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The Mega Shark returns!!
stsinger26 December 2010
After its titanic battle with the Giant Octopus, the world had only one question -- what would happen if the Mega Shark did battle with a 1500 foot giant crocodile? Well, luckily, we know the answer, as "Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus" is finally released!

Easily mistaken for a documentary, this film follows a band of intrepid heroes -- an oceanic sound engineer (played by Jaleel White, yup, "Urkel") who knows about sharks, a drunken hunter who knows about crocodiles, and an uptight FBI agent who is also a helicopter pilot and wears a tight tank top -- as they chase the two monsters around the globe.

The plot is straightforward; while mining diamonds in the Congo, workers unleash a giant crocodile. Meanwhile, the Mega Shark has returned and apparently finds crocodile eggs indescribably delicious. Thus, the tension between the two beasts. The top-of-the-line special effects will blow your mind as we follow the story from Miami Beach to Orlando to California to the Panama Canal. The Mega Shark is up to its old tricks (eating boats, jumping out of the water to attack planes, etc) and the Crocosaurus will live in your nightmares as you watch it trample through cities.

I am certain this film is 100% scientifically accurate, and should be required viewing for anybody who enjoys good, mindless fun and doesn't take things too seriously!
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Be careful!
steve91710 July 2011
After a long time thinking about this movie I came up with two theories about its existence:

1. On some weekend in the early 80's a group of 14-year-olds sneaked into an empty Hollywood studio. Without any clue, script, or skill but a lot of beer and dope they shot this film in a few hours. Afterwards, when sober they figured how disastrous and scary the result was (even for drunk high school kids), and they tried to destroy the tape. But somehow it got into the hands of The Joker who thought it was a powerful weapon of mass destruction if ever published – well, he was wrong, but close.

2. This production was meant to become the worst movie of all time. But it still failed to make it. From the worst movie of all time I definitely expect to have fun watching it. But this one is pure pain – the Joker was not that wrong.

If there wasn't two or three actors I recognized from somewhere else I wouldn't have believed that there was a single film professional involved in this "thing".

My recommendation: Rather use the 88 minutes it takes to watch it, for reading the newspaper from 4 weeks ago. Afterwards you will regret it less.
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Megashark faces off against a prehistoric harbinger of poorly rendered destruction
blackhawx10115 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Everybody's favourite Armour-piercing shell proof shark is back, and its not alone. Accompanied by a 1500-foot long prehistoric harbinger of poorly rendered destruction, the Megashark leads a band of intrepid experts and the US Military on a wild and often confusing romp around the globe. The trouble begins when the Megashark finds something more delicious than US Naval Frigates, namely the eggs laid by the Crocosaurus. As the tension rises between the two pinnacles of Computer Generated Imagery, the US Army plots the annihilation of the two animals, conceiving a plan including 'hydro sonic balls', the Panama Canal, and a whole heap of factual ignorance.

Masterfully dodging precisely-targeted cruise missiles and torpedoes, the pair rack up a significant body count, managing, it seems, to kill some people more than once, owing to the miracle of re-used footage. When the two beasts finally do battle, the US Military apparently prevail, utilising a rather timely volcanic explosion, leaving the two to descend slowly into the abyss. The corpses are never shown, leaving viewers expecting (and perhaps dreading) a sequel.

While it is important to note with this movie that the intention was never to create an action blockbuster, the meta-ironic farce approach the Asylum takes doesn't really do it for this film. Hopefully self-aware, the scripting is clunky, the factual ignorance is inconceivable, and the special effects are non existent. Stuck somewhere between a spoof and a low budget, try-hard blockbuster, this is one to see for those with very low expectations.
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It was horribly bad, but I enjoyed it
vampyrecowboy5 January 2011
Yes, it was ridiculously horribly bad, but some reason, I enjoyed it.

The effects looked cheap - because they were, the acting was overdone - maybe on purpose, the soundtrack was horrible, the camera work and editing was bad, the script was at best horrible. So many parts to this movie did not make any sense.

So why did I like it? With a title like Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus, how could you not? So many clips were reused in piecing this scrap together to make a movie.

It was so bad on so many levels and so stupid, that it was good for that reason alone.

I could only imagine if this had a real budget,. a real script, a real cast and was not the cheap movie that it good would it be? Who would have been in it if it was a Hollywood big budget movie?
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The Name Says It All
Gyroshock9218 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
OK, so last night I wanted to treat myself with a low-budget movie. Luckily, Mega Shark vs "Crocosaurus" was on TV the same night. Just by looking at the name of the movie itself, I know I was in for a real cheese fest.

The characters really don't go together. You have a skipper whose boat was thrashed by the two beasts, a special agent who has the amazing ability to keep a straight robot-like face without ever giving a smile, then you have one of the crewmen from a aircraft carrier who is also out to destroy the two beasts who have been threatening national security. This crewman (Jaleel White) is the only actor I could recognize throughout the whole film. Man, I thought Jaleel was some kind of big actor or something (I first heard of him when he played in Big Fat Liar). Apparently not. The acting isn't very good and it still amazes me how the actors can keep a straight face with all the cheesiness going on. Here and there you get some okay acting.

Near the end, there are so many things going on at the same time. You can't keep track of how many submarines are introduced to you and whether Mega Shark has been killed or just injured Crocosaurus. At one point, I thought Crocosaurus was killed, but then the two creatures were duking it out again.

There are so many things wrong in this film. A lot of plot holes, unexplained situations and not to mention, the overall quality of the special effects. I'm not going to hate on the special effects so much as the other people who have also reviewed this film. If I'm not mistaken, this is a direct-to-video film and was probably made by a very small company. You're not suppose to expect decent special effects. I have a few concerns with the special effects though. Any vehicle bigger than a car (a helicopter, plane, ship) is made from CGI, really bad CGI. So don't expect any car chases or fancy flying. Is it really that expensive to rent a helicopter? Mega Shark and Crocosaurus don't look believable at all. There are also a whole lot of reused scenes. The sets are also not very well constructed. Adding a lot of blue LED lights won't make things look more real.

Don't get me wrong, this film has the ability to entertain you. You'll witness how a man, after being washed out onto a beach, waves his gun at innocent children and cursing them for no valid reason, you'll see how a enormous shark swallows a nuclear-powered submarine (apparently turning the shark into a "nuclear bomb") in one go and how Mega Shark is propelled into the air by a submarine's missile. Pretty hilarious.

If you are willing to turn your mind off for 80 minutes, then I highly recommend this film.
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One star of 10 for quality, 9 of ten for fun!
drewnox8825 April 2011
I guess you need to have movies like this to offset the seriousness of Hollywood sometimes. The title says it all. If you didn't know this was going to be super cheesy then you gotta be dim or something. Thought it was hilariously bad. From the first scenes of the freighter with the tarp and giant fin in the forground (took my 3 views to figure out what was that supposed to be?) to the scene of the order for the Arc Flash going through chain of command -"Yes you heard me right, an arc flash. Thats an order." .....hilarious.

Some of my favorites

The guy gets chomped up by the croc and suddenly the croc collapses and he walks out of the mouth. What did he do in there?

The 1500 croc loaded up (How?) on the flatbed. Must have been a big flatbed.

Croc eating all the whales at one bite


Mega shark jumping up and snatching fighter jets from the air.

The tarps and bailing twine holding down the croc on the ship.
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The title is the clue
Russelldavey323 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
After watching this, erm, film I have only questions.

1. Why did the sailor's girlfriend's watch which was on a bracelet, also fit the boyfriend perfectly who had wrists twice as big?

2. Why did the giant shark keep jumping over the USS Missouri?

3. Why did the NOAA agent not know how to hold a gun and torch at the same time? I've seen this on NCIS etc often. What is NOAA?

4. What is a nuclear arc and why did the workers at the power station send one to Orlando, on one phone call? Could I make a call like that? How did the 'arc' hit the croc and nothing else in Orlando ?

5. Why were baby crocs or was it sharks, attack Santa Monica pier? Why don't they like piers?

6. What accent did the mine boss have? I have never heard an accent in the English language like that.

7. Why was the Australian woman wearing high heals in the middle of the Congo? Had she just arrived from Sydney, and hadn't changed; did she only bring one pair of shoes?

8. Why was a salt water croc living in the middle of Africa?

9. How did that guy know the croc or shark (forgive my confusion, it's all a blur) Was heading for Miami? Are there pre-set shark or croc sea lanes as with ships?

10. Why was the shark scanning the skies for aeroplanes to jump up at?

11. Why did the helicopter crash with the agent left for dead, then it was flying again with the same agent at the controls?

12. How much tranquiliser did it take to subdue the croc the size of a ship?

13. Why didn't the shark leave a bigger wake form its fin?

14. Why did the buildings in Miami look exactly as those in Hawaii?

That's just for starters. Great film though. It's good that they allow children to produce films as practice for when they grow up and want to do it seriously when they are older and actually know stuff.
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So (intentionally) bad it's good.
Tine251 January 2011
Guys, the movie is supposed to be bad. I think the other reviewers here have missed the point entirely. The Asylum is out to mock blockbusters. Titanic II? If you actually think they're trying to be serious, you deserve to be duped.

If Urkel - sorry, Jaleel - had said "did I do that?" after the first action scene (don't want to be a spoiler), I'd have given it a 10/10. It's exactly what you'd expect from these guys - over the top scenes poorly crafted on a short production schedule and low budget.

I'd have liked more battle scenes like in Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. Sort of felt like an hour of building to 20 minutes of battle. Next time, let's see them destroy more stuff. Loved the Canal scene, "I guess you'd better bring your hydrosonic balls," the and the one rope holding the croc down with a tarp. Well played, guys.
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Tries too hard to laugh at itself
MartianOctocretr518 September 2011
SyFy channel's latest gigantic monster movie self-mocking flick, but below-average even for the folks like me who enjoy the kitschy fun of this nonsense.

The shark that butt heads with the big octy a couple of years back has returned (be expecting SyFy to revisit the octy soon, too I would guess), but this time his foe is a big old croc called Crocosaurus. A couple of name actors from '80's and '90's TV shows are in it, and they play the camp as well as possible (the Doc from Voyager and Steve Urkel), but the movie just doesn't have the comic kick to it that's necessary. The lead monsters give it the old college try too, but even the big guys fall victim to a messed up script. I did like the work of the FBI lady, but she was stuck with an overly cliché (but not humorous) character, as was everyone.

Had a few moments, but barely watchable even as a joke.
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Whoever winds we lose, literally.
poolandrews4 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus starts in the Republic of Congo where some diamond miners stumble across some giant Crocodile eggs & awaken a giant prehistoric Crocosaurus that goes on a rampage killing anyone in it's way, big game hunter Nigel Putnam (Gary Stretch) is hired to track Crocosaurus down & kill it but manages to tranquilize it in an effort to keep it alive & make a fortune from it. Meanwhile the US Navy have been busily searching for the carcass of Mega Shark but so far have been unable to locate it, then Mega Shark attacks the US Gibson & the military realise that it didn't die in it's titanic fight with Giant Octopus after all. Now two huge prehistoric predators are loose, a giant Shark & a giant Crocodile, it's up to the US military to kill them both...

Directed by Christopher Ray this is The Asylum's follow up to it's surprise cult hit Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (2009) & once again while the title promises much giant creature feature fun the actual film itself is total crap devoid of any humour, fun or entertainment. Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus is one of those films that has to be seen to be believed, it's just so bad on every level it's cringe worthy. The script is a mess with no sort of logic or subtlety about it, everyone speaks in broad sweeping statements, the attempts at character's development are embarrassing & the film makes no sense at all. Even though Mega Shark survived the last film there's no explanation behind the appearance of Crocosaurus or it's origin, was it stuck in that diamond all these years? Why not show itself before? Then there are scenes that just defy logic or reason, the part when Crocosaurus appears to eat Putnam but then spits him back out before collapsing for no apparent reason is a real head scratching moment, the way Mega Shark manages to grab a torpedo in it's mouth & jump out of the water, the way that helicopter crashes but then that woman manages to get it working again & get it flying, the way the two heroes at the end set off to battle Mega Shark & Crocosaurus in a small rubber dinghy & the idea that Mega Shark eating a nuclear submarine then make him a nuclear bomb is just plain absurd. There are many moments that defy any logic or sense, why did Putnam jump off the ship? How did he end up on the beach not far from his favourite bar? There's some nonsense about Crocosaurus laying hundreds of eggs in a matter of hours & underwater Volcanoes but it still seems odd that the might of the military can't keep track of or kill these two creatures. Why not try to poison them if their skin is so tough? Also what happened to the baby Crocosaurus monsters that hatched? Mega Shark & Crocosaurus are killed at the end but what about the baby ones that everyone seemed so worried about? They are completely forgotten about. Keep watching after the end credits as there's an extra scene in which Putnam is called away to Japan because of a giant lizard in an obvious reference to Godzilla. At 88 minutes long Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus feels like it goes on forever with endless footage set in a helicopter cockpit of the three main character's talking & inside a ship's control room as the poor actor's try to add some dramatic weight to the terrible CGI effects that are randomly spliced between them. This is just terrible, there's no fun to be had here at all & just like The Asylum this piece of crap is purely to cash-in on another film (unusually for The Asylum, one of their own though) & make money.

As expected the CGI computer effects are absolutely terrible, were they done by some random nine year old on his mom & dad's home PC? Maybe. The showpiece of Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus should have been the final climactic showdown between the two title creatures but even this is total crap, there's a bit of biting & tail slapping but otherwise you will have forgotten all about it by the time the credits have stopped rolling. There's no blood or gore apart from one severed arm & the one single likable character in the entire thing is killed off too quickly. Mega Shark seems to change size between shots while there's a badly edited scene in which Mega Shark & Crocosaurus are seen washed up fighting in the middle of a city but then in the next shot are back out at sea. This is just poor filmmaking from start to finish, no-ones heart seems in it & you can't blame them really.

Shot in Los Angeles this thing looks cheap with terrible CGI, dull locations & cheap sets. The acting is bad, the attractive blonde bird who contacts Putnam & then gets killed off was quite fun & she seemed to be trying to inject some humour into her role but like I said she is killed off too quickly to leave the rest of the untalented cast to sleepwalk though the turgid dialogue & ridiculous situations.

Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus again has a great title & could have been fun in the right hands, the hands of filmmakers who cared & had at least some talent but in the hands of the folk at The Asylum this is just one big disaster & it just awful from start to finish.
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Bad doesn't even start to describe this movie.
paul_haakonsen23 December 2010
Oh my God, how did this movie ever come to be? Who in their right mind had the idea to make a sequel to the "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus" movie? Who had the idea to sit down and make this actually come to the screen? Alright, well where to start? ... You know from the title alone that this movie is going to suck horribly, and yet here I was watching it. There was just a tiny flicker of hope that the movie would be an improvement to the "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus" movie that came before "Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus". But no, that was not to be the case. This movie was equally bad.

First of all, the CGI effects were horrible and lousy to look at. This is 2010, and still there are effects that look like something that came from the 1980's is happening on the screen. How can this be? Can't the people making the movie see how fake and pathetic it looks? Or are they blinded by the sheer excitement to see their movie actually making it out as a 'direct to DVD' release? Then we have the story, or rather lack thereof. You have a crocodile the size of a skyscraper, that have apparently been living inside a mountain for God only knows how many years. Alright, hold it, back it up right there. How did a creature this size get into a mountain? And how did it managed to find food in there? Then there is the equally big Megalodon shark that apparently has been swimming around our oceans unnoticed for years, and it apparently is smart enough to jump over ships and attack them by flapping its tail against the hull of the ship. Yeah, okay...

Throughout the movie, you are introduced to more ridiculous stuff, such as how they managed to load a crocodile that size onto a truck in the middle of the jungle. Or why a man washed up on a beach, having survived the attack of two gargantuan monsters, would be waving his gun at small children and yelling at them. What the... There is just so many levels of wrong in that scene.

Then, lets move on to the cast. First up we have Jaleel White, wow. That guy will never be able to shed his Steven Urkel skin. I couldn't look past that, and I kept waiting for him to go "did I do that?" He was so wrongly cast for this movie. Then there was Sarah Lieving in the role of special agent Hutchinson, whom apparently believed agents are drones who all seem to have something stuck up a certain place. Her performance was like watching a robot. It was so bad. Actually, most of the performances in the movie were half-hearted, though every once in awhile there would be a glimpse of acting on the screen.

The best part in the movie, was that they had actually put some effort into the sets and decorations. And a follow-up to that, the movie cover was actually not that bad to look at, it just turned out to be a somewhat interesting teaser for a really bad movie.

"Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus" is just another sad attempt at cashing in on the gargantuan monster movie genre, and it is a horrible attempt at best. I didn't actually manage to sit through the entire movie. I gave up in frustration about just a bit over halfway through it. I just couldn't take anymore of that kind of self-torture.

I wouldn't know who to recommend this movie to, except for maybe people who sit up at 3.30 in the night and have nothing better to watch. Perhaps you should give this movie a go if that is you, it might just be good for a few laughs. Who knows?

This is a movie that I will try to erase from my memory. Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow. And honestly, despite it was a bad movie as well, then "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus" was actually a lot better than this sequel.
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Mega Piranha was a fluke, apparently
zetes26 December 2010
Okay, in my defense: these Asylum movies can be fun, as Mega Piranha, which came out near the beginning of the year, clearly showed (it was even better than the sorta amusing theatrical release Piranha 3D). I'm going to get in trouble if I keep watching these hoping they hit that so-bad-it's-good sweet spot again. This one's painfully bad. The Asylum needs to spend a few bucks storyboarding their action sequences. Their effects may be cheap, but they don't have to be incomprehensible. Their gimmick star this time around is Jaleel White, i.e. Urkel. Also the guy who was the hologram doctor in Star Trek Voyager. There're a couple of laughs, but this is one of the suckiest movies I've ever seen.
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Nothing short of perfect
DrJekyl_and_SamHyde27 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
To say this film is perfect would be an understatement. From the flawless acting, incredible CGI and impeccable script (my personal favourite section of dialogue being: -If they miss! If they hit a volcanic feature! -Then all of Hawaii will be devastated.) it is easy to see why this is claiming a spot on SyFy's prestigious listing of films that it boasts as part of it's TV Guide. Now if you are in for a fun filled ride that involves repeated shots of a giant crocodile (it claims crocosaurus, but its just a giant crocodile, the one flaw in this film) and a Megaldon 69ing ('fighting') whilst people jump between submarine to helicopter to discuss it, then this is without a doubt the film for you.
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So much better than the first!
Raptor-the-amazing10 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, I never thought I would say this... The sequel was better than the original! Yes, the effects are laughably silly, the acting is poor and it has no plot, but that's why you love it! This time instead of a 'Giant Octopus' we have 'Crocosaurus' (A huge crocodile) and somehow the megalodon has come back from the dead... (Don't try to figure it out.) So now we've got another super-heavyweight champion monster showdown. I watched this thing on the 'Space' channel and was cracking up at how bad it was. If I had to tell you whether to watch 'Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus' or 'Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus', I would tell you 'Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus' and not have a second thought on that. If you were a fan of 'Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus' and you have not seen this, go check it out! I can guarantee you you're gonna love it.
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If You Want Citizen Kane Look Somewhere Else
Michael_Elliott24 December 2010
Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus (2010)

** (out of 4)

When MEGA SHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS became a huge hit you just knew The Asylum would follow it up. This film here is just as campy but it actually manages to be somewhat better due to some better written characters and a nice performance by Gary Stretch playing an Indiana Jones-like croc hunter. The "story" pretty much has the 1500-ft. crocodile wanting to protect her eggs from the mega shark who wants to eat them. The humans have to find a spot for them to do an epic battle. If you pay a $1 from your Redbox like I did for a movie called MEGA SHARK VS CROCOSAURUS then you should know very well that you're not renting a film by Orson Welles. I'm still shocked at how many people rent or buy a movie like this then get upset that they're not watching something they can compare to GONE WITH THE WIND. Look, if you're going to waste time watching a movie like this then it's best to realize that you're watching a "C" production from a minor company who specializes in making silly, bad movies that get released direct-to-DVD. If this was fifty years ago then this would be playing as a double-feature with FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER or BRIDE OF THE MONSTER but today we get it this way. This movie contains some of the worst CGI you're ever going to see unless you're watching another film from The Asylum but when it's this bad there's really no point in trying to figure out which is the worst. There are a couple scenes here where CGI helicopters are flying so close that their blades are obviously touches each others yet nothing ever happens. As with the previous film you get all sorts of campy scenes including one where the shark comes up from beneath the submarine, picks it up and flies through the air with it. The crocodile CGI is without question the weakest as it comes off very blurry throughout the movie and you have to wonder why they made it look this way when she's clearly one of the stars of the film. So, how is the big fight? It's not too bad but then again there's really not too much you can do when a shark fights a croc. The battle between the two is pretty fun but the bigger highlight is when the croc goes on shore in Miami and does damage to several familiar places and he even visits Sea World where Shamu doesn't stand a chance. The performances are pretty much what you'd expect in a film like this but I thought Stretch actually delivered a fun performance and he certainly kept the film moving. There's no question this is a bad movie but thankfully there's enough camp and silly action to at least keep it entertaining for the most part. At just under 90-minutes the film runs way too long and The Asylum really needs to understand that these type of films are better when they don't cross the 75-minute mark.
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Fun and horrible at the same time!
jennifer-25-96523130 July 2011
What do you get when you combine a sweaty, dirty guy whose favorite pastime is sexually harassing women, a hot female secret service agent who needs some serious counselling in anger management and Urkel, all combat styled out…. You get a lean, mean mega shark/crocosaurus fighting machine! This movie was horrible… BUT… that's what makes it so awesome! I loved this movie, its horrible graphic were funny, its script and acting ridiculous and the storyline was basic yet captivating.

I think this type of movie is an acquired taste. Those of us that love this silly type of movie will enjoy this gem. Others, who are not as easily amused will turn it off within the first 5 min. - Discover a new world of horror films, designed just for you.
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It knows what it is
pcselect11 February 2011
These movies know exactly how cheesy they are in acting and "cheap" special effects. While it's not as bad as some new releases you can currently get at the video store (Alice in Murderland comes to mind), it won't satisfy those looking for Michael Bay quality. For the budget given, they knew exactly what they were doing. Making a fun movie with lots of plot holes, ridiculous premises, and over the top lines and acting. If you're a fan of Megashark, Megashark vs. Giant Octopus, 30,000 leagues Under the Sea, or my favorite in this Cheddar lineup; Mega Piranha, then it won't disappoint!! Just set your expectations correctly. If the only non-advertised movies you've ever liked are artsy indie movies, then skip it. If you like the other movies I've listed, or find the Evil Dead series hilarious, you'll enjoy this movie.
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Horrible, and amazing for it.
zdh95211 September 2012
This movie is terrible. And I love it. The acting, special effects, lack of logic in the story, abysmal writing. It's all terrible, and that's what makes it amazing. If you and a group of friends ever want to get together and watch a movie it's so bad it's hilarious, i suggest this one. My friends and I were dying laughing. Do not watch this intending to see a "good good" movie, but a "good bad" movie. If you understand the difference, this is probably your type of movie. Sharks that jump out of the water and power slap battle ships with their tales, alligators that can run from Miami to Orlando in 15 minutes (their grasp of geography is astonishing) and amazing lines such as "that shark just went nuclear all await you. Watch this, and enjoy! =D
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Worst SyFy movie? No. Is it bad? Yes
TheLittleSongbird6 December 2011
I have to admit that I did get a good laugh when watching Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus. And it wasn't because it was hysterically funny. It's because it is so awful. I will give credit and say SyFy have done worse with the likes of Quantum Apocalypse, Camel Spiders, Battle of Los Angeles, Mega Piranha, Dinocroc vs Supergator, Titanic II and 2010:Moby Dick.

That is not saying much though. The soundtrack is okay if not great and the scenery is serviceable, but that's all good I can say really. The special effects do look really cheap, as though they had been constructed in a rush. The editing is also slapdash. What's even more sad is that neither the shark or the crocodile have any menace to them.

Even worse is the dialogue. SyFy movies are notorious for awful dialogue that are ridden with clichés and banality, and Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus is no exception. The story is really daft and unengaging, with plot holes and scenes that don't make sense galore. The characters are underdeveloped, the direction is sloppy and the acting is poor with the actors trying to bring a comedic element to the film and for some a sense of youthfulness, but seeing as the material is so bad it doesn't work. Jaleel White is the worst, he is not only miscast but awful.

All in all, a bad SyFy movie, but not the worst. 2/10 Bethany Cox
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This movie was awful
hester-horvath29 December 2010
My family scores movies from A to E (A-s are the best), so on that scale I think this movie deserves a Z.

I can't say it wasn't funny. Actually we laughed so hard that it hurt, because after seeing the exact same pictures played over and over that was the only thing we could do. Although sometimes it got better cause at least they reversed the whole animation.

I never taught there could be a movie nowadays that is so primitive. The animation of the Mega Shark and the Crocosaurus is usually worst than the one you can see in the Star Wars movies (4-6). And if you ever learned any science you'll know that most of the things mentioned in the movie are unrealistic.

Don't watch it...
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Probably the worst Sci-Fi/Horror movie ever made. Warning: Spoilers
MMMEGA SHARK!!!!!!!! VERRRSUSSS...CROCOSAURUSSSS!!!!! What's next? Godzilla vs. Chuck Norris Turtle? Who Knows, the possibilities are truly endless. Well I suppose we should start with the positive aspects of this stinker. Well it is fun to watch and make fun of, and lord knows Jaleel White isn't that bad in this.

Now on to the negative aspects. Well aside from Jaleel White, all the actors are terrible. The characters are very boring, and the story is bland and uninspired beyond belief. Even the monsters aren't anything special. Speaking of the monsters, the worst part about this movie, are the special effects. The monsters radically change size and appearance, the computer models look rushed, and the explosions look like they were made by a 7th grader.

In the end. This is a terrible film, but as said before, it is one that is fun to watch, so see it at your own risk.
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Megashite vs Craposaurus.
BA_Harrison25 March 2016
As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of bad films I felt it my duty to watch at least one giant monster movie from The Asylum. That film: Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, an utterly abysmal pile of drivel starring a Pierce Brosnan lookalike, a poor-man's Cuba Gooding Jr., a bird with big tits, and two titanic CGI creatures that would have been considered laughable over a quarter of a century ago.

When I write my reviews for IMDb, I usually try my best to stay away from the clichés that so often proliferate other comments, but on this occasion I think I'm going to allow myself just a couple:

I wish that IMDb had a zero rating because '1' is being far too generous.

That's an hour and a half of my life I'm never going to get back.

***Looking back, it turns out that I've already seen the prequel to this film, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus; it doesn't surprise me one bit that I couldn't remember it.***
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Enjoyable (in the wrong way)
daniel-ballinger150813 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This film is absolutely hilarious, the problem is that it isn't meant to be. For a film released in 2010 special effects are absolutely shocking. I am confident a 5 year old could make a better film on iMovie, the acting is horrendous and the characters are easy to hate. The whole film feels awkward because the acting is so bad. The crocodile and megladon aren't consistent sizes, sometimes they are the same size as a submarine, when at other times they are bigger than sky scrapers, the megladon dorsal fin is sometimes bigger than everything else in the shot. This makes no sense at all and the continuity is appalling. The whole plot is awful and they reuse the same shots countless times making the film feel even cheaper. This film has obviously been made for a quick buck, the director probably doesn't have much cash if his other films are like this...
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More CGI nonsense from The Asylum
Leofwine_draca8 August 2014
Okay. MEGA SHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS turned out to be a silly, overrated, over-reliant-on-bad-CGI piece of spectacle which was far worse than slightly older B-flicks like OCTOPUS and SPIDERS. MEGA SHARK VS CROCOSAURUS offers more of the same, and you guessed it, it's just as bad.

It's as bad as 2-HEADED SHARK ATTACK, which I watched the previous day, although a different kind of bad. 2-HEADED SHARK ATTACK was a lot tighter and on a smaller scale, and this one has a bigger budget, with some globetrotting and various locations getting destroyed. At times it recalls the classic Japanese kaiju movies, with cities getting razed by giant critters. But that doesn't make it good.

The problem is twofold: the script is terrible and the special effects are even worse. The giant creatures seen here don't even begin to look remotely realistic, and you feel like you're watching a kid's cartoon for the most part. The human story is hardly any better, with lots of cheesy dialogue and bad acting. The only actors of note are Robert Picardo, who must have been wondering what went wrong, and Gary Stretch, a British actor with a notable role as the villain in DEAD MAN'S SHOES, playing an Indiana Jones/Crocodile Dundee type character. I could have forgiven the effects if the story had been okay, and I could have forgiven the story if the effects were good, but this burns on both fronts.
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Pure Greatness
eabodden50427 July 2014
As a fan of this genre of films, I must say, this took it to another level. Not Sharknado levels, but just a notch below it. I am not one to provide spoilers, esp when I believe I've witnessed a cinematic masterpiece that one must experience w/ a free & clear mind.

I love these films. My girlfriend doesn't quite get it, but I can't help it. These movies are supposed to kinda suck, that's what makes them great. If they had big budgets, w/ extraordinary special effects & A-list actors from the Hollywood elite, I'd probably hate every one of them.

Watch. Enjoy. Marvel at its greatness. Become a believer.

Long live SyFy.
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