Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby Poster

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Season 1

1 Nov. 2010
Hasn't Hit Me Yet
Mario Lopez and girlfriend Courtney Mazza are three months away from parenthood! But the idea of fatherhood hasn't quite hit Mario yet.
8 Nov. 2010
The Art of Compromise
Mario is all about family so he takes a break from his crazy work schedule to bring his and Courtney's families on a vacation to Mexico.
15 Nov. 2010
Mario's Juggling Act
Mario brings Courtney and friends to the Del Mar racetrack where he must work for Extra, but he hopes to have some fun while he's there. His plan doesn't go over all that gracefully.
22 Nov. 2010
When Is Enough, Enough?
After Courtney winds up in the hospital, the eager parents find out that they can't have sex until her condition is cleared up. Courtney also decides she must lay down the law about Mario's work priorities needing to shift.
29 Nov. 2010
Courtney's Made the Switch
Courtney has gone from being the poster child for the perfect pregnant woman with no ill effects to a hormonal wreck. As a way to blow off steam Mario meets up with the guys and together they come up with a way to help Courtney.
6 Dec. 2010
What Kind of Dad Will I Be?
Mario and Courtney go to the Dr. for another check up and happily find out they can have sex again! This time the doctor introduces them to certain courses that new parents must take before the baby is born.
13 Dec. 2010
To Be There
Once again Mario is torn away from a VERY pregnant Courtney for work purposes. It's the day before the Emmy's and tension around Extra is thick. Will Mario find the balance between tending to his wife and his very busy career?
20 Dec. 2010
Vegas Baby!
Mario heads to Vegas with his boys to present at a big boxing event. Courtney is left behind again but this time it's a week from her due date and she can pop at any moment!
27 Dec. 2010
It's a...
While Mario is in Vegas for work, Mazza is in the hospital and finds out she is going into early labor. Mario has little time before missing the last flight out of Vegas. Will Mario make it in time for the birth of his baby?
3 Jan. 2011
Bringing Home Baby Gia
Mario and Courtney bring baby Gia home from the hospital and just when Mario starts to relax he finds out Extra might be moving to NY. Mario is left wondering if he should uproot his family to NY or possibly lose his job.

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