Peace, Love & Misunderstanding (2011) Poster

Catherine Keener: Diane Hudson



  • [last lines] 

    Jude : Hey, the men are doing all the heavy lifting. Seems a little sexist to me. How about you, Zoe?

    Zoe : It's not about equal division of labor. It's about an equitable and efficient allocation of resources.

    Grace , Diane : Right on!


  • Diane : They hate me.

    Grace : It's difficult for kids to accept that their parents are human.

  • Diane : When there's a death you get a funeral. It's horrible, but you get to wear a black dress, and people bring you food and...

    Jude : I *do* like a good casserole now and again.

    Diane : But when a marriage dies you get endless debt, paperwork, and just a life you don't even recognize.

  • Grace : Why does the past mean so much to you?

    Diane : This coming from a woman who still thinks it's 1969.

  • Diane : You want me to just let go of 40 years of irresponsibility, embarrassment, and her total refusal to grow up?

    Jude : Yes, exactly.

    Diane : [incredulous]  Like a balloon that'll just float away.

    Jude : It's not a balloon, Diane. It's a sandbag you've got to drop for the balloon to get off the ground.

  • Diane : There's a naked man sitting next to my daughter eating cereal.

    Zoe : It's okay, it's organic.

  • Diane : [looking at the chairs in Jude's workshop]  Do people actually sit in those?

    Jude : They do. You want to try it?

    Diane : No.

    Jude : Aw, come on, where's your spirit of adventure?

    Diane : I think I exhausted it yesterday.

    Jude : And here I was hoping you were just getting started.

  • [first lines] 

    Diane : Did you know I had to get three more bottles of wine today on account of Richard's new wife's aversion to California chardonnay?

  • Diane : In truth, there's no record of my being born at Woodstock.

    Grace : I don't need a record. The truth is writ on my soul... among other places.

  • Diane : What do you recommend?

    Cole : We've been moving a lot of lamb lately.

    Zoe : Lamb... could you pick on a more defenseless animal?

    Cole : [to Diane]  Can I interest you in some veal?

  • Jude : You know, you're something of a legend around here. Your mom talks about you all the time.

    Diane : Let me guess: "tightass lawyer who is in need of a soul transplant."

    Jude : No, actually, she's fonder of the details - you used to collect leaves, you like the Beatles...

    Diane : Everybody likes the Beatles.

    Jude : That is true.

  • Grace : Speaking of fertility, you know what tonight is, don't you? Full moon!

    Diane : Oh, no... no...

    Grace : Why not? Zoe's real excited about it.

    Diane : No, she has to take Jake on his date with Tara, she has to chaperon.

    Grace : Diana, honey, don't be a cock block. He creates enough obstacles on his own.

    Diane : Mom, could you please not say "cock block"?

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