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Jessica Barth: Tami-Lynn


  • Lori : So, Tami-Lynn, why don't you... tell us a little bit about yourself, like where you're from? I'm always fascinated to meet Ted's girlfriends.

    Tami-Lynn : What do you mean, 'girlfriends'?

    [Looking at Ted] 

    Tami-Lynn : What's it like a lot of 'em or somethin'?

    Ted : N-no, that's not what she meant at all. Right, Lori? You didn't mean that.

    Lori : No, what I meant to say was Ted's very handsome, so I'm always interested in meeting the ladies that can snatch him up.

    Tami-Lynn : Did you just call me a whore?

    Lori : What?

    Tami-Lynn : You just worry about your own snatch. How about that, honey?

    Ted , John : Whoa!

    John : What the hell happened? We're having a friendly meal.

    Ted : Yeah, this was a nice evening.

    Tami-Lynn : Don't talk shit to me.

    Lori : I just asked you a question.

    Tami-Lynn : You know, you're a frickin' snob. You think you're all cool, 'cause you work at some fuckin' fancy shit place? Whatever.

    Ted : Take it easy.

    [Looks at Lori] 

    Ted : Nice, Lori. Real nice.

    Lori : Me? It's not my fault she can't speak English.

    Tami-Lynn : [Gets up]  Oh fuck you! Just 'cause you're on the business world and shit, you think what, everybody should suck your asshole or somethin'?

    Ted : [Grabs Tami-Lynn's hand to calm her down]  Okay, all right. Tami-Lynn, come on, honey. Let's get out of here. We'll go back to my place for a couple of Vodka and Strawberry Quiks, all right? Come on.

    Tami-Lynn : You know what? I gave birth once, bitch! I can kick your fuckin' ass! And you better never should you show your face around Quincy, you hear me? Ever!

    Ted : Okay, okay, come on. Come on.

    [Ted and Tami-Lynn walk out of the restaurant] 

    Ted : I didn't know you had a baby. Is it alive?

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