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  • The Pritzker Military Museum & Library is a non-partisan, non-profit research library and museum in Chicago, with a collection that is open to the public. The mission of the Pritzker Military Museum & Library is to acquire and maintain an accessible collection of materials and develop appropriate programs focusing on the Citizen Soldier in the preservation of democracy. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Pritzker Military Museum & Library produces about fifty programs per year in front of a live audience in Chicago. These events are webcast live on the Internet, made available as audio podcasts, and edited for television and broadcast on local PBS stations: WYCC (Channel 20), WTTW (Channel 11), and WTTW-Prime (Channel 11-2). Programs feature authors, historians, Medal of Honor recipients, and panel discussions on current military issues. The institution's goal is to make these programs easily accessible to as many people as possible. Edit (Coming Soon)


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