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First Decent Sy Fy Movie in YEARS
dingo8654 June 2011
I've never played the video game, nor have I ever heard of it (other than the recent TV ads for its latest release) so I can't write much about how authentic or faithful it is to its roots. This, in a sense, is a good thing, since a movie should be able to stand on its own.

'Red Faction: Origins' clearly proves two things. The first is that you don't need gazillions of dollars to make a halfway decent movie. Sure, it will certainly not be an Oscar contender, and it uses plenty of (sometimes soap-operaish) clichés and plot twists - some of which you will likely see miles ahead - but compared to the usual idiotic mess that Sy Fy scrapes up from the bottom of their production barrel, this is actually pretty good! It has got a fairly interesting and cohesive story that doesn't violate the basic rules of logic, it has engaging actors/characters, serviceable (if rather low-budget) sets and props, and SFX that range from low- to medium-TV quality. Brian J. Smith is proving himself again to be a reliable performer, Danielle Nicolet is fairly good, and there is a whole host of well- and semi-well-known actors who offer up (mostly) solid work - though the characters as written don't necessarily offer much to work with.

The other thing this movie proves is that Sy Fy is obviously capable of producing SF B-movies of reasonable quality - which means all the crud they have been pushing unto the long-suffering fans for nearly a decade is not by accident; they must be doing them on purpose. And this thought, frankly, is both depressing and maddening.

If you are an SF fan, 'Red Faction: Origins' is well worth watching. Again, not in the same class as 'Dune' or some other, more polished efforts, and SyFy sure as heck didn't invest more money in it than the absolute minimum they could get away with, but it is solid Sunday afternoon/evening entertainment. In short: the first SyFy movie in a decade or so that didn't send me into screaming fit of rage over SyFy Channel's industrialized incompetence.
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For SyFy channel, not that bad
mike-ryan4552 September 2011
First, I had never heard of the Red Factions game before reviewing this movie. I'm looking at it as a stand alone SciFi movie from SyFy Channel. I'm a sucker for Grade B Science Fiction movie so it looked worth trying.

For SyFy Channel, it wasn't that bad. There was no ridiculous monster eating damsels in distress. The special effects were adequate, but with CGI computer horsepower these days it doesn't take much. The sets and much of the production team were Bulgarian, but this is SyFy channel and you expect the best in Bulgarian film making. The actors were OK, but that's rarely the problem with these movies. What's usually the problem with SyFy Channel movies is the script, and that was kind of OK. Not an immortal classic but you didn't cringe.

I give it a fair six. It's worth seeing on a slow afternoon with a pizza.
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Good game movie and a good syfy movie
warriorscot2 September 2011
While not strictly faithful to the game its still close enough to be relevant(think Dune movies vs. Books) and captures the theme of the games pretty well. And its not as if the games have such a fantastic story to begin with, at least not the newer titles.

This movie has some great actors from US and UK sci-fi shows and they all do a pretty good job. Certainly you will have seen them all put on better performances but they are all capable actors. The story was pretty good although it would have been just as good a movie set during the time frame of the games and opened up a potential franchise of decent TV movies or miniseries.

Certainly worth watching for fans of the game and its a great example that just because its a game doesn't mean the movie has to suck. Yes I am talking to you Herr Boll. And as a standalone movie it is brilliant even better considering it is a TV movie. And its by far the best syfy movie I have seen in a long time if ever and if it had more budget it could certainly have had a successful theatre release.

A solid movie and an excellent watch, its pretty much a 6 but I gave it a 7 for being an example of a game adaptation done right and some favourite actors having good parts.
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Decent Syfy Movie!
tonyjag196 June 2011
Enjoyed Red Faction. Most Syfy original movies have a lot to be desired. This movie is the exception. Good acting, as well as a good plot, helped. Nothing too hard to follow, yet, I was a bit confused at first when it came to all the players involved (Red Faction, Marauders, EDF) and how they intertwined. Once I understood the relations, I was good to go! Nice plot twists, though nothing too startling. The special effects were also acceptable for a low budget flick. The director did a nice job as well. None of that "for the sake of the art" crap, just good, solid direction. The actors weren't wooden and had appeal. Danielle Nicolet is beautiful!

I hope they make a sequel.
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A decent Sci-Fi from the SyFy Channel...
paul_haakonsen17 August 2013
Not having played any of the Red Faction games, I am not really up to speed about the various factions, the history or the lore of this particular setting. However, watching the movie without this predetermined knowledge, the movie turned out to be a good enough Sci-Fi movie.

The effects in the movie were adequate. This is a SyFy Channel original movie, after all. The effects did what they were supposed to do, and that was it. Don't expect dazzling multi-million dollar CGI effects here. But still, it worked in the way it was supposed to. However, the costumes and uniforms were really a nice touch, I liked those. And the feeling there was to Mars was alright, although it could have been a bit more detailed and have more atmosphere added to make the audience believe that the movie actually did take place on the red planet.

Storywise, then "Red Faction: Origins" was alright as well, it had a good story that had a continual flow to it, and the storyline was easy to follow and had a good amount of key characters to it without becoming a messy result.

The actors and actresses in the movie were also doing good jobs with their given roles and characters.

All in all, then "Red Faction: Origins" is a good and entertaining movie if you like the Sci-Fi genre. Sure, it is not "Star Wars" or "Star Trek", but in its own right, it does make for a good addition to the Sci-Fi genre.

"Red Faction: Origins" get a 5 out of 10 rating from me. Just because a movie is based on a computer game doesn't necessarily make it a bad experience.
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Underrated and unappreciated.
homeofthefalcon13 December 2011
First off it is important to note that this is a fairly low budget production - a made for TV-movie (Wikipedia info: feature-length science fiction television movie pilot produced by Universal Media Studios and UFO Films debuting on SyFy, it is the first film based on the Red Faction series of video games.)

When you know this, you are aware that the CGI effects might not be avatar crisp, and they aren't! However - they are far above what i had expected, and the story is surprisingly believable. There are a few lose ends, like the reasoning behind some decisions made by various people throughout the movie, but never the less, i have seen plenty of A-list movies where the storyline are way more scrambled and nonsensical than this one.

The general level of the acting is quite good. Especially Brian J. Smith - whom you might know as Lieutenant Matthew Scott from the TV series SG Universe, and Danielle Nicolet has a very solid performance.

The best way to describe this movie, IMO, is a mix between Dune, Star Wars and the feeling you get when playing the game. (And Fallout 3 / new Vegas) Gritty feel, good vs. evil and sci-fi elements... good stuff :-D

I would tell everyone who likes the game, enjoys sci-fi, or likes a good adventure story with a classic "one man and his struggle to make everything right"-frame, to give this movie a chance.

The good: Solid acting Good story A Game-to-movie attempt above the normal standard It's a sci-fi....! :-D

The bad: Sub par CGI compared to A-list movies - but not horrible at all! A few actors who "feels like" B-actors A few plot holes, non to major though

I came into this movie thinking it was another Uwe Boll experience, but i was presently by what Michael Nankin had done with this movie and it's limited budget. It only gets a 7/10 from me, because it does have some of the "made for TV" characteristics, but for what it is, it is one of the best ever!
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Surprisingly Good
claudio_carvalho5 January 2013
After 200 years of tyranny in Mars, the EDF (Earth Defense Force) is defeated by the alliance Red Faction formed by the Colonies with the Marauders led by Alec Mason (Robert Patrick). However the alliance is broken when Alec's wife Sam (Sarah Brown) and his daughter Lyra are murdered by the Marauders. However his ten-year-old son Jake claims that white soldiers have killed his mother.

In the present days, Jake Mason (Brian J. Smith) is a soldier from the Red Faction and Alec is a drunken troublemaker. Jake is assigned to retrieve the technology of the EDF Battleship Hydra will crash on a neutral zone with Tess (Danielle Nicolet). However he finds that white soldiers have arrived first and they get the Hydra. Jake attacks one of the soldiers and finds that she is his sister Lyra (Tamzin Merchant). When he returns to the Colony, nobody believes in his words.

Jake decides to find Lyra and deserts the Red Faction. He crosses the Marauder territory to reach Asimov, where he believes he may find a clue of the location of his sister. Along his journey, he teams-up with Tess and the Marauders Leo (Devon Graye) and Corvallis (Gordon Kennedy). Soon they discover that the white soldiers belong to the EDF and their leader plans a war between the Red Faction and the Marauders led by the Matriarch Omaya (Kate Vernon).

"Red Faction: Origins" is a surprisingly good Sy-Fy movie, with a solid story and great cast. The status quo of the Martian society divided in Red Faction and Marauders is presented too soon and rushed and fortunately I saw this movie on DVD and I repeated the explanation to understand how these people and EDF are entwined. I believe that some of the bad reviews in IMDb belong to viewers that have not understood the story. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Facção Vermelha: Origens" ("Red Faction: Origins")
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not terrible but not great either..
rod19846 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
first I just want to say this movie is not terrible but it is not great either. When I heard the developers say they are going to make a movie and it wont be animated like the dead space movies are, that it is going to be live action, it got my attention.. Then when they say syfy will air it on a Saturday night, that's when I got a pit in my stomach.. Everyone knows any film that debuts on syfy on Saturday nights is nothing but trash. Still I gave it a shot and a few things bothered me. The Matriarch of the marauders, who is she? her and Alec mason obviously know each other, shes not Sasha because Sasha is dead and obviously not Samonya. The next thing is, for a movie based on a series of games that's nothing but blowing crap up, the movie is lacking a lot of action scenes. There are a few take downs here and there and a couple hand to hand fights and maybe one shoot out but seriously the movie needed much more action scenes for it to be called red faction.

As for the story, this may contain spoilers here, We are following Jake mason, the son of Alec mason who has joined red faction and is on a personal quest to find his little sister that was kidnapped by a group of white soldiers when they were kids, while on his quest he discovers something much more is at stake than his sister's well being. They say this movie was suppose to bridge the gap between guerrilla and Armageddon but it doesn't, it is more of a spin off of the main storyline, if anything we get to see the major villain in Armageddon of who he was in his younger years and why he is so crazy in the game, other than that, has nothing to do with the events following Armageddon. The acting itself was decent, somethings annoyed me that i felt was a waste of time, it the scene where Jake asked the girl to distract the guard by taking off her shirt, I thought that was unnecessary b/c if you were in a life or death situation, would you start making jokes about showing your chest to a trained cold blood killer hoping he would be distracted? The girl herself was just an annoying character all together.

So basically we have a decent story with decent acting with some unnecessary jokes at a very wrong time, not much action scenes, what else is there// oh yes I am sorry I forgot to mention. I thought the environment was awesome in this movie. We only got to see the bad lands and Eos but thought it was pretty cool and the special effects were much better than most syfy movies, not the usual megashark versus robot octopus or whatever the heck that garbage is called. The spaceships exteriors and interiors were pretty cool, the explosions we did have looked nice, I say the special effects they used were about medium range in quality. The red faction uniforms I felt were awesome, i got very excited when I saw Jake mason pull up in a real looking red faction uniform outside of a video game. Well yes, I guess that's about it, the movie is average at best, not for everyone so I expect to see a lot of people hating it right off the bat
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ksa-gooding21 February 2013
I wanted to like this film but it just would not let me. I find it excessively annoying that other reviewers compared it to games that I have never played or ever will. I wanted the movie to stand on its own merits. Battling the forces of nature on Mars is intriguing but battling the same old bad guys is not. The only recognizable actor was an aged and bloated Robert Patrick (Terminator 2). The rest were a bunch of strangers. This is a futuristic tale about a young brother and sister separated during a raid but the grown up brother finally finds grown up sister in the clutches of a maniac (with the requisite black eye patch). Brother gets sister back and patches up the conflict between the factions. Snore!
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A decent SyFy movie? Now there's a surprise!
TheLittleSongbird3 July 2012
Now that is not to say that all SyFy movies are bad. A couple of tolerable, however a lot of them are bad, awful even. Red Faction: Origins isn't just the best SyFy movie I've seen in like a quarter of a year but also one of their better overall movies. Perfect it is not, but compared to the likes of Titanic II, Quantum Apocalypse and 2010:Moby Dick it is definitely watchable. Visually, it is mostly acceptable. The special effects are not really all that great, lacking finesse in how they look, though they have been far worse in quality before and since. However, the scenery is quite striking and the editing is not the choppy quality that I have often seen from SyFy. The music score does give some tension as well, much more driven than usual and a little more subtly used. The script does have moments of corniness, though again nowhere near as stilted or as aimless as before or since, while the story while not the most original on the block for once doesn't give the sense that you know what is going to happen when you shouldn't do, it's crisply paced rather than dull and there are some goof twists and turns. Although I did find the sister character irritating, the rest of the characters are much more likable and less stereotypical than those of the SyFy creature and disaster movies. The acting is also not award-worthy, but better than average with everybody especially the leads visibly trying to give further credibility and on the most part succeeding. Overall, definitely one of their better efforts. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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setojurai4 June 2011
While they got the set pieces correct and the outfits as well as props where lovingly detailed, the plot line seems to completely deviate from what is already established in the Red Faction series. Anyone who's played the games and is a fan of the series will soon be What The at this movie. Characters have been seriously changed, factions have been seriously altered, and some of the canon established history has been completely rewritten in a very Uwe Boll fashion.

Bring your Suspenders of Disbelief for this one, and make sure they're titanium laced to withstand the strain. If you're a fan, don't watch it, you'll just go into nerd-rage territory.

For a movie called Red Faction: Origins, I'd expect this to be Parker's story, not Post Alex Mason. How is getting very close to the FOURTH GAME in the series an "origins" story?
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Waste Of Time
gchans6 June 2011
Just skip it. It only rips off a thousand other B movies and star trek. Nothing original, interesting or anything worth wasting your time. Boring plot, cheap acting and cheesy special effects. An elite society of Nazi types wants to control all of Mars in the future while an underdog society only want to live in peace. Plenty of fights and battles based on misunderstandings and misinformation. A better movie would be worth your time to watch again is Total Recall. Alas, I've seen that at lease 1,000 times. A family is split up and the hero must go on a journey to find them and reunite with the family. I think even just playing the game would be much more satisfying. A better movie to watch which is based on a video game would be DOOM.
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Pure rubbish!
stewart_post14 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This has got to be the worst movie i have ever seen. And it dose not deserve a fraction of the title "Red Faction". It has nothing to do with the game, other then the names they use for the factions in the movie.

The acting is clumsy and unrealistic. It looks like something from a halfhearted school play, along with the special effects. The cut scenes are terrible, just, terrible. The storyline is rushed and pure rubbish. Like the movie could not end quick enough. You know the movie before you have even seen it.

I will not recommend Red Faction: Origins to anyone. For you that just wants to see it, because you played Red Faction, and think it was awesome. Save it. Save yourself the waste of time. Go slam your head into a wall for 1,5hour to get a more pleasureful experience!
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Complete disappointment
kyloth7 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I had hoped this would be something good relative to its budget.

I was wrong.

If you liked the Red Faction series up to Guerilla please don't watch this.

The characters make no sense, and their development is utter rubbish. The lines are just like prunes falling from a dying tree. The plot disturbed me. Not only it uses the "Mason" name on its primary character, it brings a tremendously disappointing course of action.

This was said to fill the gap between Guerilla and Armageddon. In RF: Armageddon, Adam Hale is a rogue Marauder priest. In this movie, not only he is a colonist kidnapped by the EDF, brainwashed and made an EDF lieutenant... he also dies, when Alec Mason goes kamikaze on his ship. Yes.. he dies before the story in the game begins. And the errors never stop..

One may not be allowed to wonder how bad this movie is. Just by pure thought one could get great headaches.

This movie was very bad. My head hurts.

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Rubbish, garbage, trash and other stuff.
CronosC411 January 2012
I have never wrote a review on a movie and I am not going to start. So this is more of a warning. A warning to warn folks of the horrible story and pure boredom you will experience in this time waster. You could find better fan created movies on youtube.

If you have ever watched one of Uwe Boll's flicks and dogged him for their creation, watching Red Faction:origins will make you think twice before calling another one of Boll's movies crap. Red Factions: Origins, makes Uwe Boll's films look like block buster hits that deserve a Oscar.

You may think that this movie is free to watch, but its will never get the time you spent watching it back. Spend your time washing your dog or something else that will be more exciting.
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paulgo-74-4880637 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
WHY BOTHER???? Did the game designers pay for this to be made? LOW budget...dreadful acting. Predictable plot. It's not even a B's a D! NOTHING like the game. A good movie makes you feel as if you are there and engages the viewer in the story. Mars was totally unbelievable. CGI was totally unbelievable.

"Jake"...WHY are they always Jake? ONE MAN....ONE SHIP...ONE WORLD! Only HE can save them! Will he find his long lost sister? Will he live to see his father die? There's really not much else I can say about this dreadful piece of crap. I would just be typing for the sake of it,so I won't go on anymore.
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Like most movies based on games - it sucks
demolman7 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I get the conception of clogging TV program between commercials, but for the love of anything or everything - please don't base them on games. In the years that have passed only a few (like 2 or 3) movies would go as "not bad". All the other are crap. This one is no different.

First of all. the title - Red Faction: Origins. Origins set up 20 years after the end of third game and that would be around 70 years after original origins originated. Using trendy under-title aside, there are no origins depicted, the main hero - Jake - is non-existent in original game's world.

Second - budget - something around two beers and a pizza would it seem. Watching BBC advert interrupters aren't better on plot level, but CGI is way better done. Damn, Discovery Channel and National Geographic put more effort in their stuff. RF:O leaves that feeling like all CGI was done by one guy for a bag of chips.

Thirdly, the plot. Overall feeling is like they've got an idea for a three hours long epic struggle between lone abandoned hero and super-secret militaristic evil organization and then just drop random portions of that story so it wouldn't be that long and boring. As a result, there are some characters (those who played the third game might recognize two or three of them, by the name, because no-one is even close in appearance department), some locations, two main factions, taken from the third game plus one aforementioned super-secret-remnants-of-the-third-game's-other-main-faction that for reasons unknown did endure for 20 years being somewhere in the middle between two main factions without anybody noticing. Mixed in one bucket, flavored with as much suspense as watching an egg boil can give, the total effect is a drink that will hurt your brain cells.

Lastly, acting. Robert Patric aside (I got the feeling that he actually tried for a bit, but after a while seemed to stopped bother) it's abysmal. Worse than abysmal. Using bowling pins with dubbing would give similar effect, and would save one of the beers from the movie budget.

After that you're probably wondering why did I vote 4/10? Simply because I like the Red Faction universe quite much and I can switch my "that was different in the game" point of view for a period of watching a movie. If you can't - rate it at 2/10 (2 being for R.Patrick's effort).
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schizophrenic accuracy. That's all I can say.
ironmaiden5119021 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The feeling of this movie was spot on. I have been a hardcore follower of all of Volition's work. S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Red Faction, the works. However, getting the correct "feeling" of a movie is not enough for it to be enjoyable. Basically I feel that, not only was the beginning premise (retrieving sorely needed tech from the HYDRA) rather difficult to believe, seeing as the Red Faction is a group of people who were high-tech miners, scientists, and more.

After watching this movie, i find myself griping about many small things. Singularity bombs are incredibly rare things, not available to "every marauder to carry with them wherever they go." The division of the factions' territory is.. Interesting, to say the least. The marauders are a faction of scientists. They garbed themselves in savage clothing, not hobo-gear, in order to scare people away from their sacred grounds. They are NOT power hungry, they are not looking for more land. Finally, (and most importantly) I am angered by the fact that these writers seemed to mash S.T.A.L.K.E.R. into the game. Anomalies? Really? A monolith-esque secret division of the EDF? Please. Do some work on your own.

A lot of this movie is small little things that make me smile, make me sad, and a huge mixture between them. Needless drama, love interests, things like that are expected. Unfortunately, I found that the lore and canon was slightly... How shall I put this lightly.. seriously messed with. There is nothing else for me to say.
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Gee, you call this----the future?
rightwingisevil30 April 2012
the budget obviously was so limited that they have to rent a refinery to shoot the movie. sometimes, the setting was just like an abandoned steel factory. why the future looked so bleat and dreary? all the machines were just so out-dated old and primitive, the armors they wore were either funny or useless rubberized plastic molds. shin protectors also looked like the ancient roman soldiers' footwear, not even better than soccer players' shin shields. the acting were so bad, especially that young actress who played the sister role. the screenplay was so bad, sometimes it seemed like watching young Robin Hood with his monk friend. the British production simply looked so pathetic.
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