, but they muddle through. Mark is fascinated by Gabriel's notebook and wants to study it.

    As Zoey (Gabrielle Union) insisted on Demetri going with her to Hawaii, Demetri talks to Janis about her baby, and how he wants to be involved. Understandable, given that he's the father. She doesn't want him involved, but he insists. She tells him he's been given a second chance by defeating his death date, and he should make the most of it with Zoey.

    Lita takes Simon to a hotel and "occupies" his time so Hellinger, the man in charge, has enough time to get there. Simon wants out, but both Lita and Hellinger insist he's not done working for them yet. Hellinger was an important part of the experiment, as Gabriel had a drawing of him in his notebook. He also knew about Udaya and the man Frost shot in the homeless shelter, as they were at Raven River with him. Gabriel gets spooked when he sees Demetri, because he insists that Demetri can't be alive if everything is to work out right. Gabriel also insists Lloyd Simcoe (Jack Davenport), who arrives at the FBI, to do the math and figure out the equation. Lloyd is wondering if Gabriel might have seen some of the equation he's been trying to figure out in one of his flashforwards.

    Hellinger insists that Simon return home, but Simon still refuses. Hellinger points out he's a fugitive and his work is ruined, but Simon still won't bite. Hellinger gives him the full carrot/stick treatment, reminding Simon he has family out there. He leaves Hellinger and Lita behind. As Mark puts the drawing of Hellinger out in public, Demetri is worried that so many people want the future to happen as is, meaning Demetri has to die tomorrow. Mark doesn't believe Demetri should worry.

    MARK: You're screwing a lot of things up, but the universe isn't one of them.

    Wedeck contacts Aaron (Brían F. O'Byrne), who found exactly what Wedeck wanted: a Jericho camp, one of several in Afghanistan. They do the "dirty work" the U.S. government can't do, including no-holds-barred torture. Aaron sends Wedeck the incriminating evidence, and Aaron is ready to go in and get his daughter, over Wedeck's protests. Two guards drag an unconscious Tracy (Genevieve Padalecki) into a truck, and it is on. They plan to bury her, but Aaron takes out the two soldiers sniper-style. He grabs Tracy and tries to find shelter. He then insists they drive back to Kandahar. They are able to find the shelter that Aaron and Tracy both saw in their flashforwards.

    Janis is stalling with Carline, and she applies pressure, specifically to the health and well-being of Janis' baby. Janis tells her about Gabriel, whom Carline already knew. Carline decides that Janis can bring Gabriel to her. Janis is able to set up the safehouse trip, but Gabriel won't go unless Olivia goes with him. Mark asks him if Olivia will be OK in the futures he saw. Gabriel assures him that she will be.

    As Wedeck gives President Segovia (Peter Coyote) a chance to come clean about the photos of Joshua Base that Aaron took...and forces Wedeck to send them to Vice-President Clemente, Mark, Demetri, and a team prepare to move Gabriel to the safehouse. Janis rats out the plan to her bosses, getting a long look at herself in the mirror in the process. They are pinned by two cars with automatic weapons. One tiny problem: Mark was playing the role of Gabriel and they capture the entire group. They go to Hellinger, with Mark still pretending to be Gabriel. Hellinger is barely able to delete the work files on his computer before he and an entire warehouse of employees are arrested. Mark is ready to go Jack Bauer on Hellinger to locate Simon. Campos is sneaking away somewhere else and still has the QED ring with him.

    Mark goes back to Janis and demands answers. Janis admits her involvement with the CIA and being recruited by Vogel. It turns out that Mark knew she was a double-agent already. In fact, Janis and Vogel were the ones to tip Wedeck and Mark about the planned ambush of Gabriel. She confesses that they ordered her to kill Mark. She tries to play the sympathy card, being played by the CIA and the bad guys, but Mark doesn't give a rat's ***. She begs him at least not to tell Demetri; she'll do that herself. And she did. She thought she could get away clean, and getting pregnant was a means to do that. Demetri is upset, to put it mildly. Janis insists there is no connection, but Demetri can't leave it that way. She goes home, where Simon finds her and asks for her help while pointing a gun at her.

    Demetri goes to visit Gabriel in the rundown motel he was in. He asks Gabriel if he ever saw him alive in any of his futures. Gabriel didn't. The paths may be different, "but everybody is ending up where they're supposed to be."

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