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Sam J. Jones: Sam Jones



  • Sam J. Jones : We are gonna party like the '80s.

    Ted : Show us how, Flash.

    Sam J. Jones : It's easy. We just gotta nail a lot of girls named Stephanie.

    Ted : Oh Johnny, I got so much energy. We gotta start doing stupid shit.

  • Sam J. Jones : Death to Ming!

  • [Sam pours tequila shots and hands them to John and Ted] 

    John : Thanks, Flash.

    Sam J. Jones : There you go, my friend.

    Ted : Thank you.

    Sam J. Jones : [Offering a toast]  Death to Ming!

    John : Haha!

    Ted : Yes!

    [the trio down their shots] 

    Sam J. Jones : Oh, you guys seem pretty cool. You like to party?

    [Rubs nose] 

    Sam J. Jones : [Blank stare at John and Ted's faces before they look at each other] 

    Ted : Uh, cocaine, right?

    Sam J. Jones : Come on, dudes! Don't tell me you've never done it before.

    John : Well, uh, well not recently, no.

    Ted : I thought that was just for people in Florida.

    Sam J. Jones : You better follow me. Come on.

    [Sam walks away] 

    Ted : Johnny, I'm frightened.

  • Sam J. Jones : We are gonna party like the 80s.

    Ted : Show us how, Flash!

    Sam J. Jones : Easy. We just gonna nail a lot of girls named Stephanie.

  • [John rushes to Ted's apartment] 

    Ted : Johnny, thank Christ you made it.

    John : Dude, I got 10 minutes. Where's Flash Gordon?

    Ted : Okay, get ready. Hey Sam, this is the guy I was telling you about.

    ['Flash's Theme' plays as John sees Sam Jones turn around and walk toward him. He then imagines a scene from 'Flash Gordon' where they both ride a rocket cycle in the skies of Mongo] 

    Sam J. Jones : How you doing?

    [Offers bro fist] 

    Sam J. Jones : Good to meet you.

    John : [Does bro fist with Sam]  I thank you for saving every one of us.

    Sam J. Jones : You're welcome.

    Ted : He acknowledged it!

    Sam J. Jones : Let's do some shots.

    John : With you?

    Ted : Oh my God.

    John : Yes! Oh my God, yes!

    Ted : Totally, yes!

    Sam J. Jones : Let's go!

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