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(2010– )

Episode List


Season 1

19 Apr. 2010
Vida de ensueño
Valentina has a normal day at her office, where she announces that Alex and Lucy will take care of the earrings, while she plans her wedding. Ivana goes to see Alonso at his apartment, where they have a passionate meeting.
20 Apr. 2010
Beso prohibido
Alonso tells Valentina that he will have to cancel the wedding due to problems he goes through. Ivana claims that Alonso has left her planted. Benita finds among the things of Ivana a picture of Alonso.
21 Apr. 2010
Bienes mancomunados
Ivana begs Isabel not to say anything to Valentina, she is innocent and wants her cousin as a sister, begs her to do it for her who is his daughter. Valentina asks Alonso to contact Ernesto. Alonso suggests that he sell 'Los Cascabeles'.
22 Apr. 2010
Intento de suicidio
Valentina will try on different wedding dresses. Felipe asks Alonso to send him to Valentina's house while he was with Ivana. Alonso assures Felipe that he misinterprets things.
23 Apr. 2010
Valentina reads a note from Ivana that says she is embarrassed to betray the people she loves most and all for a man who is worthless. Valentina is ready for Ivana to explain everything. Felipe tells Gabriela that Ivana tried to commit suicide.
26 Apr. 2010
Isabel, indignant, informs Valentina that Alonso fired the lawyer Galeana, Valentina is disconcerted. Valentina claims to Alonso the dismissal of Ernesto. Ivana, hypocrite, is outraged by the dismissal of Ernesto.
27 Apr. 2010
Dura amenaza
Felipe tells Valentina that he did not send the flowers, but he did not want to tell his cousin. Valentina answers the phone, nobody answers. Oscar does not dare to talk to Valentina and hangs up. Valentina apologizes to Ivana for having faced Oscar.
28 Apr. 2010
Oscar tells Ivana that he got a better place than Alonso's apartment. Ivana will look for a way to spend a whole day with him. Gabriela tells Valentina that she has to know that Ivana and Alonso are cheating on her.
29 Apr. 2010
Bajo amenaza
Alonso lets Oscar know that they will not share profits on Valentina's property. Ivana explodes in a rage, she can not stand that Valentina is getting married, because her cousin has everything and she swims.
30 Apr. 2010
Ivana gets into Oscar's car, he stops in front so he does not leave, she accelerates and runs over him, approaches him, sees that he is dead and cleans his tracks. Alonso says it's not a good idea to live together.
3 May 2010
Ivana tells Benita that she has to hide her pain, but for Benita everything she does is wrong. Ernesto says he is in love with Isabel, but his love for her has no future.
4 May 2010
Familia sorpresiva
Valentina, surprised, sees a picture of Santiaguito, thinks the worst. Alonso arrives happy to see her, she demands to know who that child is. Ivana reads a red note in the newspaper, where it is presumed that Oscar's lover is guilty of his death.
5 May 2010
La boda
Nero tells Alonso that they will meet at his wedding, or rather, at his funeral. Toledo visits Alonso and tells him that he will gather enough evidence to declare him guilty.
6 May 2010
Frente al altar
Alonso does not arrive at his wedding with Valentina. Ivana is desperate at the airport because Alonso does not arrive or call. Valentina refuses to believe that Alonso will not arrive and runs to the church claiming that he will be there.
7 May 2010
Los cascabeles
Hi is my favorite I want to see al chapters
10 May 2010
La dueña
Valentina tells Rosendo that now that she has arrived, she will take the reins of the hacienda. Rosendo, hypocrite, apologizes to Valentina, who orders her to leave her house.
11 May 2010
La demostración
Narda calls Ivana to threaten her, saying she will hand over Oscar's phone to the police to track the dates and times they were called. Valentina wants to ride Altanero, Rosendo thinks that she will not be able to do it.
12 May 2010
Víbora ponzoñosa
Ivana looks for Rosendo to ally herself with him against Valentina and make her leave the hacienda. Ivana meets Horacio, who is shocked by her beauty.
13 May 2010
No se vende
Ivana looks for Rosendo to ally herself with him against Valentina and make her leave the hacienda. Ivana meets Horacio, who is shocked by her beauty.
14 May 2010
Mordida venenosa
Valentina realizes that it was Ivana who walked with Horacio the day before and that is why Sandra claimed him. Nerón finds Alonso's whereabouts and holsters him with a pistol, threatening him with death.
17 May 2010
Primer beso
Iluminada tells Ivana that José Miguel looked at Valentina with the eyes of a master. Ivana begins to plot a new plan. Ernesto tells Valentina that he must return to Mexico as soon as possible because of Alonso's swindler.
18 May 2010
La novia
Isabel accompanies Benita while she cleans the broken mirror of Valentina's bathroom. She asks Benita why Valentina will hate José Miguel so much. Isabel mentions that José Miguel is different.
19 May 2010
La confrontación
Ivana confronts Ernesto, telling him that everything finally came to light. Valentina does not understand what is happening with Ivana and asks for an explanation. Ivana tells him that Isabel and Ernesto are lovers.
20 May 2010
Cabalgata peligrosa
Ivana confronts Ernesto, telling him that everything finally came to light. Valentina does not understand what is happening with Ivana and asks for an explanation. Ivana tells him that Isabel and Ernesto are lovers.
21 May 2010
Sorpresivo reencuentro
José Miguel teaches how to ride Ivana, but on the way, the horse she rides on meets a rattle viper. Valentina claims José Miguel, tells him that if something happens to his cousin he will be the only one to blame.
24 May 2010
Una sospechosa
Federico meets Isabel at the hacienda, he is very happy to see her. Leonor looks for Federico, he asks if he remembers Isabel. It is resolved that Ivana spend the night at the Hacienda Montesinos.
25 May 2010
Pareja falsa
Valentina goes to see how Altanero woke up and finds Nazario's corpse leaning on the wall. Valentina enters the house in terror, Isabel asks what is going on. Valentina responds that Nazario is dead and sends to call the police.
26 May 2010
Padre falso
Crisanta enters the stables and observes the blood stain on the wall left by Nazario. Crisanta confronts Rosendo and asks him if it was he who killed Altanero. Federico asks Leonor to please return to Mexico.
27 May 2010
La culpable
Felipe brings Isabel the results of the X-rays to 'Los Cascabeles', tells him that Ivana has nothing and can be calm. Valentina arrives and runs to Felipe to see him in the house.
28 May 2010
Poco tiempo de vida
Sandra asks Horacio not to tell her that Ivana is Valentina's cousin. Valentina goes to the burial of Nazario to give her condolences to Doña Angustias, but she screams that she is a murderer.
31 May 2010
Enfrentamientos continuos
Isabel avoids the lawsuit between Ivana and Benita, who apologizes to Isabel for what happened. Ivana makes Valentina believe that she is talking to José Miguel, while flirting with Horacio over the phone. Ivana seduces Horacio.
1 Jun. 2010
Sola en el mundo
Ivana confesses to Valentina that Isabel one day found her and Alonso kissing. Valentina tells Benita that it is very sad to realize that she is finally alone in life. Sandra tells Enriqueta that Ivana finished with José Miguel.
2 Jun. 2010
Humillación de vuelta
Juan and Sabino inform José Miguel that the fence he picked up awoke shot. They suspect Valentina. Sabino tells Leonor that she should advise José Miguel to avoid Rosendo.
3 Jun. 2010
José Miguel está herido
Valentina swears that José Miguel will pay them dearly. Rosendo tells Valentina that José Miguel needs a lesson for what he did to her. Benita confronts Valentina, she tells him that José Miguel humiliated her as no one had done and will pay for it.
4 Jun. 2010
Leonor estalla contra Valentina
Leonor can not believe that José Miguel is hurt. He asks Felipe who shot him, he replies that it was Valentina. José Miguel asks Valentina to give him a kiss, because he does not want to die without knowing what a kiss of his is.
7 Jun. 2010
En su defensa
Ivana pretends to Leonor, tells him that he hates his cousin for what he did to José Miguel and is willing to kill her. Leonor goes to the sundeck to present a formal accusation against Valentina, who tried to kill her son.
8 Jun. 2010
Ivana y José Miguel confiesan su amor
Federico does not understand why José Miguel defends Valentina so much. Rosendo watches Valentina ride near the lagoon. Start admiring her as a goddess. Ivana approaches Valentina and confesses that she is in love with José Miguel.
9 Jun. 2010
Hacia el encuentro con la muerte
Sabino finds Isabel in the pantheon, he confesses that what really happens to Federico is that he has cancer. Horacio gives Ivana a gold bracelet. Ivana thanks and they kiss passionately.
10 Jun. 2010
Felipe revela un secreto
Horacio ends with Sandra, says he will cancel the wedding with Father Ventura, she suffers and asks if there is another woman. José Miguel thinks that he and Valentina will get along.
11 Jun. 2010
Ernesto pide matrimonio a Isabel
Benita tells Isabel that she did not know Federico, but now that she knows him, she knows why she fell in love with him. Leonor, furious, challenges Federico to take Isabel to live at the Montesinos hacienda.
14 Jun. 2010
Se entregan al amor
Rosendo tells Valentina that he is moving away from José Miguel because he has to be blind not to realize that he is 'doing the round' (he pretends it). José Miguel challenges Valentina to a horse race, otherwise he will return the cattle she gave him.
15 Jun. 2010
José Miguel declara su amor
Valentina is stunned and says she does not want to fall in love with José Miguel, because she does not want another man to hurt her again. Iluminada asks Rosendo to leave the house of Crisanta and no longer bother her.
16 Jun. 2010
Ivana intrigosa
Chuy finds Valentina in the cabin and tells him that he knows that José Miguel loves her. Ivana tells Leonor that José Miguel will never notice her because José Miguel is in love with Valentina.
17 Jun. 2010
Ivana inventa apuesta
Illuminated returns very upset to the big house. Benita asks him what Rosendo did to him. Illuminated responds, altered, that I hope he will rot in hell. Horacio confesses to Ivana that he wants her to be the mother of his children.
18 Jun. 2010
Ivana declara su amor
Ivana tells José Miguel that it hurts a lot to think the worst of her. José Miguel sentences Sabino that no one is going to take Valentina's mind or his heart. Valentina gets into the river to swim, while José Miguel looks at her enraptured.
21 Jun. 2010
Descubrimiento de Sandra
Leonor tells Federico that Ernesto is also in love with Isabel and she corresponds to him. Sandra sees Horacio hugging Ivana. Sandra approaches them asking for an explanation.
22 Jun. 2010
Valentina destroza tienda
Rosendo abuses Iluminada. Benita finds her crying in her room and asks what she has, but Iluminada does not stop crying. Rosendo tells Filadelfo to tell Valentina what he heard in the village canteen.
23 Jun. 2010
Federico reclama
Horacio tells José Miguel that Valentina destroyed his store. José Miguel clarifies to Sandra that his courtship with Ivana was a joke by Horacio. Sandra tells him that Horacio did it so that she would not suspect her relationship with Ivana.
24 Jun. 2010
Valentina amenaza
Valentina tells Crisanta that she understands her resentment towards Rosendo, but has no complaint about her work. Crisanta tells him that Rosendo has been stealing him for many years. Federico confesses to Isabel that he has always loved her.
25 Jun. 2010
Ernesto renuncia
Ivana reveals to Valentina that José Miguel is the architect of the school she plans to build. Valentina confronts Rosendo, retaliates against him after learning that she has been stealing from him.
28 Jun. 2010
Horacio aclara chisme
Rosendo tells Crisanta that he is not willing to have problems with his employer because of him. Horacio reveals to José Miguel that the rumor is running that he and Horacio made a bet to see who won Valentina first.
29 Jun. 2010
Ivana besa a José Miguel
Ernesto tells Valentina that José Miguel's intention with being the architect of the school was to collaborate with a noble cause. Then, he mentions that he will leave, but when he arrives in Mexico he will look for a lawyer to take charge of the Alonso process.
30 Jun. 2010
Valentina confiesa
Valentina confesses to Benita, crying, disappointed in the kiss she saw between Ivana and José Miguel, that she has always been right, since it is true that she wants Jose Miguel with all her soul.
1 Jul. 2010
Sandra intenta seducir
Illuminated answers the phone, Ivana is stunned when she tells him that Alonso calls Valentina. Valentina confesses to Benita that Alonso's call took away her appetite. Ivana warns Rosendo that he does not want him to hurt José Miguel.
2 Jul. 2010
Declaran su amor
Jose Miguel tells Horacio that Ivana ended their relationship because he supposedly discovered that she is in love with him. Sabino confesses to Federico that he knows that José Miguel is not his son.