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great video especially on a large screen. not good for smartphone viewing.
maxtek-3106323 November 2017
i read the reviews and this one guy rants about colorization to make the entire thing seem fake! these people think they can see just parts of this and understand it. there is so much information in this you need to take it frame by frame and enhance them if you want best results. just taking screenshots and saving them allows you to see into the domes and lights and obvious buildings. people who can't sit through the entire video give there stupidity up because they will take something from the beginning of the video and rant about that one thing because that is all they can understand. but what i do not understand is this has a genuine entertainment value, it is fun and healthy to be curious, especially about somewhere you have never been. so for that guy to say those who watch this are nut cases. well there are entertaining things here and people, i mean healthy minded people are curious and want to see something new. i say anyone who can't understand that is retarded. and anyone who says they cant see anything is a liar.
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Not for the sheeple.
hitxthexlights20 May 2012
Beautiful shots of some amazing colourisation of the moon with some compelling evidence. Whilst not all of it is as direct and clear as the cast involved may see it, the questions put forward do raise enough concern to watch this with an open mind. It takes the mainstream belief head-on, therefore making it unwatchable for a certain collective. I found this to be mind-blowing material that certainly made a lot of valid points, but i suggest this material as "For Analysts Only". To debunk it straight away is to deny yourself the possibility of change. The documentary doesn't just focus on the colourisation of the moon, but also the procedures put in place to cover up their suspected truth, as well as actual footage from ex-officials involved. The great thing about documentary's like this, is it's ability to present a large amount of information in the form of guidelines. You're told the facts, facts which are accessible online and even presented to you. Overall this documentary provides a stunning guideline to a possibly phenomenal cover-up.
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Just awful
omnikam15 May 2012
I usually like these conspiracy theory shows, when they are rationally presented using reason as a tool, but this was total crap. Sure there was some similarity's concerning the use of vectors and logo's but how the show tries to connect it with UFOs's is just plain conjecture. I think its documentary's like this one that actually slows the creditability of real investigators on the subject of UFOs's. But the most stupid aspect of the show was the coloration of the moon, and the supposed structures that appear. Looks beautiful and alien , but hardly proof. Just color static from a TV and just see the wonderful alien worlds. I have no doubt that UFOs's exist, but i am more incline to see them as originating from earth not the heavens. No mater this show is a step backwards on the pursuit of knowledge and should in my opinion be burnt as garbage
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Troubling & Frustrating
AudioFileZ21 January 2019
I'll start with the troubling. Why are photos released to the public often obfuscated? Why are the highest resolutions that were actually taken not for public consumption? More simple, why are horizons almost always without stars? This film brings up these quite real and troubling aspects of how NASA presents moon photos to the masses. Maybe not as troubling, yet quite curious, is why the number 7 and the vector symbology used in all official mission graphic patches and even logos? If these only appeared a time or two it wouldn't be of much question, but they are rampant and constant so there must be a very concrete reason(s)? These things are well revealed in this documentary. Now, what's frustrating, meaning questionable, is the conjecture of actual objects claimed to be both seen and, more often, blurred. The way these are revealed by various methods are never as convincing as the documentary purports. Neither is the colorization of moon photos or the talking heads that assert their authority to explain the claims. Bottom line is most of what is claimed is as blurry as some of the alleged blurred structures and objects. As such, personally, I can't really believe I'm being enlightened to concrete evidence of these things. I think I have a quite open mind to the possibility of extraterrestrial life and I come away no more convinced of such after watching. I feel generous giving this a five-star rating and do so because it is my feeling the producer made an effort to question the status quo with the best effort he could muster
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great documentary for the mentally ill
leocharre19 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It's a shame that this title has anything above a 2 star rating. I don't watch anything before I consult with IMDb for ratings- and the rating was misleading- right now at 5.7 as I write. The whole "documentary" is a montage of pictures of the moon colorized by some photoshop noob- highlighting "anomalies" on the moon. There's nothing there. In part of the movie they suggest maybe the footage of the 69 moon landing was fake. Yes. And they show pictures of the astronauts on the moon, and suggest the background where space is seen it has been blocked off by NASA- and of you tweak the images in photoshop you can see buildings and structures of alien origin. This movie made me feel like I was being accosted by a homeless man screaming at me that I stole his wife and ate his dog and why don't I admit it. If you enjoy being yelled at by lunatic homeless people in public- watch this movie.
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