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Soap opera committed to film
purenarcoticx22 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
You know how really good movies make you feel at a loss of words and all warm inside, even if they were sad, you just feel enriched, whether it's intellectually, emotionally, visually etc. This movie doesn't make you feel at all like that. It makes you feel brain dead. After watching it, I felt so bad for seeing something so explicitly stupid, I was so angry, that I literally couldn't put into words how I felt and still can't accurately explain how bad this movie is, partly because I'm trying to block all the memories of it. I don't know if it's possible to describe the type of moronic writing, that had no logic at all and the terrible truly vile characters. Spoilers start from here so stop reading if you really seriously think you'll see this piece of art. I mean we're supposed to root for a spoiled over-dramatic rich teenage girl, that really has no idea what she wants/feels/thinks and 90% of the time the only opinion/reaction she has to a situation is to scream and complicate things, while on the other hand takes her 40 sec to forget what she was over-dramatizing about. Oh and I forgot to mention that after her best friend's boyfriend dies she ditches her best friend. Stops all contact with her. I mean that's just great writing. And if you think that's all, oh no, buddy, you're in for a treat. The male character, that, of course all the girls have a crush on, and the viewers are also supposed to feel attracted to or at least sympathetic is macho man psycho who all in all to the end of the movie beat up at least 6 guys, 2 of whom almost to death, for no apparent reason. I mean okay, you find your mom having sex with another guy, sure you get angry, maybe even sucker punch the guy, but beat him up like a dog is a little bit just over the top. But that's the acceptable beating up that happened in this astonishing movie. I mean my favorite part is when a guy spills wine all over his spoiled-rich-girl-girlfriend and he got so unbelievably angry(??) that he actually hit the guy in the middle of an official event. But really why I don't get why any sane human being, would even remotely not hate this guy - the part where he actually hit his girlfriend. And this, my friends is a love story. I mean they had a competition on who could do the most pull ups??? And you know how usually things in the plot, or the plot development, happen for a reason, or at least there is some logic behind the things that get down? Yeah, well I really missed that principle in Tres metros sober el cello, maybe the plot is just trying to be mysterious. I don't know. The only reason why I would recommend this movie is to feel this mixed feeling of nausea, shame for being a part of humanity that created this piece of art and at the same time the loss of words, regret, anger, disappointment, and the best part - the ending, when through out the whole movie you have hoped that something meaningful and logical will happen at the end that will make all the terrible things you just saw worth it(or at least bearable), and nothing happens. I hope I spared someone from feeling dead inside.
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One of the worst movies I have ever seen
ernesto8228 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I couldn't finish it. It started like a chick-flick (I like chick-flicks), then, after a few minutes a train of logical nonsense and moral absence started. The performances were good, but the storyline totally disappointed me and made me angry. A really overreacting young man with his unadapted friends and a low self esteem high-school girl who didn't care about anything, act like what they do is cool by all means.

By the time I had to stop it, the things that I learned from this movie were: It's OK to steal. You could fall in-love with the guy who is robbing you. You can crash at a party and harass women. You can destroy a house. You can vandalize cars. You can hit a nice guy who is protecting his friend. You can massacre the guy who is having an affair with your mom. A teenage girl can ride a motorcycle wearing only underwear. It's OK to betray your friend. You can fall in-love with the guy who punch the friend who was protecting you. All of these because a teenage girl likes a "hot" dude.

If I had a teenage daughter I wouldn't let her watch it. It disrespects women and it's a really bad example for young people.
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Hated it.
pfiorella15 May 2017
Stupid romance movie without an original plot. You have your typical broken boy (aka aggressive) who needs to be saved and the popular rich girl who is lost. The romance is unrealistic and abusive, I couldn't put myself to believe that someone would fall in love in those kinds of situations. If possible would love to give it 0/10
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one of the worst films I have ever seen - cheesy, unrealistic, AWFUL
catarina_aww22 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Ever since it came out I kept hearing every single teenager going crazy about this film so after years I had to watch it. I have to say, I have seen most romantic films, even the really cheesy ones like Nicholas Sparks cheesy or even Twilight. But nothing could have prepared me for this film.

Putting aside the fact that everything was so predictable (typical of romantic films) the plot was very unrealistic and poorly written. Let's think about Babi's friend. She falls madly in love with a guy that was stealing money from her bag. In which messed up universe does this happen? Not to mention how annoying Babi is (one of the main characters). She keeps breaking up with Hugo (or whatever his name is)for no real reason and she abandons her best friend after her boyfriend died right in front of her.

Oh, and that Hugo guy. What a character! He gets into fight with anyone for no reason and not just a simple fight oh no. He beats those guys nearly to death. The best part is where he does this as Babi's 18th birthday party to a guy who spilled wine on Babi by accident. I'm telling you, the perfect guy. And the cherry on top is where he slaps Babi. That, to be fair, was the only time when he was entitled to do it as Babi was accusing him of killing his best friend (even if he wasn't there when it happened and he had nothing to do with it).

OK, so this is a film where the main characters are people anyone would hate in real life even though they're supposed to be the opposite. This is a film where resorting to physical violence is justified only when a man hits a woman. If you put it like that it would sound quite interesting and it would probably deserve a greater rating because it would be a drama, not a LOVE STORY.

I have just seen the film (like an hour ago). Honestly, it was so bad I cannot even find my words to explain it. It was cheesy (she gets a tattoo of his name the day after they kiss for the first time) and nothing had any meaning. You're expecting everything to fall into place at the end and it doesn't.

It wasn't enough that the film was a disappointment but seeing that on IMDb it is rated 7.2/10 breaks my heart. Seriously people? Seriously???
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Wanted to turn it off several times
haqvinsson9 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I got this movie recommended for me, more than once, so I had high expectations. It started out with a guy insulting a girl - and of course you already know they are going to fall in love. But at that same moment, when you see the girl with a shy smile on her lips, as her car drives away - that is one of the first, of many, big mistakes this movie does. Justifying and encouraging such treatment - to insult someone in order to "get her".

This movie justifies men treating women with no respect what so ever, the main character, Hugo, harassed the girl, Babi, more times than I can count, without any reason. This treatment kept on going, even after they became a couple. And Bebi kept running back to him two seconds later, whatever 'big' mistake he did. One second they were broken up, and the next they were kissing again.

Tres metros sobre el cielo provides terrible gender behavior and roles for both men and women. It reinforces the stereotypes of men being violent, cold, emotionless, brutal and disrespectful, and it portrays women as weak, indecisive, extremely emotional and incredibly dependent. I don't even know where to start, I could write a whole book about this movie and how it reinforces the gendered stereotypes we already have, and what kind of message it sends out to young teenagers - who I guess are the main audience for this movie.

One of the few good things I can say about it was the beautiful photography, it was thoughtful, lovely and very artistic. The actors were doing a good job as well, but their characters and the script was very, very bad.

I will not recommend this movie to anyone - but probably rant about how bad it was, and how disappointed it made me. I kept waiting for a twist, a twist that somehow would make all the behaviors and the treatment justified, but it never came.. Please don't waste your time on this movie.
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Godzilla is more realistic than this movie
kristijanvkci4 February 2017
A hooligan destroys a car of a girls friend (actually his dads car) while she's in it Car gets wrecked, her friend gets beaten up Girl falls in love with the hooligan??? Her friend finds a guy stealing money from purses Girl falls in love with the thief??? Guy beats up everyone, hits his girl Girl is in love with the hooligan Teenagers see this and love the 2 main characters presented as badasses with suble signs and completely ignore the messeges the movie sends If you want to get the girl, you need to steal money, beat people up, beat up her friend, ruin his dads car, throw her in a pool, occasionally hit her and in no chance she'll be yours!! Worst movie ever
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Kill it with fire
SongOfFall17 June 2013
Cheap and cheesy, overfilled with cliché - this movie is Nicholas Sparks bad. Sadly, such films have become popular these days.

I would put it into the same box with such masterpieces as Sparks' "A Walk to Remember", "The Last Song" and Meyer's "Twilight" series. And kill it with fire.

There's something they usually say about twilight, but it could be generalized for all of the aforementioned films - they have something in common with German porn. Whereas in German porn the storyline is a plot device to switch from one porn scene to another, in these films it's the plot device to go through cheesy romance scenes.

Federico Moccia - the author of the original novella - is another persona non grata in my library.
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louise_johansson-949 January 2015
The guy treats the girl like sh't and she still falls for him. Really naive movie, it should have teach girls to never take this horrible treatment from guys and instead aim higher.

I don't understand why people still make this kind of movies.

what are we really telling girls? to accept this behavior and fight with other girls over guys that treats women like dogs?

And what will it teach guys? to act like this to a girl and she will eventually fall for him? and why can't the guy mature by himself for once, why must women act like some babysitter and teach a grown man how to respect others?

Just the same old macho bullsh't.
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Empty movie full of nothing meaningful
polatoal11 October 2015
What I don't understand is at what point do they start to love each other? This is not real love that makes you feel warm inside. This is a piece of s***. They are both drop dead gorgeous, they look at each other and Babi forgets whatever bullshit he did to her just because he's drop dead gorgeous and they fall in love only because they are beautiful. Honestly I was watching this and I thought, they must have skipped some months because these guys have nothing in common, nothing to bond over. We didn't see any meaningful dialogue between them. At WHAT POINT, and WHY are they deeply in love? This movie is immature love at the most. I'm 16 but I just think at 18-21 people are more mature and should have deeper relationships? Maybe i would have liked this movie when i was 10. It's like a very young teens/child fantasy because it has no basis on reality or true love (sorry I keep mentioning this).

Watch this movie if you want to kill brain cells.

I liked the music at the start star for that. And it was entertaining, I didn't get bored (maybe at the end).
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a really good movie
nikoleta-ursu12 July 2011
From my point of view this is the perfect movie for those who love romance. it contains a lot of magic moments,some of them being breath- taking. it is the kind of movie you will want to see over and over again. even if the idea may seem simple, the way is is developed makes it a fantastic one. i can also say that actors play really well and the soundtrack is good.

the only thing i can't understand is the law IMDb mark, as i think the movie is much better that other movies,which have better marks anyway it doesn't really matter

One more thing i want to add is that the final moments of the movie are really emotionally . Also there are some good ideas outlined in the movie.
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Romantic flick packed with a twisted romance , catching songs , violence and motorcycle races
ma-cortes17 August 2017
Exciting drama plenty of emotion , thrills , fights and a deep love story , being based on the novel of the same name by Federico Moccia. Mario Casas leads the cast of this ¨Three Meters Above The Sky¨ the story of two young people who belong to different worlds ; this one starts with a misfit , impulsive , unconscious young man nicknamed ¨H¨ (Mario Casas) , leader of a band of violent teenagers . Meanwhile , H is reconnecting with the past so that it means fighting and also a new love . When he is driving his powerful motorcycle he meets a beautiful teenager , Babi (Maria Valverde), the girl from upper-middle class that was educated in goodness and innocence . Babi reluctant at first but finally falls in love for him . Along the way , ¨H¨ gets mixed up with some tough as well as bad guys and is embodied in endless struggles and illegal motorbike races .

Sensitive as well as romantic drama is loaded with an enjoyable love story , soap opera , lingering shots of wonderful as well as youthful faces , twisted situations and with a distinctly Spanish idiosyncrasy . It is the chronicle of a love improbable , almost impossible between two maladjusted young people : Mario Casas and Maria Valverde but inevitable dragging in a frantic journey of family opposition , motorcycle races , difficult romance and full of violence . Although is filled with predictability and cliché-ness the film results out to be pretty entertaining , but overlong . It turns out to be pleasantly fun that offers no intellectual stimulus whatsoever ; an exercise in pure escapism in which entertainment and thrilling happenings are guaranteed .

Passable acting by Mario Casas as Hache , a rebellious boy who has an appetite for risk and danger in the limit of common sense , a ¨rebel without a cause¨ , in James Dean'style . This is Mario Casas's most important screen appearance in screen and pretty well Marta Valderde as the inexperienced and innocent adolescent . And agreeable and charming Marina Salas as Katina , her best friend . As shown in the film, H and Babi develop a relationship , and actually the two actors developed a relationship of their own in 2010 , though it is known that the two broke up in September of 2014 ; and subsequently Marta Valverde married to prestigious musical conductor Gustavo Dudamel . As you should be aware , than similar from US films with romantic touches , you do get to see people having sex in this , not explicit , but there are naked bodies , and some strong sexual scenes . Ample support cast formed by newcomers who would have an acceptable and uneven career , such as Nerea Camacho , Alvaro Cervantes of ¨Carlos I¨ series , Andrea Duro of ¨Olmos and Robles¨ series , Pablo Rivero of ¨Cuentame¨ series , Diego Martín , and Cristina Plazas , Jordi Bosch as parents of Bibi . Colorful and glimmer cinematography by Daniel Aranyó . Being shot on location in Mataró , El Prat De Llobregat , Teià , Montgat , Sant Boi De Llobregat , L'Hospitalet De Llobregat , Santa Cristina D'Aro , Barcelona, Catalonia , Girona, Catalonia , Spain . In addition , atmospheric and moving musical score by Manel Santisteban , adding commercial and attractive songs .

Being based on Federico Moccia bestseller book . Federico is a Best-seller writer and occasionally director , known for ¨Amore 14¨ , ¨Scusa Ma Ti Voglio Sposare¨ , ¨Tre Metri Sopra Il Cielo¨ (2004) He also wrote several scripts as ¨Palla Al Centro¨ , ¨Ho Voglia Di Te¨ , ¨Classe Mista 3A¨ and ! Cannibal holocaust 2 ¡ . ¨Perdona Si Te Llamo Amor¨ . The motion picture ¨Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo¨ or "Three Steps Above Heaven" (2010) was professionally directed by the Spanish filmmaker Fernando González Molina . And he also made the sequel : ¨Tengo Ganas De Ti¨ (2012) , in which ¨H¨ falls for a gorgeous dancer called Gin , Clara Lago , but he discovers again his first great love : Maria Valverde . He went on directing successes as the $13.5 million period drama "Palm Trees in the Snow" also with Mario Casas and a thriller . ¨El Guardian Invisible¨. And made several TV series as ¨Luna , Misterio De Calenda¨ , ¨Bienvenidos Al Lolita¨ and ¨Los Hombres De Paco¨ .
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Too typical and pathetic
ceca_9819 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I don't see why is this film popular, it's really typical and pathetic...Because movie didn't end with happy ending that doesn't make it unique...I also don't like that she is a good girl and he is a bad guy and they fall in love, they are totally opposites...Movie deserves much lower rating...I don't know am I really cold-blooded or other people are too sensitive, but I didn't cry at the end at all, and everyone I know say that they cried...It's true I'm not fan of romantic movie, but if I see really good romantic movie I will admit that and I can't admit that for this movie because it doesn't deserve it!! I also don't like leading actor and actress, they don't act really well, and every girl is driving me crazy about leading actor and he isn't that attractive...
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a typical movie
zohre_flower21 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Having an interesting title and also lovely characters can help the audiences to identify with the characters from the movie. At the first "Babi" is very simple an lovely. the opposite of "Babi" is "H", an aggressive boy with a kind of negative character. But at the end of the film we can see that their situation and also the feeling of happiness in their lives are changing. "H" at least try to finding the way of happiness, but "Babi" cried and feel emptiness. This characterization makes the film more dramatic. Therefore its ordinary story can make this film as a common movie for fun. This story is repeated this kind of love story and You can not find a new thing to know about love or anything else. "Three Steps Above heaven" is only to entertain teenagers and created a drama that made viewers feel superficial.
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expected much more from the story
pavel-dzverat28 January 2012
The following is completely personal opinion and don't feel like sharing it. Overall the a well known story - a good girl from a wealthy family and a street-type boy who regards no rules. Of course they fall in love, they go trough lots of "obstacles" to stay together ... but they eventually don't (I'd say the most interesting, garbing scenes from the movie).

And so that I try to be short in explanations, I'd say I've seen quiet many "love story movies" BUT this one somehow did not convince me in the sense of the whole story. There's a young dude who plays "mighty" and nothing/no one is capable of stopping him. Not able to control his anxiety he punches and smashes everyone and everything - for me a bit ridiculous. And if mostly girl's mother was so against their love, why wouldn't she use her further more her powerful position. I'd put the attention more to the "FLAT scripts" the movie has.

I did love though the photography, sceneries and the way move was technically filmed. Another part I liked, was the last 10 mines of the movie itself. I do like "happy ends", though particularly in this movie it will be too much.

Never the less, I'm 23, I'd say it's a nice movie, as far as only you are NOT over 18.
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Great modern take on Romeo and Juliet
mannin1122 October 2011
Wow! What a knockout of a movie. If one was to say that this is aimed at the female Twilight audience, one would only be partially correct. There is enough of a hard edge to the story and the characters to appeal to any red-blooded male in the audience. The story of a girl from a rich family who falls in hate/love with a smartass illegal motor cycle racing street hood kicks this up into a testosterone story about a thug trying to come to terms with his uncontrollable angers and find love amidst his own brutality. Taken from an Italian novel by Federico Moccia, this was originally filmed (in Italian) in 2004 then remade in Spanish in 2010. This movie cries out for an American remake!!! One only prays that if that day ever comes that the studio committees won't screw it up as they have done waaaay too often with foreign remakes.

Whatever the budget was for this movie, every penny is up there on the screen. Fantastic direction, fantastic cinematography. Great acting from the young leads. A great soundtrack and constant surprises that increase the romantic aspect under threat of constant danger. If this movie was to be remade scene for scene for the American market it would be a sensation and make major stars of its young leads. Fernando Gonzales Molina, the director of this movie, should have been hired YESTERDAY to shoot an English-language version of this movie. One only hopes that the hero (or anti-hero) would be drawn from the ranks of America's melting pot rather than the androgynous white-bread actors currently in vogue, more suited to supporting roles in fresh-scented tampon commercials.

The story, of a motor cycle street racer from a good family (gone bad in rebellion against the hypocrisy of his family) who invades the remote comfort zone of the rich high school girl who despises everything about him, yet is irresistibly drawn towards him, could be trite -- but never is in this fast-moving tale. The supporting characters in the related subplots provide tragic elements that time and again remind one of Romeo and Juliet in a high-speed modern setting.

The most interesting thing about the lead characters is the way in which they change and mature. This is not a lovey-dovey romance that hits all the predictable points, but rather a tale of two people drawn towards one another in a relationship that cannot hope to succeed. This is one movie that will have every female in the audience blubbering into her handkerchief at the ending. Did I say it was romantic? Did I say that it absolutely kills with its constant juxtaposition of hard-partying action and quiet, romantic moments? The stars of this Spanish version, Mario Casas and Maria Valverde appear destined for long and successful careers based on their performances here.

Have I raved enough about this movie? No, I haven't. If you have one romantic spark in your soul then see this movie. And PRAY that Hollywood doesn't screw it up in a dumb el-cheapo remake!
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Not a banal love story
polina-malina15 February 2012
After watching this film I had strange feelings. On the one hand "Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo" is a beautiful love story with nice moments, beautiful actors and breathtaking scene. But if you think over a plot of this film you understand that the main idea is not to show a beautiful love but to tell us about the world of teenagers who have absolutely different lives.

Babi is a good girl from a respected family. Hache is a bad boy, who loves freedom, burn-up and everything fringe. But just a small meeting changed their lives cardinally. They fell in love, did crazy things, resolved themselves and everything would be fine, but they are so different that despite their feelings, they cannot be together.

At first sight it sounds like a banal film about a tragic love, but it is necessary to watch it to understand that it is not so.

Through the film my mood changed a lot of times. After it my head was full of thoughts. In my opinion, "Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo" is a film that should be watched not only one time.
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For kids...
inesacite8 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I heard a lot of positive reviews about this movie and I decided it was time for me to watch it too. Oh, how I wish I didn't...

The movie is bad. It is. The characters were so hard to relate to because all they did is make me angry and annoyed. I was not able to feel empathy and root for those characters. Their decisions were irrational, their emotions didn't make sense, and their moods and feelings kept changing from scene to scene: first they hate each other, then they love each other, then they hate again, then they love again, and so on. Is this a kindergarten?! I mean, sure, such "love" sometimes happens, but in this case it just wasn't reasoned enough. One thing that made me a little happier is that they seemed to get a bit more mature in the ending and left all that typical but over-dramatized romance behind. I still feel mad though.

It also appeared to me that the film's claim is that the only way to achieve spiritual happiness is by being a rebel and breaking the rules. How shallow and small-minded, really.
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Made me smile made me cry...
mt_ranetka13 July 2012
The story is a love story, pure one. But what a strength the feelings of two young people have. It is important to mention - he was her first love... If you think about it throughout the movie, you will definitely feel the power of this encounter. It keeps you tight in one scene, it makes you smile and cry in another.

The scenes about death, blackmail, decent life in a decent family and broken life of a broken young mind - don't leave you indifferent. Accident encounters in life are not accidental at all. Everything has its income and impact. Sometimes good to experience. Sometimes preferably to avoid. They didn't.
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One of the worst movies I have ever seen
o-lubinski20 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
(Could contain spoilers giving vague clues to main characters' general traits as well as general plot development, but nothing specific)

It was a tip from a friend to watch it in original language and improve my Spanish, which I speak quite well. I did watch it in Spanish. I watched the first 10 minutes in utter disgust but thinking that a sudden plot change will logically lead to the main character's punishment by life/society/parents for being an unapologetic, disgusting, dangerous, sexually harassing anti-social violent testosterone- laden a-hole - a true "piece of manure". No, didn't happen. All characters are reduced to the most basic and frightening clichés - both girls and boys. Being a total jerk is glorified every second of this cheap movie. Sexist, sexist, sexist, it hurt so much to watch it.

If you have any respect for women and common sense (which I hope you do), do not bother to watch this steaming pile of feces.
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Two people from very different backgrounds fall in love.
deejay_whitegrass26 January 2012
The love story is beautifully portrayed with very real and believable characters. It's definitely worth the watch. Plus, the lead couple are incredibly cute. The main characters are not simply characters who come from a privileged life or a sketchy background. They are more complicated than that which allows viewers to able to relate to them on various levels. There is more to their stories and their true colors are slowly shown throughout the film, just enough to play the emotions of the viewer and to make the viewers empathize with the characters. The film gives you a little bit of everything you look for in a good romance film: laughter, love, life, danger, action, thrill, and a poignant ending. An ending which makes you look back on your own life and wonder if you've found or will ever find the kind of love that too will take you Tres metros s o b r e el c i e l o.
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Possibly Worst Film I Have Ever Seen
tracylovelace4 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I turned this movie off after 47 minutes. I really felt sort of sick to my stomach seeing where it was going, and seeing how it is apparently the favorite move of so many people. The main characters meet with the guy, Hugo, harassing the girl on the street, then again at a party he breaks into. Then he almost gets her killed by chasing the car in which she is riding with his little motorcycle gang, for no discernible reason. The "romantic" part of their relationship starts with him using her to make sure she doesn't denounce him to any legal authorities, as he is already supposed to go to prison for nearly beating someone to death, then goes and severely beats up other people in the meantime, never with any real reason. Oh and this guy is still sleeping with his actual girlfriend while the female lead, a high school student, is falling in love with him. I just didn't care at all what happened to any of the characters as they were completely undeveloped/the type of people I want to pretend don't exist. I am so sad that there are 2 sequels to this film, it makes me feel like humanity is devolving.
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er_jose_a7 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo (Three Steps above Heaven) (2010)

This is a drama/romance movie about two teenagers that fall in love, the typical story with the cute good girl and the hot bad guy, they live different life but they still go out together and discover the "magic" of the first love. The movie is cute sometimes with a few action scenes mix with romance but is not more than that, is just average in all senses (performances, screenplay, direction etc) but it has a touch of reality about what is love this days (is a contemporary story); at the end it will show you the "real world" of "love". This movie can be sometimes a little bit annoying and childish but still entertaining.

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Best movie ever
milicalusimp9 August 2019
It's one of the best romantic movies EVER. I totally loved it, the way he treats her, the way they look at each other. AMAZING
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best movie ever
milicalusimp3 August 2019
It is honestly one of the best movies i have ever watched. the story is just fenomenal. i also read the book, it is better because of all the ditails. but i love the movie a lot.
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7,2 / 10
saletehnolog9 December 2017
A classical teenage story. Many times this can be seen in real life. Precisely because of this fact, the film has received some golden meanings, although in the acting, scenic sense, there is a lot of things missing. Actors, I would say nothing more than an average.

However, the message that the film sends is extremely powerful. Anyone from the younger population should look at this film because it can learn a lot from it. In fact, both boys and girls could see how to avoid problems in life.
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