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Great Movie, A Must Watch For Everyone....
singhbimal-143 March 2012
This is my first time, so please forgive me in case of any mistake...

Just watched this movie with my friends. If SRK & Salman could do 10% of Irrfan's acting,I would not mind calling them superstars. Hats off to Irrfan Khan and the movie.....10/10 !! What a great performance delivered by Irrfan khan. After watching a number of dumb movies released recently, Paan Singh Tomar is like a boon for every Indian movie fan. The director Tigmanshu Dhulia is successfully able to tell the biopic how a former national champion athlete is turned into a Dacoit in a cricket obsessed country. A must watch for everyone.....Highly recommended !!
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Excellent watch - Irfan gives a stellar performance
tintinherge25 October 2010
Watched it in the London Film Festival yesterday. Its a star of a movie. Great tight script, super acting, and great direction. All the actors have done a great job but Irfan is just magnificent- he is turning up as the next Nasruddin Shah

Everyone in the cinema seemed to enjoy the movie and the director got a nice applause in the end.

My worry is that this movie might not get a wide release, specially abroad - I hope UTV does it best to publicise and release it as much as it can.

Well recommended !!!!
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An unadulterated effort = Contemporary Masterpiece = Paan Singh Tomar
jaideepsinghmann4 March 2012
Paan Singh Tomar, national steeplechase champion, nephew of a Dacoit or "Baaghi" as Paan prefers to call it, an army soldier wants to be in army sports because they don't have restriction on eating food. The interesting plot builds on it and takes you to a whirlwind journey of his life, which tickles you, inspires you, and ultimately asks you some very uncomfortable questions.

Tigmanshu Dhulia paints the canvas with natural but vivid emotions, he has surely pulled it off. All characters have color of their own, but Irrfan, has just delivered a performance which will make him stand in league of extraordinary men. He is convincing as middle aged dacoit, and it is pleasant surprise that he looks as convincing as young army soldier running on track in shorts, which his wife thinks he shouldn't wear as women stare at them.

Mahie Gill has restricted territory but like in all her previous films, she has supported the scenes well. All other characters have just beautifully fallen in place. Director has not compromised with authenticity and has retained the language as spoken in the area where movie is set, don't worry English subtitles are there to help you out if you miss some of the dialogs.

The romance between husband and wife has been handled with gentleness, with sequences such as the couple sends their children to buy "lemon-choos" so that they get some time alone. The movie could have been crispier and shorter n second half when plot moves to Chambal as Paan plans to exact his revenge. Director has sensibly not inserted any songs in the movie as they are not required at all, compliments to the team for this common sense. The background score, especially during races compliments the beautiful cinematography.

Overall the movie is a treat to eyes and ears. A must watch ! Compliments to Tigmanshu as he just builds on the skill and craftsmanship he displayed in Haasil and Sahib Biwi aur Gulam. Dhulia leaves you with credits to forgotten heroes of sports who died penniless and without any recognition.
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Why you should watch Paan Singh Tomar
utsavmamoria3 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Paan Singh Tomar is a fantastic biopic of an Armyman turned Athlete turned dacoit. Apart from great cinematography, which really brought the Bhihad of MP alive, its the dialogues and the ease with which Irrfan Khan carries off the character which really makes the film work.

But the single most appreciable fact about the film is that it considers the audience intelligent. The film in a way is an excellent way to understand what is wrong with India, without being preachy.

Apart from the most obvious one i.e. How India treats its athletes, the film also sheds light on broader national issues. The scene when the village sarpanch (headman) who betrays Paan Singh is ratting out to the police is a grim reminder of how deeply entrenched the Caste system is in our country & the hypocrisy of the upper castes.

Also, the whole film is an excellent critique of how outlaws are often a result of a corrupt and immoral society - nation, which could put into perspective a lot of our views on Naxalites.

It's only rare that a film so honest and gritty comes out of Bollywood. For the amount of senseless cinema we produce, Paan Singn Tomar redeems Bollywood.

The director Tigmanshu Dhulia goes many notches up with this film, and for me he has joined the ranks of Vishal Bhardwaj, Anurag Kashyap & Dibakar Banerjee for making good cinema
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A real gem in an era of mediocrity
sain-vivek4 March 2012
In an era where box office success more often means 'No script and mediocrity' in Bollywood, once a while comes a gem like 'Pan Singh Tomar'. Irrfan comes into his own, well immersed into his character...he takes the audience on a trip which brings out a range of emotions from patriotism, guru bhakti, helplessness and finally revenge. Though the language is thick Chamabl dialect but Irrfan bridges that gap with a masterful display forcing you to laugh, cry and feel his pain.

Tigmanshu Dhulia is among the rare breed of bollywood directors along with Anurag Kashyap who have the knack of picking up great scripts and turning them out into movies which have the right mix of real acting and appeal to please both the masses and multiplex audience. The movie is a must watch...go out and enjoy the wonderful experience of watching the haunting Irrfan in action...bow your heads to the person who has grown from Salaam Bombay to Haasil to Maqbool.
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Tigmanshu Dhulia and Irrfan Khan do it again
sawhney_g3 March 2012
The pair has given us the unforgettable "Haasil" and they are back again with "Paan Singh Tomar".

The movie has an excellent script, very well supported by the actors and their performances. Irrfan khan does an incredibly good job with the character. Mahie Gill has done equally well and she is really growing as an actor.

The script and its originality is the strongest point of the movie. The direction of the movie is also flawless... Tigmanshu Dhulia must be praised for picking up this script and turning into an excellent movie.

Must Watch
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Along comes Irrfan!!
lakshiyat6 March 2012
A die-hard patriot and an international level athlete who is forced to become a dacoit or should I say 'Baaghi'. Commendable performances by almost the entire cast right from Irrfan Khan to the nervous journalist (Bijendra Kala). Mahie Gill matches steps with Irrfan in a fiery and yet restrained performance. I hand my hat to Tigmanshu Dhulia for crisp dialogues, subtle humor and bringing out the Chambal live to you. You can actually feel the grime and dust of the infamous land. Needless to say Irrfan Khan has delivered superlative performance. He has defined what is called as an 'Effortless Performance'. I hope that this movie brings him the most deserved laurels as he brought the same to the movie. 'Irrfan Khan is Pan Singh Tomar'. Period.
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A tale of human condition. One of the best biopic from Bollywood. Irrfan was awesome.
Fella_shibby9 September 2013
I saw this in a theatre. The acting in this film is the shinning point. Especially the main actor Irfaan khan made a great impression on my mind by his excellent acting skill. Irfaan excellently potrayed the emotion of a "runner" who is suffering from pain, frustration and exhaustion, but he is not giving up. The rest is the portrayal of a man who has never had it easy in his life but nonetheless keeps his heart. The screenplay is brilliant. Being a biopic of an army guy/athlete who turned into a dacoit won't b a happy/fun movie. It's a very sad movie. But Irfann did manage to evoke some light moments by his sheer one liners n acting. Imagine an athlete who's very good in running has to run away from police. The direction was good n the cinematography was good capturing the harsh, dry, rural difficult terrain.
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A great film by Tigmanshu Dhulia about an issue which needed to be told
rangdetumpy7 June 2012
India is probably one of the few countries in the world with various distinct cultures and their own history. In such a nation there were (and are) innumerous people whose life contains all ingredients for a nail-biting tales but sadly biopics are hardly explored in the country. Tigmanshu Dhulia showed guts to pen a script on one of unsung heroes of Indian sports Paan Singh Tomar and end result is a captivating cinema that explores many facets of our system. Paan Singh Tomar is an interesting journey of a loyal soldier and a brilliant athlete (infact a national pride) who transforms into a notorious "dacoit" thanks to the 'system". In a flashback mode the movie deals on the drastic transformation of this loyal army-man into a notorious dacoit (Baaghi as referred by Paan Singh himself). In a linear and simple story PST tells about the plight of an athlete who had brought honours for his own country. Negligence of system is highlighted through his sad tale and the story revolves on framework after independence when seeds of corruption & anti establishment were germinating in full swing. In one sequence Paan Singh tells a journalist that how he was ignored by media when he won medal in steeple chase race in an international army sports meet but now when he was in the other side of the law playing hide-and-seek with the police the journalists are pouring down to get interviews. Another pain stacking sequence shows Paan Singh going to local police to lodge a complaint but he was humiliated by the inspector and even insulted the gold medal which he won for his own country. Tigmanshu dhulia' eye for detailing needs to be acknowledged. While writing the script Dhulia ensured that the audiences identify with the character and gets involved with the proceedings. The crowds were cheering in the initial reels when Paan Singh's potential as an athlete was displayed following which his cry for justice which was put down by the corrupt system. As the film reaches the climax the neglected scenario of athletes indeed touches the emotional chords of the audience. Dhulia's execution makes you think as you leave the theatre. In terms of technicalities Editing and Art department deserves mention. Dhulia's direction is complimented by Irfan Khan who played the role of Paan Singh Tomar with perfection. His nuances, dialogs, expression, body language speaks about a perfect army men. Brownie points should be given to him for his efforts to shape his body at this age and mould himself as the young energetic athlete. His dialogue delivery in the later reels reflected the strive within as he becomes a rebel with a cause. "Bihad mein baghi hote hai, dacoit toh parliament mein bante hai" – this dialogue will be remembered in from now on. A performance that deserves full marks and demands awards, this one is easily one of Irfan's career best performances. The supporting casts were appropriate in their roles. Mahie Gill as Tomar's wife gave a good performance again. Vipin Sharma was a treat to watch in role of Major Masand, a senior to Tomar and one who believed in his potential. Brijendra Kala is as usual dependable and brought a comic flavour as a journalist. With the current scenario of the nation movies like Paan Singh Tomar needs to be made and promoted which injects "thoughts" inside audience in an entertaining way. It's when the movie ends, and the names of four Indian national champions who died penniless are shown, "Paan Singh Tomar" hits the most. Indeed a fitting tribute to unsung heroes of Indian sports. This movie needs to be watched and pondered upon. Tigmanshu Dhulia : Take a bow.
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One of the Gems from Bollywood
sherlee6 March 2012
I watch Indian movies very selectively,after reading its review, I found it an extraordinary movie,no doubt it is one of the gems from Indian Cinema, no songs no dance ,an extraordinary story with superb acting by Irfann Khan, he is a true khan.

The simplicity shown by director in this movie is worth to be watched,Whosays that the big budgeted with so called super stars movies can be hit, but I think Irfan is a real super star.I must say here that the reviews written by Taran Adarsh must be avoided now that he gave only 3 stars to this movie.I recommend it for everyone who wants to have great time in watching movie,I bet, this movie will not disappoint you,I think it would be nominated for Oscars 2013.I am giving it 10/10.
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True, magnificent & humorously touching
dineshd-308-2530733 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
watched it yesterday in a PVR nearby, since I belong to that region where it is based. I can tell you, it can't better than this (except a few issues with the catching up with the local language). Irrfan was at its best with depicting army recruit (with normal education) and a person who has inbuilt confidence in his running abilities.

Dacoits... oops... baaghi's aren't depicted in true sense for quite some time now, Last it happened was in Bandit queen.

Not very good in writing but this is something nobody can miss. It makes the viewers live the life & times of Chambal ravines.

Good story, great acting, new concept all goes in favor of the movie.

Must watch, you won't regret.
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Paan Singh Tomar ∞ The Most Important Movie on Indian Sports ∞
avaclub3 March 2012
Somewhere in the sandy and hilly terrains of the Chambal where a normal human being never wished to visit even in the nightmare there lies a Man - an athlete – a sports person from soul- And a Dacoit now whose winning run for the great nation called India went unnoticed due to crippled ,undemocratic, corrupt political and administration system and forced him to taken his own route for justice- A path which make which more noticed and more popular amongst the country's newspaper, radio and Parliament than winning his gold medals Indian National Games seven times in a row.

The Movie opens up with a journalist who wants to interview the most terrible dacoit of the region Paan Singh Tomar and as the interview moves the story went into flashback. Paan Singh Tomar (Irrfan Khan) works in Army but his dietary supplement requirements moved him to the sport division of the army because there is no limit on diet in sports. Thou luckily his race talent got noticed by his senior to whom he delivered the ice cream at his home in just four minutes Unmelt. Soon he become National Champion in "Indian National Games" and later in "International Military Games" in 1967.But gradually his personal life takes over his Professional life, and the incidents after him changed the course of his life which tuned him from an athlete to a dacoit

The movie touches some serious issues of the Indian sports and Indian sports persons. In a scene where Pan Singh participated in Asian Games at Tokyo , the organizer gave him new spike shoes which become the cause of his defeat because the athlete never practiced with those shoes earlier and sponsors want to show that India can afford spike shoes shows the level of training in the country even applicable today .In a second scene where the coach requested Pan singh to withdrew his name from 5000 mts race else coach's kin would have been lost that race shows again that the super sportsman you know may not be the best because the best was never given the chance. In a third scene where a villager was given bribe in terms of recruiting the villager's son in the Indian army again shows that all in the Indian military may not have joined the army to serve the nation but to serve their selfish motives. Fourth and very important the scene where the Paan Singh Tomar went to police station to file a FIR against his relatives who has grabbed his land unlawfully and beaten up his son helpless and was insulted and rejected shows the system's efficiency to tackle an issue which turns a common man into a rebel – A Dacoit

Paan Singh Tomar also helps to think deepens into the political arena and government arrangements for the promotion of SPORTS not cricket because cricket is so over-hyped and overpaid that sponsors in the previous past has marketed it as a religion and few players as Demi- GODs that the other sports in India per say are lying on the stretcher waiting for the medicines of hope and support from the sponsors and government.

Paan Singh Tomar may not celebrate the spirit of win like 'Chak de India' or "Jo jeeta wohi sikandar" But it does celebrates the spirit the True Sportsmanship and it does it perfectly & flawlessly-Kuods
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One Of The Better Movies Of Bollywood.
uttiyo-sarkar5613 March 2012
Boosted By An Excellent Performance by Irfan Khan and the rest of the cast, and a meaningful and good story, Pan Singh Tomar is one of the better bollywood movies which has great performances from the cast, a great story which is worth telling, and Irfan Khan just makes it better with his excellent portrayel of his character.

The Story is about a Daku(Dacoit)(Irfan) who was actually a soldier who fought for his country and could give it all for his country who then became a runner and wins gold medal at the Indian national games, but is forced to become a Dacoit after being neglected and insulted by the Police,and his mission is to rebel and defy the police department.

Irfan Khan is one of the few Hollywood worthy actors in bollywood, and probably the best at what he does, he yet again shows his excellent acting qualities in this movie by giving an excellent performance as Paan Singh Tomar, and he has shown the change of his character from a strict soldier to a notorious dacoit with utmost skill. The Rest of the cast also does a very good job in making this into a very well acted movie.

The Director does a decent job in making this film into one of the sensible movies made in bollywood, and good job from him for giving Irfan a perfect role in the movie. The Story which is based on a true story about the same man, is great and shows how many extremely talented athletes in India are neglected by the government and how they can become notorious at times.

Overall this movie is great due to mainly an excellent performance by Irfan Khan and a great story, to make this into one of the better movies of 2012 till now.

My Rating: 7.8/10
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Paan Singh Tomar: An Indian national athlete who became a rebel
rishiinpune3 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I shall attempt to write a review about the movie. But I must confess that vocabulary needs to be reinvented for writing a review about such a movie. The word Brilliant, Cult will be an understatement.

The story rips apart the callousness of our mediocre society and bares the ugly trust of being a sportsman in India.

Paan Singh Tomar was a national record breaking sprinter who became a rebel. He had an illustrious career as a sportsman in the Army but the chores of his village life forced him to retire early to tend to his fields. The serene life of village proved to be more challenging than the task of defending his motherland. His own cousin brother who had now become a local muscle-man with the help of police took over Paan Singh's field without any remorse. Paan Singh tried every possible way to make our legal system attend to his woes but to no avail. Finally he resorted to his own personal strength to bring justice to the wrong doers.

The story begins with a writer (Brijendra Kala) going for an interview with the Subedar (Irrfan Khan). Brijendra Kala has acted to perfection; it cannot get better than this! Most of the story is in flashback but it keeps you clutched to your seat. Story telling had never been better than this. Paan Singh aka Subedar, a rank which he got in the Army narrates his illustrious career as an athlete in the Army. However the career of a national sports hero does not translate into a successful place in the society as he struggles to keep his farm safe from his own cousin. Tomar who has been taught that Army men are guardians of the country believes that laws and system would protect his farm & family. His belief is shattered when the cops refuse to acknowledge his complaint even after his son is beaten to a pulp by the hands of his cousin. Later when his cousin attacks Tomar's house and kills his beloved mother Tomar sets on another race only this one will be in real life with guns, goons and cops.

A quote from the movie, Paan Singh Tomar says – 'In a race there are rules, rules which state that once you have started the race it doesn't matter if you are ahead of behind or how much time it takes you have to reach the finish line'.

A must watch for all the sports lovers.
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A piece of history
pcsarkar25 March 2012
A stunner.. An Indian Rambo, far far away from the horse-borne dacoits and cheesy dialogs of similar films. Reportedly based on the life and times of an Indian army subedar, the film is a piece of history. That an army man finds civilian life difficult is well known. But this man took up arms because of the failure of the civilian administration to address his problems, as well as the army's failure to intervene, or at least coordinate with the administration, so that an illustrious ex-army man like Paan Singh had to undergo the travails that he did.

This film is a lesson on how to make films, which are entertaining, and not over-the-top. It is also a history lesson, for those in power, who see this sort of tragedy occurring in the lives of common people, but do nothing, till trouble comes knocking at their own doors.

Hats off to the team of PAAN SINGH TOMAR - the film. May their tribe increase.
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National Athlete turns Chamba Valley Dacoit when all govt machinery fails to protect him
aafreen-karim5 March 2012
Paan Singh Tomar: Irfan Khan is one the greatest actors that we have in India. N...o Doubt. He takes the script to superlative levels. The dialogues are amusing and situations really funny and not crass. His transformation from a national level athlete to a dacoit in the Chambal Valley makes for a rare story. How many such stories have we heard of. Having gone through what Paan goes through its really easy to understand and empathise with the character Paan especially since he picks up arms when all else fails. He approaches all the govt machinery disposable to him..the army , collector and the no good bribe taking , dishonest, lazy unscrupulous Indian police who instead of protecting the citizens instead loots and harasses them and don't we all know that. One wants to run in the opposite direction when one has to deal with police in India and that's the truth none can deny. Paan knows that the unlawful path will lead to his death but to live under such suppression was just not acceptable to him anymore. In my mind Had it been me, i would have taken that coaching job that being an Olympian offered along with cushy discounts at army canteen and a peaceful retirement life on army pension with family.But in my mind I also want to shoot these stupid police guys who tell me not to take the route to my own home at the Aarey Colony. Thank God then that i have movies to pent out my emotions through Pan Singh Tomar.
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Bollywood takes a leap!
vikas-menghwani4 July 2012
I come from a region close to Chambal, where Paan Singh Tomar belonged. Irfan and Tigmanshu Dhulia have touched the local soil with such brilliance, absolutely flawless. I can think of no one who could have replaced Irfan for this role. He is a real gem of modern day bollywood and there is no doubt why he is inviting international acclaim.

Its a tragic story of one army athlete who becomes a bandit due to helplessness. There are moments of comedy, there are moments of sorrow, and also, there are exciting moments of triumph. It takes the audience on a real poignant journey. Its an eye opening story about the maltreatment of modest and honest performers of this country. However, the movie was released after close to 5 years in India. May be, this was just the right time, as the nation is experiencing socio-political turmoil.
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Fantastic Movie
prashantgupta200226 March 2012
Absolute Fantastic. Movie run around army athletic turned BAGI Paan Singh Tomar. Story is great and direction is much great. Very catching direction and story. There is no slot in movie when you get bored.

Irfan Khan is superb. He has done really great. There is a real social issue also. This is truth of rural India which politician are ignoring. When Paan Singh won national medal no body cares but when he kidnap some leader then everybody talks about him. This is still true in India. Tigmanshu Dhulia has done his best and he must be credited with full marks. Irfan Khan and Mahi Gil support him well. in short it is worth to watch the movie.
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Sports person turns outrageous rebel, kicks ass on box office!
janianmol10 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Paan Singh Tomaris the angst of an athlete who did the right thing and tried his best to work within the system to get justice for himself and his family. But then he was pushed. Pushed beyond his limits. And then he turned into a revolutionary, what we call a dacoit. The irony, that he got more recognition as a dacoit than a sports person representing his country in international events, never stopped to boggle him. Does it bother us though? Then, why hasn't the situation changed in the last 40- 50 years?

Even now, the plight wouldn't have reached us if it were not for Irrfan Khan who plays Paan Singh Tomar. He completely bowls us over with his simplicity and then, frustrated aggression. Moreover, after Paan Singh turns into a dacoit rebel, the pride of a military personnel and a national-level sports person never leaves his eyes. He is very rooted in his cause and yet reminds you where his heart lies, time and again.

Mahie Gill provides wonderful support by showing us why she is Paan Singh's vulnerability. And this must be that rare film when a character who plays a prominent part in the first half of the film disappears later and the disappearance seems justified. Paan Singh had to forgo his family life including his wife, after all.

Paan Singh Tomar invokes your curiosity by exposing the rebel Paan Singh before telling us about how he was as a sports person. That created just the right amount intrigue because as the flashback progressed you wanted to know how this simple, straightforward person took to becoming a dacoit.

Paan Singh's achievements as an athlete is shown in good detail and so is his transformation into a person who had to take the law in his hands. The part where he becomes feared and successful as a dacoit is sorely missing. And that according to me is the film's biggest letdown. The meek and largely submissive Paan Singh suddenly becomes a dreaded outlaw and we are asked to take that as a given.

And despite this major gap in the writing, Paan Singh Tomar is commendable and recommended watch because of the issue it tries to address. If there is one thing about sports in our nation that needs dire attention, it is the condition of and apathy towards our non- cricketing sports people.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

Direction: 3.5 Story: 4 Lead Actors: 4 Character Artists: 3 Dialogues: 4 Screenplay: 3
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Glad to watch this one, srk and akshay lovers, please step aside
amritanshdash12 March 2012
Well, i haven't seen a single movie review list in which there is not even a single negative review about the movie. But this one, i was compelled to watch because of this factor also. The first one was the duo of Irfan Khan and Tigmanshu. Guys you rock, HAASIL was all about character, but this was truly a man show by irfan.

The acting of other character were superb awesome, even if they were on the screen for a single scene also, but this IRFAN he stole everything. Watch out if you are not a typical bollywood movie buff, because if you want to see srk crying, akshay shaking his head, Aamir working out an extra mile to show that he has made something different , than guys check the next theater this one is not for you.
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Must watch
alok1050310 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Must watch. People who have a liking for real stories yet entertainment , acting and gripping narration and impeccable direction this is the movie.

PLOT:- Paan singh tomar (IRFAN KHAN) is enrolled in army and is a natural athlete. Due to his appetite he is suggested to join Indian physical training institute since there is no restriction on diet like army camps.He does. Through many hurdles and help from his coach he goes on to win gold medal in Asian Games in a competition involving athlete of half his age. He retires from army settles in his village Muraina in MP(India). There his cousin brother starts looting him of his agricultural production and by crook takes his share of land too. Paan's pleas to local authorities is of no use since his brother has already bribed everyone. From here a set of events flare which pushes a naive,honest and loyalist die-hard to become a rebel. Watch the movie for its acting,story and fragrance of Reality.
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Paan Singh Tomar is truly a inspiration movie, though it show how a good man can be made so violent and aggressive by the change and greed society has to offer
charanmkumar10 March 2012
A movie based on a true story and dedicated to the athletes who have dedicated their life to the country and does not get the respect they deserve and are ill-treated.

A very well made movie, with some good emotions and heart touching lines. The language (Hindi) is more authentic so makes it difficult to understand but that is the best part of the movie, the intensity Paan Singh Tomar (Ifran Khan) displays in the movie is a class of an act, no one could have done it better than him. He keeps the movie ticking all the way long till the last second in the movie. This movie has no drama and masala like other bollywood movies, just pure and clean story, directed to perfection. Every second in the movie you are eager to know what happens at climax .. but as its a true based movie the climax cant be a good drama flick. Still a nice ending to it is given. A movie that caters to all age and class of people

My say - A movie which must be watched
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The movie which must be watched
rvs-dude8 March 2012
I have seen thousands of movies but there was nothing like this in any bollywood movie.This movie shows how cinema is changing now a days. An exceptional film with a exceptional story. This movie shows the real reality of backward areas and the respect given to sportsmen of our country.The acting is undoubtedly good as it as irrfan khan.Te movie will surely break some records.Its income has already crossed the investment done.I will recommend this movie to each and every individual who reads this review.

Why to Watch:- 1.Exceptional Story. 2.Outstanding acting. 3.Good dialogs. 4.the movie shows reality.

Why not to watch:- Please go and watch it,i don't know a reason to give this movie a miss.
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wonderful film paan singh tomar !!
viplav-aug7 March 2012
paan singh tomar ... a masterpiece !!! a gr8 film which not only provides u which technical aspects of film making but also entertaining heavily.. its such a nice film that would remain in your heart for a long time. released without any promotion , this film will survive through heavily positive word of mouth . believe me its the most inspiring and meaningful movie of recent times. its a flawless work and each and every person should watch it ..irfan khan's acting was flawless. mahie gill was great. other supporting actors perfectly chosen . even the old people in village were shot brilliantly. cinematography is very natural and gives u a very genuine look of the locations. nothing seems fake, imposed or artificial.

It deserves nothing less than 100 % marks .SHOULD BE INDIA'S ENTRY FOR Oscars . GO FOR IT !!! My review : 10/10
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A Non Confirmist Bollywood movie after a decade
vkspathak4 March 2012
Being a son of chambal I have all reasons to prejudice about this movie to promote it but trust me I will not , What i like about this movie is hidden humor in perfect dialogue delivery by Irfaan khan and simplicity of his character.

A simple man who was pride of nation, a athlete who holds the national record and become a rebel for the pride of the family ,a very powerful script with good direction and fabulous acting,

Even violent scenes are portrayed with utter innocence , the things i missed in movie is connectivity of local flavour like not much scenery of Morena , bhind districts & the language accent.
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