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2010: Moby Dick DVD Review

  • HeyUGuys
The Asylum generally tackle recent releases with their line in mockbusters but here they have decided to adapt classic literature with a modernised take on Moby Dick. Although the 2010 in the title might suggest a reference to the update to present day The Asylum have freely admitted that this actually has more to do with gaming the VOD system.

2010: Moby Dick begins with Ahab’s (Barry Bostwick) first encounter with the five-six hundred foot whale in 1969. Taking down the submarine that Ahab is serving on the whale tears it in two, ripping off Ahab’s leg in the process. Flash forward to 2010 and Ahab is the captain of a state of the art submarine and intent on exacting vengeance on the whale that took his leg. In order to track it down he enlists the help of scientist and whale call expert Michelle (Renee O’Connor). Michelle’s character
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