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MPAA Rated R for sexuality, nudity and language

Sex & Nudity

  • Sexuality is a major theme of this film. The movie opens with a young woman "auditioning" to be an escort. She poses topless, and then it's implied that she must have sex with the boss to prove she's ready to be marketed. A few scenes show a woman topless or a couple having sex. One character is a call girl and is shown having sex with her client (during the act, she tells him it will cost more to continue). It's pretty graphic and shows a few different positions with the man being particularly forceful. Bare buttocks and passionate kissing and fondling are shown in another scene. One character is a sex offender, so when a woman comes on to him half naked, he pushes her away and flees -- not wanting to do anything to her. A married couple kisses and embraces. Two men discuss the services of a prostitute.

Violence & Gore

  • A climactic double murder takes place off camera, but audiences see the aftermath: dead men lying in their own blood. A released sex offender rejects a woman's overt sexual advances and then hides in a bathroom -- making it clear that he's capable of violence but is trying to keep her safe.


  • Half a dozen "f--k"s, plus "s--t", "a--hole", and milder insults ("dirty bugger", "stupid", etc.).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A lot of cigarette smoking, and, in a couple of scenes, marijuana smoke as well. Adults drink at restaurants and bars. A woman is shown hung over, and one scene follows a group of people attending an AA meeting.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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