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Sex & Nudity

  • Some sexual situations and innuendo, a little nudity, and many sexual references and dialogues.
  • A girl talks of having lesbian sex with another girl.
  • A girl gets involved in a few sexual situations with men to get drugs.
  • A girl undresses to bra and panties while two men watch. No nudity shown.
  • A man thrusts against a girl. Very brief and nothing is shown (they are both clothed).
  • A girl kneels before a man; oral sex is assumed but nothing is seen. He climaxes and she spits something - implied to be semen, saying "not in my mouth".
  • A girl strips down and remains naked for a few seconds (we see her bare butt).
  • A girl gropes the breasts of a dead girl. No nudity.
  • A girl touches herself sexually. She is moaning and nipples are shown.
  • A guy and a girl have rough sex. Mostly foreplay, very brief thrusting, no graphic nudity shown (we see the guy's bare chest and back and the girl is wearing a sort of babydoll, then she takes it off but we don't see her breasts).
  • A girl undresses in front of a man and asks him to have sex, but he refuses (her bra is shown).
  • A girl kisses a guy but he stops her.

Violence & Gore

  • This film has only two or three violent sequences, all towards the end, but although not numerous they are lenghty, gruesome, disturbing and very graphic. SPOILERS AHEAD
  • A girl stabs a guy deeply in the stomach with a knife. His intestines begin to spill all out of his body and he tries to put them back in (graphic). He dies, and his body is completely butchered by the girl that killed him, in order to alleviate her getting away with the crime. She first cuts into his elbow, and struggles to cut his arm off. She then uses a butcher knife to completely cut it off. She puts the severed arm in a microwave, then in a blender; afterwards she takes all the flesh out of the arm with a knife, we see pieces falling in the sink as well as the arm's and hand's bones, which then she destroys in the garbage disposal (very bloody and graphic). She pulls more parts of his body off gruesomely: she is implied to cut his head off with a saw (we do not see the cutting, but we see the headless corpse and the severed head), and we see her crashing his rib cage with a baseball bat, with bones and body parts everywhere (very graphic and bloody). The anatomical correctness of this scene makes it extremely graphic and detailed; it the most violent, stomach-turning and disturbing scene in the movie.
  • A girl hits another girl in the face with a baseball bat. She falls to the floor, and we see her bloody and mangled face, her jaw is broken. We see the killer's silhouette's movement and hear the sounds of more smashing afterwards.
  • A girl hits a man with a baseball bat; he hits her in the face, then she shoots him in the chest (onscreen) and then in the head (offscreen).
  • A girl is attacked by a man with a baseball bat and shoots him in the head (blood splatters).
  • A girl shoots a guy in the head (blood is seen).
  • A girl and a guy proceed to make out and have rough sex. She bites his lip and makes his nipple bleed (no blood is seen), and he hits her in the face twice (blood is seen).


  • The F-word is heard frequently, along with minor profanities (Bitch, Jerk, etc.).
  • Many derogatory terms towards women.
  • Many crude sexual references and dialogues.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Heavy drug abuse throughout. Drug dealers are on screen many times and people buy drugs from them. We see a girl snorting cocaine twice. Two girls get drunk and high. Heroine and crack are mentioned.
  • Alcohol is consumed (beer and stronger drinks).
  • Some cigarette smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The gory scenes are extremely graphic and stomach-turning.
  • The main character's behaviour is very violent and disturbing.
  • The last half hour of the film is very intense and violent.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A girl tries to scare another girl and accidentally knocks her off of the roof of a building (we do not see her landing). We later see the girl's mangled body in a hospital, her face and mouth are distorted and bloody (her jaw is said to be broken). She is later suffocated with a pillow.

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