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A.J. Cook: Jennifer Jareau



  • Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : [voiceover] 

    [quoting her exit interview] 

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : I'm thankful for my years spent with this family, for everything we shared, every chance we had to grow. I'll take the best of them with me and lead by their example wherever I go. A friend told me to be honest with you, so here it goes. This isn't what I want, but I'll take the high road. Maybe it's because I look at everything as a lesson, or because I don't want to walk around angry, or maybe it's because I finally understand. There are things we don't want to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn, and people we can't live without but have to let go.

  • Aaron Hotchner : Strauss wanted you to fill this out.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : Exit interview. A-are you kidding me?

    Aaron Hotchner : She's big on procedure. Just be honest. I was hoping I could do something about this. And I'm sorry I couldn't.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : I know.

    [looking out at the rest of the team in the bullpen] 

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : How am I supposed to tell them I'm leaving when I don't want to go?

    Aaron Hotchner : The brass is really, really good at taking power away. It makes them feel like they're in charge.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : That sounds like a profile.

    Aaron Hotchner : You're gonna be much better off than any of us, you know that? I'll miss you.

  • Penelope Garcia : Okay, no that's... I'm supposed to say that this is a great opportunity, which it is. I don't know the way this place works without you. You're like the glue around here. Who's gonna make us feel safe?

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : There's plenty of big, strong men around.

    Penelope Garcia : See that, right there? Your total ignorance of how awesome you are is one of the 5,000 things I love about you.

  • Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : [opening quotation]  Jean Racine said "A tragedy need not have blood and death. It's enough that it all be filled with that majestic sadness that is the pleasure of tragedy."

  • Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : I have given it thought. I'm not interested.

    Erin Strauss : Clearly. You turned down the job twice without consulting your unit chief.

    Aaron Hotchner : Agent Jareau is under no obligation to discuss it with me.

    Erin Strauss : If the Pentagon calls one of your team members, you should know about it.

  • Erin Strauss : Why didn't you tell Agent Hotchner that you turned down the position?

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : I never wanted it to get this far because...

    Erin Strauss : Because you know it's a better job.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : Because I don't want to leave this one.

  • Erin Strauss : You've been here for six years.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : Nearly seven, ma'am.

    Erin Strauss : Change is good. And from what I understand, there's less travel with this position. You could stay home with Henry.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : [insulted]  Excuse me?

    Erin Strauss : I understand the sacrifices.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : I do what I love. It's made me a better person, a better mother. Any "sacrifices" I have made have been for my family. I don't have a single regret.

    Aaron Hotchner : We're all in agreement that Agent Jareau's a valuable member of this team, and it's understandable why the Executive Branch is requesting a transfer. However, if Agent Jareau respectfully declines their request, there's no way you can make her go.

  • Aaron Hotchner : JJ. Pentagon?

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : Sorry I didn't tell you.

    Aaron Hotchner : It's okay. It's just... it's a big deal. A liaison for the Department of Defense, it's a major promotion. Are you sure you don't want this?

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : Hotch, I belong here.

  • David Rossi : [the team tries to look busy as JJ leaves Hotch's office]  You'd think profilers would cover better than that, wouldn't you?

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : You read up on the suspects?

    David Rossi : Presents like the typical dominant/submissive, but I doubt it's that textbook.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : Well, we only got one shot at this.

  • Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : I got this offer from the Pentagon. I turned it down twice. I never told Hotch or Strauss.

    Derek Morgan : And now Strauss wants you to take it.

    [JJ nods] 

    Derek Morgan : Well, of course she does. It'll make her look good if you get promoted.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : I don't trust her for a second.

    Emily Prentiss : You shouldn't. What does Hotch think?

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : He knows I don't want to go.

    Emily Prentiss : Well, then you won't.

  • Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : Kate Joyce, nineteen years old, was last seen leaving a bar with these two men, Sydney Pearson and James Barrett, both twenty years old. She was reported missing the next morning when she didn't meet her friends. That was almost three days ago.

    David Rossi : Their story is they dropped Kate at the motel, but there were no cameras to confirm that.

    Aaron Hotchner : And Search and Rescue's been all over the island.

    Dr. Spencer Reid : Dragged the inlet and they found absolutely nothing.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : Both said they had sex with Kate. They're claiming it was consensual.

    Emily Prentiss : There's no way to confirm. There's no body.

    Derek Morgan : I doubt it was consensual.

    David Rossi : We've got to prove they're guilty of more than just being seen with her.

    Derek Morgan : Well, the police weren't able to find any holes in their stories. So we're gonna have to break them down psychologically.

    Aaron Hotchner : Morgan, I want you and Prentiss to lead the interrogation. Dave, you and Reid start at the bar. JJ, Kate Joyce's family is still at the station.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : Still? For three days?

    Aaron Hotchner : They never went to the hotel. I want you to stay with them.

  • Detective Mathias : They haven't left. The mayor personally set them up with a penthouse suite at the Harrison Grand, but they won't go.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : They can't. You're their only source of information. To be even a minute away would add to their torture.

    Detective Mathias : I've kept them away from the suspects. Now, I don't get why you want them together.

    Aaron Hotchner : Trust me.

  • Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : [looking at family photos of Kate]  Look at her. Has she always been a fish?

    Patty Joyce : We started her out in swim lessons our second summer down here. When was that, Jeff, '95?

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : Who's this? Your son?

    Patty Joyce : Drew.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : So they were on the same swim team, but he looks like he's a few years younger?

    Patty Joyce : Was. He had leukemia.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : I'm so sorry.

    Patty Joyce : Katie was always very protective of him. Hit her the hardest.

  • Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : I know you're trying to make sense of this. Trust me, there is no logic to any of it.

    Jeff Joyce : No. You have no idea, no idea what it's like. Our children were taken from us! And there is nothing you can say that will change that.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : You're right. It's natural to want to blame someone. But right now, you really have to hold on to each other.

  • Patty Joyce : I don't understand why those boys agreed to a polygraph.

    Jeff Joyce : They didn't. They suggested it.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : It's a countermeasure. They're trying to manage perceptions trying to prove they don't have anything to hide.

    Jeff Joyce : They know where Kate is right now.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : Well, we don't know that for sure.

  • David Rossi : We think Kate was comfortable with these guys.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : How? Their only other encounter was at the jet ski rental.

    Dr. Spencer Reid : The only documented encounter.

    David Rossi : Garcia's running her friends' credit cards, too. They could have met someplace else.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : I don't know. She's a smart girl.

    David Rossi : Well, they're handsome, charming, nineteen. You remember nineteen?

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : Well, she would know better than to be outnumbered.

    Emily Prentiss : What if Pearson promised to dump Jim Barrett?

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : And, what, Jim retaliated?

    Emily Prentiss : I could work that theory.

  • Aaron Hotchner : JJ, how are the Joyces doing?

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : They lost their son three years ago. If we can't find Kate...

    Aaron Hotchner : If Kate knew these boys better than we thought, you might want to dig a little.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : Dig?

    Aaron Hotchner : If the family thinks it could help, they may reveal something.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : I know. It's just... they shouldn't have to.

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