Peace, Love & Misunderstanding (2011) Poster

Jane Fonda: Grace



  • Grace : Sometimes in art, like in life, you have to accept the fact that your things aren't going right, and you don't quite know where you're going, and you have to accept that. Because that's when transformation can happen.

  • [last lines] 

    Jude : Hey, the men are doing all the heavy lifting. Seems a little sexist to me. How about you, Zoe?

    Zoe : It's not about equal division of labor. It's about an equitable and efficient allocation of resources.

    Grace , Diane : Right on!


  • Diane : They hate me.

    Grace : It's difficult for kids to accept that their parents are human.

  • Grace : It may be you are from old people, or from offspring taken soon out of their mothers' laps. And here you are, the mothers' laps. It is not chaos or death. It is form, union, plan. It is eternal life. It is happiness.

  • Grace : Exclusion is unnecessary violence, don't you think?

  • Grace : Why does the past mean so much to you?

    Diane : This coming from a woman who still thinks it's 1969.

  • Diane : In truth, there's no record of my being born at Woodstock.

    Grace : I don't need a record. The truth is writ on my soul... among other places.

  • Grace : [driving for a hug]  Oh, oh, I suppose my little chicks are getting ready yo fly the coop.

    Jake : I thought we were peacocks.

  • Grace : Speaking of fertility, you know what tonight is, don't you? Full moon!

    Diane : Oh, no... no...

    Grace : Why not? Zoe's real excited about it.

    Diane : No, she has to take Jake on his date with Tara, she has to chaperon.

    Grace : Diana, honey, don't be a cock block. He creates enough obstacles on his own.

    Diane : Mom, could you please not say "cock block"?

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