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Guy Wilson: Jeffrey McGuigan


  • Richard Castle : So... this piece of *crap* we're looking for, Magoo, is a priceless red bottle of Scotch.

    Jeffrey McGuigan : Yeah, it had a price, all right. Though it was pretty tasty.

    Richard Castle : [insulted]  Tasty? You describe a 135-year-old bottle of Scotch as... "tasty"?

    Jeffrey McGuigan : I mean, you know, after I mixed in a little root beer.

  • Kate Beckett : Okay, Magoo, let's see that bottle.

    Jeffrey McGuigan : Seriously? You're just gonna walk into my crib and start bossing me around?

    Richard Castle : Well, I don't see it here. You didn't happen to... break the bottle over... something?

    Jeffrey McGuigan : Hey, what is this about? You know, I may have dropped out of Cornell when my company went *public*, but I still know my rights.

    Kate Beckett : That bottle that you purchased might have been used to commit murder. So unless you wanna learn your Miranda rights, you better quit stalling and show us where it is.

    Jeffrey McGuigan : Yeah, okay, cool. I'm not stalling.

    Kate Beckett : Great.

    Jeffrey McGuigan : Yeah.

    [Jeffrey goes to retrieve the bottle from the trash bin] 

    Richard Castle : You were throwing it out?

    Jeffrey McGuigan : It's in the blue bucket. I recycle.

    [Jeffrey hands over the bottle; Castle takes it gingerly in a handkerchief] 

    Kate Beckett : Well, it's still *intact*... Unless a sliver of glass came out when it hit.

    Jeffrey McGuigan : Man, nobody hit anybody.

    Richard Castle : Yes, well, keep mixing root beer with fine Scotch, that may change.

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