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tbp84 July 2018
I love how another reviewer thinks this episode rude and offensive. Yes, that's why it's amazing! It's also hilarious. It mocks religion, marriage, and pretty much everything else. Highly recommended.
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Stupid, offensive,
Rambo8642 January 2011
I am so sick of low-brow satirizing on contemporary political issues. What is up with this stupid fad on politically charged themes taking over animated shows these days? Can't I just sit down and relax to a cartoon without being proselytized by the creators who use their shows as a medium for discharging their political opinions? I knew exactly when Amy said human-robot sexual relationships were considered taboo that it was going to be parallel to same-sex marriage controversy. I remember when Family Guy started targeting specific political and social issues in their episodes, e.g. "Prick Up Your Ears", "PTV" around their later seasons, is Futurama going to cheapen its comedy so amateur satirists who think "A Modest Proposal" is the best thing ever written in the way of the genre can preach tolerance and libertarianism to our benighted, conservative minds?

What is wrong with this episode is that every jab it makes at contemporary society, every "satire" (if you can call it that) is too obvious for rebuttal. They reduce all points ab absurdum and make it seem like the gay-marriage issue was simply a matter religious bigotry against tolerance. And if you think gay marriage was or is still a controversy solely due to homophobia, get real. Homophobia is a relic of long ago and like racism and sexism is as taboo as anything else. In fact, anybody who still is homophobic is probably more likely to be targeted for abuse (talk about hyper-correction).

This is the worst episode of season 6 and definitely of the bottom tier when it comes to all Futurama episodes. Terrible job at the script, characterization. And to think that most critics reviewed this episode favorably. If you can stretch a social issue ab absurdum and pass it off as satire, monkeys will be pleased. This isn't high art, but I expect some actual comedy of which this episode had none. Season 6 was overall a decent start but it'll never again be like the golden years (seasons 1-3). This episode, like a few others, is a prognosis of the deterioration of quality that all shows undergo. It happened with Family Guy with its renaissance and it'll happen here.
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Should humans be allowed to marry robots?
Tweekums21 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
As this episode opens Bender of up to no good putting his graffiti tag, in mosaic form, all over the city. Ultimately this leads to his arrest. Meanwhile Kif is getting fed up with Amy flirting with every bad-boy she meets. Things come to a head when they go to bailout Bender and Amy starts flirting with various criminals in the jail. Kif has had enough and ends the relationship. Amy is initially upset but it isn't long before she is dating Bender. This relationship breaches one of societies few remaining sexual taboos and many people don't approve. Amy's parents drag her back to Mars to set her up with a human and the Preacherbot takes Bender away to force him to see the error of his ways. Their friends, minus Professor Farnsworth, help reunite them and Bender proposes to Amy. This is currently illegal so they organise a referendum to try to legalise robosexual marriage.

After the previous disappointing episode this is a real return to form. The story was good with plenty of great jokes as well as an enjoyable guest appearance from George Takei as his own preserved head. The story of the 31st century's attitude towards robosexuality is clearly, and not too subtly, a reference to the 21st century's changing attitudes regarding homosexuality. While some may find this a bit heavy handed as it is quite clear which side we are meant to be on I wasn't bothered as it managed to stay funny even while it was being a bit preachy. As the episode progressed I thought that the character dynamic would be left changed at the end but ultimately things returned to the way they were in a way that didn't require anybody to act out of character. Overall a good episode.
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The One With Bender And Amy...
taylorkingston1 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I really like this episode. It actually refers to real-life situations. In the Futurama world, robots and humans being together and getting married is a controversy. In our world, gay couples being together and getting married is a controversy, even though it's a no-brainer and should be legal everywhere.

In this episode, Amy and Kif break up and after that, Amy starts hooking up with Bender. Once everyone finds out, they're shocked. Professor Farnsworth and a lot of the crew don't approve of the human/robot relationship, as do many of the population. This leads to a big controversy and everyone voting whether it should be allowed or not.

Overall, I give this episode a 7 out of 10, which in my ratings book is: Great.
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