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santielkapodeflores19 July 2013
18th July. That was the premier date of Metegol in Argentina. I was expecting this date since days, months, even since the last year. I was determined to go to watch it immediately in the premier date, I was highly anticipating it, as I'm a fan of all the works by Campanella. I watched El Secreto De Sus Ojos, Luna De Avellaneda, El Hijo De La Novia, and the TV series Vientos De Agua. This I'm writing after returning watching Metegol in the cinema.

This is truly a masterpiece that will be remembered as a classic for years and years to come!!!! It is usual from this director, as all his films have become some of the finest and most successful both in the box-office and by critics alike. Campanella has done it again. He has proved that he is made of what Oscar winners are made of. He has proved how an animated film could also be done. He is pioneering and leaving a mark in the history of films. And he is making proud his own country, Argentina.

Metegol (or Foosball, as it will be called in English-speaking countries) makes you immerse in the rich and legendary folklore of football from Argentina. Stories, tales, legends, anecdotes, songs, matches, everything is freshly caught in the screen, in the atmosphere, in the characters. The little town, the bar, the corner where the foosball laid. Everything is familiar, and everything makes you remember the times when you played and breathed those places...

Without doubt the best of the film are the characters. And specially the characters dialogs. Everything they say is a reference to famous folklore cites and famous players sayings. The film is packed with subtle references to several history episodes, like when Grosso shouts his goal to the camera, he is shouting it like Maradona did one of his in the 1994 USA World Cup. When the town major leaves the town, he leaves in a helicopter, like in 2001 did the Argentine president De La Rua (and then the 2001 Argentine crisis was unleashed). And I could continue with more and more references and trivia, but I think it will be tastier if you find them for yourself ;) The other thing of Metegol which is the best, is its animation. OH GOD, THE ANIMATION. You would think that Tangled has set the bar in animation films, with the 260 millions it has cost to be made. Metegol was made with a much lower budget, just 20 millions of dollars. But you don't realize the difference of budgets. In fact you don't realize this is not a film made by Pixar nor Dreamworks. Metegol makes the eye-candy enthusiast rejoice in the vividness of the sequences, and makes the spectators hold tight in their seats as the action-paced scenes go on. In animation academies and schools, one of the classic tests you would have is to make an animation of a ball jumping. In Metegol you see the ball jumping, bouncing around the corners, passing between legs, hitting the body parts, kicked, flying, zig-zagging, being head-butted, being stopped by a player's foot, being handled in several football tricks, and so on. This film truly will be shown in animation academies for years and years to come, pointing out what animation can do. All things considerate, 20 millions of dollars make this film the single one most expensive in the entire Argentine film history, so in a certain way in this film Campanella truly is betting high.

In a trip to Euro-Disney I ate in a restaurant in the park, which was decorated with baseball photos and American imagery. On a wall, there was a picture that said "to understand the American way of thinking, you have to understand the sport of baseball". So watching Metegol could be a nice introduction to Argentine culture, folklore and philosophy. And I will rephrase that one saying I read in a picture on a wall, "to understand the Argentine way of thinking, you have to understand the sport of football". ;)
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Agreeable adventure flick co-produced by Argentina/Spain about a table football team that come to life
ma-cortes11 September 2014
It is a charming, accomplished piece of animation cinema that will have a universal appeal . In the small village where Amadeo (voiced by Rupert Grint) lives there is no one good enough to challenge his skills at Table Football. But, while Amadeo may be a genius as a table football player in real life he's a loser . He's in love with Lara (voiced by Fern Deacon) , his childhood friend , but he's so timid that he can't bring himself to confess his love for her . So he just hangs out in his quaint , timeless village . When Amadeo beats the village bully Flash (Anthony Head's voice) at Table Football , the scene is set for an epic rivalry . As Amadeo is extremely skilled and unbeatable in the former play , boasting an unbeaten record on the table in the local bar . Consumed with anger , psychotic Flash helped by his manipulative henchman , vows to get even and 10 years later he returns as an International Superstar, a Football Icon and Galatico determined to wreak his revenge . Flash demolishes the village to build a Football Academy . He destroys the table football table and takes away Amadeo's girl friend the lovely Lara in his chopper . His goal is to face down the terrifyingly skilled and intimidating player with the help of the football team he's assembled . As when Amadeo is distraught one of his tears falls on Skip the captain of the Table Football Players he comes to life and together with other key football players, Rico and Loco, they persuade Amadeo to fight back against the nasty Flash and his villainous hoodlum The Agent. Later on , the young man named Amadeo sets off on an unexpected adventure with the players of his beloved Foosball game and the final match will be in a real football stadium .

This entertaining film packs amusement , slapstick , emotions , comic situations , tongue-in-cheek , fun comedy and many other things . This is a fast crazy movie with lot of funny situations , antics , bemusement and with a bunch of very hilarious roles . It turns out to be pleasantly funny that offers no intellectual stimulus whatsoever ; an exercise in pure amusement in which entertainment and fun are guaranteed . This moving picture contains a series of roller coaster adventures when the two rivals finally face each other they must settle their old score ; at the end takes places an epic confrontation in an impressive stadium that results to be the highlight of the movie . The amusing characters are quite silly , grotesque and likable and the film races on at incredible speed . ¨Futbolín¨ or ¨Unbeatables¨ tells the tale of a gifted kid called Amadeo , who often keeps his talents hidden has two loves in his life , football, and Lara, but he has suffered previously at the hands of his nemesis, Flash , then Amadeo gets some unexpected allies when the tiny football players on his table magically come to life .

The motion picture was stunningly directed by Juan Jose Campanela and was deservedly Oscar nominated for the best foreigner film . Academy Award-winning director Juan José Campanella was born on July 19, 1959 in Capital Federal, Argentina. Having won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film with the disquieting drama The Secret in Their Eyes, he decided to try something so different ; few would have predicted that Argentine director Juan José Campanella would have turned his head to the children's animation . He had the inevitable pressure that comes with a project that follows an Oscar winning film, and about assembling his British cast, which consists of Rupert Grint, Rob Brydon , Fern Deacon , Anthony Head , adding cameo/voice by the same director as Eusebio . Campanella is a director and writer, working in Television as ¨Law and Order¨, ¨ Winds of water ¨, as cinema , being well known for ¨The Avellaneda's moon ¨, ¨Same love same rain¨, ¨Son of the bride¨ with his fetish actor Ricardo Darin (2004) and of course his best film , the hard-hitting, sombre drama The Secret in Their Eyes(2009). ¨Unbeatables¨ also titled ¨Metegol" , or or "Foosball" or "Underdogs" rating : Above average , well worth seeing . Essential and indispensable watching for kiddies and adults .
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Campanella did it again
motta_g27 July 2013
It was an amazing experience I didn't surpass in years. This great film is not perfect but it is brilliantly made, incredibly animated and brings a lot of fun in every single minute. The story is a simple one, we watched in lot of movies before. But it touches you in the heart, as it does every time you see common, weak people fight to the powerful ones, just armed with passion, dedication and deliver; the kind of sensations you feel in Rocky I, Real Steel, The Boxer or much other films. Besides, it is equipped with small, funny references here and there, as the Major flying out in a helicopter, like in the 2001 Argentinean crisis. If you liked Cars, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, etc you cannot lose this masterpiece.
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Great Job Campanella!
lvilaguillen23 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If I do not put a 10/10 is because of the subtle animation errors, for example the explosion. Aside of that, THE MOVIE IS AMAZING! I don't know where to start reviewing. If you watched The Secret in Their Eyes, you'll remember the camera angles Campanella is capable of. I've never seen so much dynamism in a foosball game before, the one where Amadeo is playing, and you see the ball going back and forth, by the ball angle! It's amazing, you never get tired and it's just a foosball game! Not to mention when foosball players come to life, one better than the other. All pretty memorable and likable. The style in the character design is great too. Specially in the players as well. The history background, while subtle, was great and well managed. The soundtrack... I only matched it to some action moments in Toy Story... was I really matching an Argentinian movie to a Disney mega-production? Yes, I was. And I'll do it again if I hear it again. Because is amazing, perfect, so good. I'm not so committed to national stuff, but this one is... out of words. I remember just one thing from that July 18th at cinema... every time a goal was scored in movie kids cheered it as it was a real match they were watching. I wanted to cry so bad. Thanks Campanella for helping our emotions to grow! Thank you so much.
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Fantastic movie and extremely enjoyable! Goooooooaaaal!
rocknrico21 April 2014
I took a chance with a seed of doubt given that all the posted reviews appeared to originate from the same country of movie's origin. Being both a soccer and animation fan I was hopeful that was written was somewhat truthful.

It's a story with a life lesson that as a coach I teach my players each year: everyone has something to contribute and it is the will and determination within you and your team, that can make all things possible on or off the field.

Let there be no doubt... this movie ROCKS! A funny, action packed, highly entertaining movie with an incredible rendering of visuals that will leave you rewinding scenes over and over again. The teardrop scene, if you look closely, was absolutely stunning in so many ways.

All soccer scenes, both on the foosball table and on the field, were meticulously drawn up with such creativity that only a true soccer aficionado could imagine. For the soccer field scenes, the footwork was so realistic that you can tell they researched and replicated the best players in the world.

Disregard the naysayers, this movie is of 100% 'Toy Story' quality both in terms of story and production. Watch it with your kids and enjoy the ride.

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Funny movie about Soccer
corne-1120 August 2013
I loved this movie... excellent animation... funny story... A great movie for soccer fans. You should not loose the opportunity to watch it. It has excellent quality animation (like Disney / Pixar), but with Latino humor. A lover of Futbolín has a big challenge, and has to do it for real to defend his hometown. A movie that has become the best selling tickets movie in Argentina. Directed by a Oscar winner "Juan Jose Campanella". PRODUCTION NOTES Metegol (Foosball). Argentina/ Spain, 2013. Written by: Juan José Campanella, Eduardo Scacheri and Gastón Gorali, based on Roberto Fontanarrosa's short story Memorias de un wing derecho. Directed by: Juan José Campanella. Voiceovers: Horacio Fontova, Pablo Rago, Fabian Gianola, Diego Ramos. Opening on 258 screens in Argentina on 35mm prints, 3D digital and 2D digital. Distributed by: UIP. NR. Running time: 100 minutes.
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I like it and you should see it because ...
blanco-leonardo14 August 2013
I loved this movie and it was not because I am Argentinian, but because it was beautiful, funny, wonderful directed and each character has a unique personality.

Perhaps there are many users that write bad reviews because they are uncomfortable with the way it was made. Try to forget that is an Argentinan movie, that it only costs 20 million dollars, that it was directed by an Oscar winner or that the main plot is about football. Just go to the movie theater and make your own opinion, you will be surprised.

Important: If you see the movie with the original voices, it could be shocking at first because of our accent and the way we express ourselves. But I am confident when the movie is released in your country and in your language, you are going to give the rightful opinion that this movie deserves.
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A very good comedy
racheljones80429 August 2014
Having read the IMDb I am no longer sure of the movie's title but I'm calling it The Unbeatables because that was definitely the name on the print I saw. And I am pleased I saw it. The animation is just fabulous. Those great colors and funny details. The characters are lots of fun, the plot keeps moving, and the jokes are great and just keep coming. I especially liked the witty lines about football. No I'm not a great football fan but I loved this movie. It cleverly celebrates football and at the same time has a much needed pop at it. Campanella is a great film maker. If you have seen The Secret in their Eyes then you would not expect this. He has such range. The Unbeatables is a very good comedy.
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Amdaeo loves Metegol, but will he be able to p'lay and win a real football match?
romina_sacconi13 August 2013
Excellent. Amazing. Truly unforgettable. Friendship, values, codes, are dealt with in the film I strongly recommend for the whole family... Don't miss it!!! The voices for the characters are excellently chosen, since the actors reflect the profile of each character. Juan José Campanella shows again that he is one of the best Argentine directors ever. If I voted, I would send this movie to compete for the Oscars, because it does have chances to win. Take my word for it, go to the cinema. You will enjoy for sure... The plot is perfect and the events do happen in our daily lives. Who has not played ";etegol"? At least in Argentina, if you say no, you must be lying. We love Metegol and football, of course and we will never forget this beautiful movie, which will remain in your hearts for good.
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Good visuals, but that's it
cinematic_aficionado18 August 2014
In a small town, the local pub is everyone's meeting point and for a young boy the plastic football game is his whole world. As with all boys, he had to deal with bullies and in a heated exchange he defeated the town's bully who swore to avenge this.

With the passing of time, the town's bully became rich and famous but the bitterness never subsided so he plans to take over this little town and destroy the pub in which he as defeated by what he considered a nobody. The boy who defeated him, is not prepared to sit and take it but will fight to the end to protect his home town.

On the whole, the story had cracks and was uninteresting so one ought not expect lots of excitement. The only compensation came from the good animation with a sense of seeing the world through the eyes of a young idealistic person.
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The first of a new legacy
jprabino15 August 2013
I think that Metegol is great. It is the first time (along with The Secret in their Eyes) that I go to see an Argentinian movie because it is actually really good, and not because it's only Argentinian. Campanella surely knows how to capture or, in this case, produce moments of excitement and humor very efficiently. It is true also that the plot is really naive, but that's not the point. The point is that for the first time Argentina puts its name right there with mega blockbusters like Despicable Me 2 (EXCELLENT Movie, by the way) or any Disney productions. Like I say on the title, I believe that this is the first step to prove that it is possible to do things really well and really competitive. Campanella needs to keep pushing this forward, and he needs to be replenished of creativity by the newer generations of filmmakers. There are only 2 things that I will criticize about this film, and please let these be taken constructively: -Like I said before, the plot is really naive. Not because it's a movie aimed to a kid audience, has to have a kids plot. -The voice acting should be improved. In Metegol, they aimed to have "recognizable faces" for the roles, but they had no experience in voice acting. Pablo Rago, el Negro Fontova and Coco Sily are OK, but I think that Diego Ramos should have put more emotion into his performance. Basically as an audience you kept disassociating the character from its voice, and that CAN't happen.

Well, that's it, if you still didn't watch it, go watch it. It is a great first step in what I believe will be the first of many great Argentinian productions. To all the production and artistic team of this film, chapeau.
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Technically better than any Pixar movie and real fun for everybody
abisio8 April 2014
Oscar winner, Campanella has do it again.

Metegol (or Underdogs in the English version )is a technical achievement rarely seen outside USA. The first 3D animated movie produced in Argentina, has a technical quality (animation and images ) that easily compare and many time surpasses far more expensive PIXAR projects. Some scenes, like the soccer match, the chase in the dump and in the amusement park that are simply outstanding and pure fun.

In terms of story and characters; the movie is simple but effective.

Instead of the boring poetry and sadness PIXAR infuses in all its animations Campanella went for simple message ( never surrender, fight for what is yours ) with more complex morals for grown-ups ( life is more than games, without the other team there is no match) so kids and adults enjoy the movie.

Sadly that did not happened when I took my 5 year old daughter and her cousin to Monsters U, Cars 2 or even The LEGO movie; after the first half all they wanted was to leave or see something else; not a good sign for a kid's movie.

In brief; this a fresh movie on a subject like soccer that basically interest about 80% of the people on the world. I am not on that percentage but even the game scenes are so amazing you get hook up.
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Campanella disappoints
mcasaburi8 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I really found it disappointing, full of identical clichés to dozens of Hollywood films for children. There are very few things that identify the film with Argentina, the bar is where the foosball is, the Buenos Aires voices they almost seem overdone, the rest is extracted from any animated movie viewed before. The conflict of the weak child receiving bullying by the group of "bad guys" is of the most hackneyed in Hollywood. His relationship with his girlfriend, how the bad guy becomes a villain, how everything is defined and solved in a football game. All this leaves the impression that he defined the script took all the stereotypes of Pixar and Dreamworks movies and threw it on the table and used quite bad indeed.

The fact that the original story is Roberto Fontanarrosa and adaptation of Eduardo Sacheri is an unusual fact, considering the talents of both. If Fontanarrosa was alive, he would be seriously disappointed.

Both mistake then, is only attributable to Campanella not know what to do with the story and transformed it into a trite, predictable script without lights.
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Beautiful animation with a mediocre story
ComedyFan201013 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Well the animation of this movie gets all 10/10 from me. It was absolutely beautiful. Great details, colors and so on. The picture we saw was what made this movie worth watching.

The story on the other hand was kind of boring. I will not judge the movie too much for this since it is a movie for little kids. So they are more likely to enjoy the stories which for us seem to be overdone and boring. But I kept on wondering if it is a good idea to have kids cheer for a pathetic loser who plays with toys as adult and made nothing out of his life while the successful one is as always the bad guy. But I guess one can make into the whole "keep chasing your dreams, it is never too late message".

But there is no need to dwell on it. The movie is sure worth watching. As I said before because of outstanding animation. But I also loved how Jake was selecting people from the town for his game. This was a truly funny scene. And when the little foosball guys kept on helping them during the game it was also very entertaining.
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Well made but a little off at times.
playa_os5 April 2014
(No spoilers ahead)

Kids who watch violent movies will enjoy this. It has a few original ideas that can be entertaining for adults as well. However, the interactions between characters are very much put-down based and some other interactions are borderline for what I'd like my kids to see. A pretty disturbing scene is how the bad guy treats the female interest or another scene where rats are introduced as a menacing creature. There were some lovely efforts to create a structured flowing story with some points of emphasis about friendship and sportsman-like behavior. In short, production value is wonderful and if your kids watch ninja turtle style stuff, I'm sure they'd love this one. 8/10 for those kids. 6/10 for everyone else.
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A call for a rematch from foosball to football.
Reno-Rangan24 April 2014
A 3D animated sport-movie from Argentina. I do not hail from a football crazy country like South America or Europe, though I love the game. This movie was about foosball, a table football and its game characters.

This story follows when a professional footballer Grosso challenged his old enemy Amadeo to play football on a real turf after he was narrowly lost in a foosball game to him a long ago. Amadeo had no choice but to accept the challenge when his town is under a threat and to save his girlfriend. He's clueless about the preparation and game plan, but under some circumstances foosball characters come to life which offers support to build a team. And what comes next is the most excited game in the last quarter of the movie.

It was a terrific idea like 'Night at the Museum' and many other movies, but lost to a bad story and execution. Technically it had the upper hand than the entertainment side. I love the animation, especially the foosball characters, very nicely created. A movie that had all the qualities to be a fine short animation than a full length feature. Unfortunately, it was based on a short animation and failed to stretch its runtime with some good scenes.

It was obvious that the many parts of the movie were dull due to poor transition between the scenes. I think the screenwriter was clueless about what to add and not. A great achievement, according to the Argentinian animation industry. But the storyline and characters were more local cultural tradition than universal appeal which might influence audience from the other parts to draw out of the interest except children and foosball fans. The movie was not fun at all, it was pretty serious which should have not been. In my guess I believe adding more jokes should have saved the movie. At least the movie can be watched once with a lower expectation than that from Hollywood.

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Truly Unbeatable
josephsamuelmarsh13 July 2018
12.7/10 unreal experience. Emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. Related with all of the characters on a personal level.

My one trivial concern, is the age appropriateness of the film. As it was rated universal, but I found it sexually disturbing and had strong undercurrents of favouring drug use.

In my honest opinion, it perfectly encapsulates the pure joy of table football.

Papa bless
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Bad. very bad.
nsequeira-502889 March 2018
This movie, to put it bluntly, is bad. I am not biased towards the people of Latin America, they have produced many cinematic masterpieces. This is just not one of them. The quality of this movie has nothing to do with my opinion of Latin America. I find it tasteless, dull, lacking humor or heart. The characters are badly designed, the living dolls are horrifying, the plot seems impossible. They might like soccer in Latin America, and that's great, but there are better ways to profess your love for something than to make a creepy cartoon like this. This cartoon is truly horrifying and I am glad that few people saw it. Two points, not one, because I think the story might be endearing with some improvements.
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a good, well made children's animation
renegade-ego16 February 2015
Hi all,

while I don't pretend to understand the allegedly Argentinean elements of the story, I have watched the film in English & with English subtitles, both have strengths but I liked the English language the best. Mainly for the stab at regional accents and humor.

This is an ideal children's film, especially if their into football. There's a little adult humor, but it's not enough to spoil a well written and superbly animated film.

That's exactly what this is, a children's animation !

Just sit back...

and Enjoy :-)
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Shoots and almost scores
amesmonde7 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A father tells the story of how one small town's survival hinged on a football match and some table-football players.

It's a competent CGI animated film by Juan José Campanella which like the Monster in Paris and Book of the Dead has an off beat non mainstream European/Latino feel. The dubbing issues of the U.K version aside (clearly it's not animated to the UK actors voices) it is a fun tale about football and friendship rather than winning; as the toys help their beloved owner tackle his childhood bully (now a rich footballer) who wants to by his town and win the heart of the town sweetheart.

With a slow opening it soon picks up speed when the little table-football players magically come to life, it pokes fun at football players in general, some jokes may go over the children's heads and it's a little creepy in places with screaming rats in a dump and a wacky clown. The stereotype toy lead players go from one set up to the next to save a friend and regroup, to the final showdown football match to the beat of Emilio Kauderer's music.

Some gags hit the mark, some fall flat, but the underdog tale is entertaining enough as the locals come together to taken on a professional team.

This maybe the best computer animated table-football film out there, but it's also probably the only one.
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Sweet, funny, impeccable
Polskatta29 May 2014
Sweet, funny, impeccable. Despite being based on a short story of the great Fontanarrosa, Campanella and Sacheri (the return of the duo) did a great job adapting it to a family film with meaning, but without losing its essence.

There are no many animated films from this side of the world which have become internationally popular. Campanella and his Oscar got someone else to ask for his latest work.

In recent years there has been an incredible advance in southamerican's animation industry. Campanella came to say "that's true, it's not your backward third-world mind".

Thanks for that.
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the excellent pictures and innovative ideas still make the film impressed
yoggwork20 February 2019
Although the plot is not pleasant, but the excellent pictures and innovative ideas still make the film impressed me deeply. Hope to spread it out. Just let those little guys play.
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jdschoolworks22 May 2018
Mouth Imprestion/ mouth animation=good story=great concept=good so warning mouth animation good
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One to own
Stertzes9 August 2016
Fantastic movie for kids and adults, and you don't have to love or know much about soccer to enjoy it. The characters are interesting and the writing is really clever. Plus there's a great moral to the story (several, in fact).

The movie covers father-son relationships, bullying, teamwork, doing your best, facing fear, cheating, vanity, rivalry, and a host of other important topics, all in a fun, fast- paced, and witty hour and 45 minutes. Plus, it has foosball! What more could one want?

Really, this far exceeded my expectations and there is nothing inappropriate about it - - no bad words, sex, drugs, overly scary scenes, or slow, awkward content. It was a surprisingly enjoyable movie to watch with my 12 year old daughter (who hates sports!). We give it two enthusiastic thumbs up.
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kosmasp17 December 2015
If you like soccer/football and animation, you could do a lot worse than watch this movie. Seriously though: this is really good story telling, even if you know where this movie will eventually end up (not entirely maybe, but the general story has a familiar feeling to it). And that is not a bad thing, if it is done well.

As you can imagine, it is done very well in this case. The animation might not be the best you've seen, but I liked the style (so watch images or the trailer to see if that floats your boat). If it does and you like your underdog stories served with just the right amount of comedy and drama, then go ahead, watch and enjoy
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