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one of the worst movie to watch
akuritu28 April 2012
After reading some of the reviews who praise this movie, we went to watch this movie. It was completely waste of time and money. So boring and predictable. Within few minutes there was an item song by Mallika Sherwat without any reason. Don't know why people want to live illegally in London? It is worse than some of Salman Khan movie (which at least have some humor). Star cast is so good but they have nothing to do in whole film.Kangna Ranawat has no role in movie.She appears just few minutes in beginning and for few minutes in the end. Unexpected from director like Priyadarshan. Unsuccessful attempt of copying Hollywood movies.At least there should be a logic between the sequences.
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Only watch 'tezz' if your brains are slow...
saeed-sahil129 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I hardly drag my ass out of my room to go watch a movie, especially with Hindi movies. So when I do overpower this sloth inside me and go for it, I better expect something 'wow' but sadly this was all 'Ouch'. First of all, I watched it in some shady single screen theater, so they had every English dialogue in the movie dubbed to Hindi. The movie begins with Ajay Devgan being deported back to India after the British government found out that he was an illegal immigrant and he can no longer stay with his Brit wife(kangna). Then after some 5 years he comes back to London, meets Zayed Khan, buys some c4 and plants it in a train. Now what surprised me here was, how easy all that was for them. Two Asian dudes, walking around the busiest railway station with sh*t loads of explosives and nobody checks anything. It was so weird watching the railway traffic controllers in East London panicking the f**k out in Hindi when their Indian boss(Boman Irani) breaks the news of a bomb being planted in the train, or the fact that Anil Kapoor(A badass cop) tells the British home ministry to shut the f**k up and do as he says, (all in Hindi) and he will get them the bomber. There are many dumb moments in the movie, the only thing that stood out for me was Kangana Ranaut's visibly bigger mammary glands. All in all, if you're bored, go play angry birds but don't think about watching this sad excuse for a movie.
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Predictable, clichéd, boring,
iwontpee28 April 2012
Many words come to mind when describing this film. Implausible, contrived, dire, pointless.... but I digress. This is the film industry at it's worst. Trying to put two eminently attractive people in leading roles into a film whose plot has more holes than 100 golf courses.I mean, what was the point? I ought to sue - "I maintain that the producers and distribution company did willingly deprive me of two hours of my life which I could have more usefully spent inspecting my navel.

Ajay Devgan and Kangana Renaut may indeed be cute but they hardly rank highly in the acting stakes.Same goes with Boman Irani(who just played a joker in houseful 2).Anil Kapoor,however,tries to give his best and fails because of the weak plot.

May be Priyadarshan should stick to mindless comedies, so we can be sure we're in safe territory. You won't be missing much if you skipped Tezz,It is avoidable at all costs. Watch Speed and other Hollywood action movies instead.
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What a Joke
kr7864 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The trailer looked impressive and with this i watched this with some anticipation. what a let down......poor film i cannot believe Bollywood can churn this crap out......How the heck can you have English people in the UK fully conversing in Hindi, understanding Hindi and responding in Hindi.....Since when did a police officer on a train have a fully loaded weapon in his possession. The way the train drivers understand all the Hindi language was hilarious. the dubbing is a joke

Boman Irani and Anil Kapoor - way too much overacting....after slumdog, 24 and MI4 you would think Anil Kapoor would have more sense than be involved in a poor film as this
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TAKING OF PELHAM 123 + UNSTOPPABLE + a hint of SPEED, and voilà, you have the recipe for TEZZ
darshancruz28 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Bollywood continues to borrow the script of Hollywood classics (Players, and now this) and yet can't even come close to them.

Ajay was deported out of London having an illegal visa and had to stay away from his wife, kid for 4 yrs. He now wants to fight back and Zayed, Sameera help him because he had helped them stay illegally. They put a bomb on a train in London and demand cash in ransom. The movie borrows the idea of SPEED (below 60 and train explodes), then it combines the ideas of TAKING OF PELHAM & UNSTOPPABLE quite nicely, but doesn't execute them half as well as they did. The chase/action sequences in the midst of Sameera & Zayed are nicely done. Dialogues aren't worth mentioning in this thriller ride. The climax is quite predictable.

Mallika's item number is passable. Zayed & Sameera have been smartly used where they don't need to show their acting skills. Boman Irani is his usual. Kangana doesn't get to do anything. Ajay Devgan being the lead, looks quite lethargic & Anil Kapoor even at 52 looks dynamic. PriyaDarshan has given some nice movies in the past, but this one isn't among his best.

Despite decent content, the movie on the whole disappoints.
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what a crap........
d-saha9130 April 2012
this is total crap of a movie..............a copy paste of a number of Hollywood flicks you better see them than waste time on this one......priyadarshan goes out of his comfort zone i.e comedy and tries a unsuccessful action film..............Ajay does another of his going through the (loose) motions with a grunt on his face for the whole film.............

WHY DOES KANGANA ACT? thats the big question........she should let us live in peace.............

anil should do meaningful films as he has potential..............

go back Ajay.....RETIRE.....try to learn some acting from KAJOL.....
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Wish i could give 0/10
subbuparam9 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
What an incredibly pathetic movie! The movie has some of the best names in Bollywood, some of the best known people who know how to act, the production unit has some of the best known in the industry. But this movie just tarnishes all their image. Everybody's skills wasted to the core! What a horrible experience. Save yourself some money and time. Please don't do the same mistake i did. surprised how this movie has 4.4/10. You will see concepts fudged from The Italian Job, Speed and many more. Why do bollywood movies always have to have romantic links in a thriller. Why not make a pure thriller movie? A psycho thriller! I guess I don't want to write anymore.. In summary... Tezzzzzz ----> Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
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All Hail Prydarshan !
ahmed_yasir199623 April 2012
Pryadarshan and his entire team worked meticulously to keep the movie free of any possible anachronisms.This movie is strong, good script, great casting, excellent acting, and over the top directing. Even if the viewer does not like action type of movies, he or she will watch the entire film, the audiences is glued to what will happen next as the film progresses. Its about, loyalty,greed, relationships, and real life. This is a great mix, and the soundtrack makes it even better.

The film-making is excellent and very suspenseful at times.Its great if you actually listen and pay attention because the whole time they are building up to the end.It is the most fantastic ending I've seen in a while.After his power packed performance in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai,Singham and now Tezz,Ajay proves himself better than today's over rated Khans.Anil Kapoor fits perfectly in his role.Boman Iraani does a great job too.I liked Kangana for the first time after watching this movie and Zaheer Khan was also a delight to watch.
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Tezz : A Nutshell Review
wuzumu28 April 2012
What do you do when a country, a culture and their purveyors wrong you irreparably? You plant a bomb in a speeding train and hold the establishment to ransom.

Taking a cue from Hollywood's most watched bomb-maro-bomb rush-hour excursions into plunder-land, Tezz springs forward as nicely-packaged film.

Here we know Ajay Devgn is the closet terrorist. But since his fans won't like it, Devgn is, with due respect to Mira Nair, a reluctant terrorist, how reluctant, we won't reveal fully.

Devgn has a back story with screen wife Kangna Ranaut, who in keeping with her character's British domicile, sports blonde hair. No, this is not a joke.

Luckily, Priyadarshan's plot has a lot more going for itself than its leading lady's hair-to-stay problems. The director creates a game between 'terrorist' Devgn and cop Anil Kapoor who in true Hollywood style, is on the verge of retirement from service when duty beckons.

There are enough men on duty on both sides of the law here to fill up one section of Tihar jail. The narration allows elbow-room for an army of actors laden with anxious motivations and tense expressions to match, all hurling like the speeding train towards an uncertain nemesis. Luckily, the plot finds itself a convincing finale. And we can go home feeling all is not lost for the slick action genre in Bollywood. There is hope.

There are some jaw-dropping action sequences here. Some of them, like Devgn and Kapoor's fist-to-fist in the grand finale and the search for Devgn in a hospital's car park, are so expertly executed they make you forget how far Bollywood lags behind in the action genre from its firangi counterpart. But then again some of the stunts like the one where passengers from the bomb-threatened train climb into a safe train, are done clumsily.

Curiously, Zayed Khan and Sameera Reddy who play Devgn's accomplices in the terror crime are given one extended chase sequence, each. They show remarkable agility in their given space. Ditto the film's technicians. Thiru S. Appan's camera looks at London with keen anticipation.

"He's Indian, not Pakistani," Boman confidently informs cop Anil Kapoor with a straight face.

The absurdities don't swamp Tezz. True its title, the tale of a bomb and a Boman trying to diffuse the crisis, whizzes by at breakneck speed.

Priyadarshan tackles what's a new genre for him, with pleasure and aplomb. Ajay Devgn, Anil Kapoor, Boman Irani, Sameera Reddy and Zayed Khan furnish a flavour of slickness to a story that holds your attention till the end.

Not quite edge-of-the-seat, the thrills in Tezz are engaging enough to keep us watching.
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Thats Not A Ajay Devgan Movie !!!!
bunnymehra19852 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I am writing a review after 6 months and the main reason was to alert the audience about this movie. The trailer which I saw was amazing and its expected that its a good thriller with Ajay and Anil in lead. But people plz take care as this is not an Ajay Devgan Movie. His role is just for 20 mins (plus song) in 135 min movie. Though he still shines in his small role. Anil Kapoor and Boman overacting bores a lot. Zayed and Sameera were impressive and there screen time is more than Ajay. Thank God Kangna role is just for 10 mins. Mohan lal is there but for what I really don't know. This is the first Priyadarshan movie which really disappoint me its mixture of 4 holly flicks (Unstoppable + Speed + Ransom + Taking Of Pehlam 123). Direction is very poor. I am giving this 3/10 (1 for Ajay devgan who shines in such a small role, 1 for Tere Bina song and 1 for Stunts)
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Below Average
superindrajit28 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Tezz is created by Priyadarshan who has only failed after awesome movies like Hera Pheri, Hungama De Dana Dan was his last good movie from the year 2009. Even Aakrosh wasn't that bad but it flopped. However, Tezz is an example of a third rate film and me calling it good was a big mistake. It copies so many ingredients from Hollywood films like The Taking of Pelham 123, Unstoppable, and Bullet Train. The Anil trying to hunt down Ajay track was something seen from the 90s Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty movies where Akki is chasing Sunil. But, the few good things for the movie was the chases, the 1 or 2 action sequences, and a few dialogs. However, the script lets the whole film down, Robin Bhatt is a horrible story writer. I can't believe Ajay Devgan would act in a film like this. He handles his part well, he knows how to act because even in Rascals he was the only thing that stood out. Anil Kapoor is OK, he bores when he shouts, that goes the same for Boman Irani. The heroines are stupid, no screen time for them. Only 1-2 scenes were good and the Laila song came out of nowhere which was another cliché. On the whole, Tezz is a bad film with 1 or 2 good things and several bad things. Ajay Devgan needs to choose better films, he is falling down as his last hit was Singham which was way before Rascals.
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Based of life in Uk
lakhvirsingh8425 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Dunno why people writing crap things about this movie ...I've spent life in Uk and I've seen these real incident in Uk life deportations etc... this films describes about life in Uk how people want to settle their life in Uk ... love this movie 👌👌👌👌👌
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TEZZ (Fast) – The Fastest Inspirational "Copy"
shafiqpenworks5 May 2012
Looks like these days in Bollywood, multi cast movies are either in demand or every aging actor needs to appear on screen badly. Gone were the days when a single movie used to rest upon the shoulders of script writer, director and finally actor. But now movies rest upon four pillars, multiple heroes (characters to confuse audience), daredevil fight sequences, cheap comedy and a meaty yet saucy item number. That is how a movie becomes a box-office hit. A few weeks ago it was "Houseful 2" and this week there are "Tezz" and "Life Ki toh Lag Gayee" which have been released.

Coming back to Tezz and the controversies associated with it. Yes, the movie is a definite copy, but not only of 1994's "Speed", actually it is an amalgamation of many others as well. Just to quote here, "Speed" was inspired / copied from a Japanese movie named The Bullet Train (Subtitled 1975) which also inspired another director to make a Thai movie named 1 2 3 Monster Express (1977). So, connect all the points and characterizations to get "TEZZ". But some critics are saying that the movie is original, I wonder why! Might be it is in Hindi or it has some songs – only on these grounds the movie can be distinguished.

The movie is about handful of army consisting of Ajay Devgan, Zayed Khan and Sameera Reddy, who plan to blast a train "London Glasgow Express 112". Why? Well the reason is quite confusing, at least for me, just because one of the men was deported and sent away from his family (wife and Son) and his career vanished, he, after returning back, wants to get some ransom from the government to compensate. Strange, isn't it? The actual reason behind was, he was supporting illegal residents by providing them work. And this is not ethical! Anyways, as it is a movie and anything can happen. The movie revolves around Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgan, Zayed Khan, Boman Irani, Sameera Reddy and Kangna Ranawat. As far as the performances are concerned I must say it's a decent fare. Standing out of the stockpile is undoubtedly Boman Irani, not a single scene of his is missed by him, in doing justice to his role and impressing the audiences. I would like to mention two power-packed scenes, out of few, one in which he talks to her daughter over phone and the other one when he gets a one to one argument with Anil Kapoor, his voice, his movements and his passion are all at display. Then comes Anil Kapoor, it is a treat to watch him after Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. He excels in every scene. Anil Kapoor has star power, believe it or not, his screen presence, attitude and self-obsession makes him loved by his fans. Even his silent moments are very well executed.

Ajay Devgan, after Singham, performs quite an underrated performance. Some might like his performance, but at places he appeared performing the same roles from "Khaakee" or "Qayamat". Zayed Khan has appeared after a long time and he performs well, though his role had nothing much to offer. But it was a sincere effort by him. Sameera Reddy did leave a mark in brief appearance. Kangna Ranawat, the root cause of the movie, gets few scenes to perform and she is improving to certain extent. Mohanlal (the Amitabh of South) is totally wasted in the role of a cop. If any scene will get smile to your face then it is all because of Neeraj Vora, he is natural and flawless in a small sequence with Anil Kapoor. Definitely his fans would love to see more of him in future.

Direction of the movie is very impressive and so are the action sequences. The item number "Laila" performed by Mallika Sherawat offers nothing much, not for masses and not even for classes! But Sunidhi Chauhan did a great job.

On the whole actors' attempt was serious and applaud able and hard-work can be witnessed in the scenes, but dialogues and other major things simply could not save it. The only few reasons for this movie to do good business include "Masala Formula" with "Angrezi Tarka", action scenes, watching Anil Kapoor after a long time and Ajay Devgan's fan following after "Singham". Logically the movie has so many flaws. If you are a movie buff who likes every single Indian movie and are inspired by Desi thrillers and "Attitude stuff" then watch it, else you can miss it too!
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With no Tezzy at all, it's like a years old wet cracker trying to explode loudly.
bobbysing1 May 2012
Priyadarshan's love for making inspired (or copied) movies continues with TEZZ which can easily be included in the list of director's weakest movies till date. Revolving around the plot of a bomb placed in a high speed train, the film has very less of the train and more of all unexciting and directionless drama going on amongst many Indian and foreign characters vaguely. In fact the funniest part of the film lies in the manner all the western actors are talking in fluent Hindi which looks quite weird and illogical as per the concept and grandeur of the product is concerned. (May be they have a different version to be released overseas.)

The plot of TEZZ has no novelty and neither has its execution which looked quite promising in its promos. Indian viewers have already seen this before in a far better and entertaining movie called "The Burning Train" (1980) which was made more than 3 decades ago but still remains a much more enjoyable fast paced thriller than the current TEZZ. In the World Cinema there are more than one references of films made on similar subjects from where B. R. Chopra's 1980 film was also inspired. In 1975, there was"Shikansen Daibakuha" or "The Bullet Train" made in Japan (from which TEZZ copies many exact sequences) followed by "1 2 3 Monster Express" with a speeding bus made in Thailand in the year 1977. Before it there was "The Cassandra Crossing"which revolved around a disease spread in a speeding train, released in 1976. In 1985 it was "Runaway Train" having two escaped convicts trapped on a train with no brakes. In 1994 Keanu Reeves was there to stop a fast speeding bus with a bomb in "Speed"and most recently there was "Unstoppable" released in 2010 wherein Denzel Washington tries to stop a speeding train without a driver.

So after reading the above references the first question which comes to my mind is that what was the need of making this movie which had nothing new to tell or show the audience in the first place? The attempt would have been justified if it had some worth watching actions sequences or graphical representations converting the old plot into a worth watching one. But sadly the film has nothing to offer in that department too and is a totally uninteresting watch for particular the viewers who have seen at least one of the above mentioned movies in the past.

The screenplay is unexciting and so are the performances from the veterans as they are given nothing in the script to showcase their talents. The unwanted songs and deliberately added half baked love angles further ruin the project completely accompanied by a quite badly written and laughable climax (which cannot be revealed here). In short the film really makes you wonder that what really forced reputed actors such as Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgan and Boman Irani sign this film after reading its script (assuming they were given one before signing it). Now I have not included Mohan Lal in the names above because I know he must have done this project purely due to his years long relations with the director, otherwise there was nothing for him to do in the entire film at all. The ladies are all there decorating few parallel running story tracks which could have been avoided easily. As a casting blunder it also has a girl posing as a child artist who at present is playing 'The Elder Bahu" in an ongoing serial on TV. Frankly speaking, what more can be written about a film called TEZZ which actually has very few exciting high voltage sequences involving 'The Real Train' and just keeps wandering in the places outside the train for most of the time.

Summing up, I would like to ask all the readers here that, What do you think has to be the most important aspect of a film titled TEZZ based on the plot of a speeding train with a bomb waiting to explode? Just try to give it a thought before reading further.

Yes, the script has to be there, the content needs to be there along with a great execution on the screen and yes the performances also have to be there to support the concept. But what's most important in an exciting chase thriller such as TEZZ is its"Background Score" which should make your heartbeat run faster and should be capable enough to bring the viewer on to the edge of his seats.

Unfortunately, TEZZ has one of the weakest Background Scores not complementing the actual theme of the project in any way. A racy soundtrack doesn't only mean increasing the BPM (Beats per minute) on the mixer. But it should have a great composition too which can make you feel the tension and danger being shown on the screen involving the lives of so many people.

So failing to meet this very first requisite of making a fast pace chase thriller involving a ticking bomb, for me TEZZ has no Tezzy (Speed) in it as per its name and its just like a years old wet cracker trying to explode loudly. And if you really want to know what I mean by the musical point mentioned here then do watch Denzel Washington's UNSTOPABBLE and see the difference what Background Music can cause to a project of this nature.
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Below average
silvan-desouza6 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Priyadarshan off recent stopped repetitive comedy films and turned towards action post AAKROSH(2010) which flopped now he comes back with a thriller TEZZ

Priyan returns with Devgan and returns with Anil Kapoor with whom he gave a superb VIRASAT a decade ago in 1997. TEZZ also brings back Mohanlal after some time and the forgotten Zayed Khan and Sameera Reddy

Such a huge cast so the film has to be good but sadly it isn't too great

The problem is that the film hardly makes sense and that spoils the show A similar concept was handled decades ago with THE BURNING TRAIN(1980) but it was much superior The film does hold you on the edge but only here and there The promos themselves explained the entire plot leaving not much for imagination yet there was scope for much better drama and twists sadly it's not too convincing. One fails to understand how by Ajay asking some money from the British Government can bring him justice? Also the reasons Ajay and Kangana stay departed is not convincing much. The ease at which the entire bomb plan is done looks unbelievable and that too in London There are some few well handled scenes like Boman managing to change tracks of 2 trains to avoid collision also there are some good chases and twists but the film could be much better if the script was more strong The ending too is very predictable

Direction by Priyadarshan is average sadly the film has too many plot holes Music seems forced, TERE BINA is hummable but most songs are forgettable Action is superb

Ajay Devgan fresh out of SINGHAM and the disaster RASCALS does well in his role sadly which is underwritten and also nothing new to him Anil Kapoor should've done such a role in MI 4 where he made a shame of himself, In this film he does a good job Kangana has an extended guest appearance and she is okay Boman Irani is excellent in his role Mohanlal is terribly wasted Zayed and Sameera get to do some good stunts and are better then their previous performances considering there are seen after ages
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A Decent Thriller!
namashi_112 August 2015
'Tezz' is A Decent Thriller, that works in parts. The pace is mostly fast, while the narrative is engaging, at times. The fine cast also deliver.

'Tezz' Synopsis: To avenge his past, Aakash Rana (Ajay Devgn) plants bomb in a train endangering lives of 500 passengers.

'Tezz' is an interesting idea, that translates into a decent watch. However, the Screenplay isn't arresting at all times. The first-hour is slow-paced & the unwanted songs bore. Its the second-hour that thrills & engages you. The multiple characters are diverse from one another, but they aren't always convincing, thanks to the erratic Writing. Robin Bhatt's Screenplay is quite good in parts, but overall, its flawed. Better Writing was needed! Priyadarshan's Direction is alright. Cinematography is top-notch. Editing is crisp, especially towards the second-hour. Music by Sajid-Wajid is dull.

Performance-Wise: Ajay Devgn enacts his part with conviction. Anil Kapoor is superb. The veteran portrays his part effortlessly. Zayed Khan is efficient. Boman Irani is earnest, as always. Kangana Ranaut doesn't work. Sameera Reddy leaves a mark. Mohanlal scores in a brief role. Bhavna Pani is adequate.

On the whole, 'Tezz' does offer entertainment, but in parts.
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What's with the hate??
sabiyalsaghir105 July 2012
I'm don't usually write reviews so excuse my poor description of movies,I'm just a movie fan who knows how to enjoy movies.I know the plot is inspired from Hollywood movies but give it a rest,I enjoyed this movie,It has some awesome breathtaking action sequences and nice shots,it isn't that bad..The Cinematography was awesome,the location was nice,At some points you will feel like its a Hollywood movie.It has it's shortcomings,but I think it is definitely not worth the hate... Its an Adrenaline pumped action movie with believable acting from all actors,it may not be fast paced but interesting enough to watch

Bottom line:Maybe this movie isn't worth a cinema ticket,but its definitely worth a watch on DVD
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best movie with best ajay devgn work as always
cricket1027 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A synonym for infectious hilarity, director Priyadarshan has something different this time. An action Flick with packed stars. For me, it was tough to skip "The Avengers (3D)" to pick "TEZZ". Given a choice (and time) I would never miss a movie from Priyadarshan. Mostly, filmed in London and Glasgow (few shots in Bermingham), Tezz revolves around a Bomb planted bullet train with Ajay Devgan and Anil Kapoor in the main lead. Film is set around a speeding train, and action around it. Aakaash Rana (Ajay Devgan) is out in vengeance for false implication of immigration laws, ruining his life, supported by few consociates while Arjun Khanna (Anil Kapoor), a detective of counter terrorism command wants to stop him. Arjun has to prove his recall on the last day of his retirement.

I am always awestruck with Robin Bhatt as a story teller. Few flicks like Baazigar, Ashique, Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin, Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge & Sadak really impressed me. I have seen variety in his thoughts. I was not expecting a story in this movie but amazed to notice the nice screenplay with a well-dressed storyline.

Ajay Devgan is a predictable choice for action movies. Having seen "Singham" recently, I feel he is not at his action best, then you may see the action scenes in this movie are fittingly shared between him, Anil kapoor, Zayed Khan and Sameera Ready. Most Interestingly Sameera Reddy is rocking. I always wanted to see Sameera Reddy in action roles. I somehow believe her to be made for such movies (kind of Linda Hamilton or a Cynthia Rothrock). Ajay Devgan said in an interview "Sameera Reddy is the hero of the movie", appears slightly exaggerated though. Anil Kapoor truly is lucky with the typocast at this stage of his career and is proving a point. Zayed Khan is acceptable in his character, though few stunts (Anil Kapoor chasing him) were very funny and relegate such a serious action flick.

If, for once, I felt Kangana Ranaut is undesirable in the movie, I corrected myself too. This is a bollywood movie. The main lead must have a girlfriend or wife. No specific thoughts on her acting skill, as usual. You have to have emotional and romantic scenes too. I couldn't diagnose the importance of the cop character of Mohanlal. Bomman Irani is excellent and deserves equal credit as Ajay Devgan or Anil Kapoor. He tries everything as the chief traffic controller and to save her daughter (Young Anandi - Avika Gor).

Hollywood action choreographer Peter Pedero (Bourne Supremacy and Braveheart fame) has stunt coordinated all the action sequences. You are expected to witness the Hollywood level stunt scenes. One filmy thing is the train diversion control and it swells spice to the film. Sameera Reddy's complete screen presence is awesome. This is possibly the most interesting element of the movie. Watching the scenes in a multiplex with Dolby surround, makes every penny pay. I must match TEZZ to any Hollywood action movie.

Just a few days back I saw "Anaarkali going to Disco" in Housefull2. Sajid Wajid duo, at no recent time skip attention. This time it is "Laila" where Mallika Sherawat shakes it all. The song is good to watch (Mallika is dazzling). Laila will miscarry in touching (audio craze) Anarkali, Munni, Sheila or even Jalebi bai. Despite the squabble between Priyadarshan and producer Ratanlal Jain, "Laila" stays put. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan gifts a fresh sufi styled number with "Tere Bina". This song is good in isolation as you will enjoy it in your car or home audio then in the theatre. A similar light qawaali type "Main Hoon Shab" by Mohit Chauhan is a decent number. Title song "Tezz" is mostly narrative and background (by Sunidhi Chauhan and Shaan) is OK type. Overall the music is just about middling and suitably set in the movie.
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Amazing Film to watch
aaronbir21 July 2017
This movie was brilliant and entertaining but it's really good to be nice storyline and storyline good movie and storyline great and entertaining but entertaining and superb

Storyline is good screenplay is good editing is good direction is good

Songs are really impressive and background music is outstanding

Ajay devgn is superb anil kapoor is superb zayed khan is good kangana is superb boman is superb sameera is good

Overall good action thriller

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Tezz (U/A)------------------Rating: 3/5 GOOD
yunusitboss18 July 2012
It is a action thriller..... *Cast and crew was good but mohanlal is useless..... *Ultimate chasing scenes with very fast screenplay..... *Camera and direction was great.........

-Story which is unacceptable...... -Songs are waste and BGM rocks.....

Aakash Rana (Ajay Devgn), is an engineer who stays with his UK citizen wife Nikita (Kangna Ranaut) in London before his illegal status gets discovered and the courts order him deported, thus crushing his dreams of an ideal life.Four years later, Rana returns with vengeance on his mind and teams up with his former employees Adil Khan (Zayed Khan) and Megha (Sameera Reddy) to wreak some havoc. What follows is a bomb threat on a train and a tensed Railway Control officer Sanjay Raina (Boman Irani) and Anti-Terrorism officer Arjun Khanna (Anil Kapoor) trying every trick in the book to avert the disaster and to apprehend the culprits. Sanjay Raina trying his best to save his daughter Piya (Avika Gor) and the passengers in the train who are thrown in the mix are police officer Shivan Nair (Mohanlal) and his team of cops, who are escorting a prisoner on the same ill-fated train and the stage is set for thrills galore and an exciting cat and mouse chase.
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Above average
farahkhanam9428 April 2012
After the roaring success of Singham, there was renowned interest in Ajay Devgan..devgn in Bollywood, where Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir have ruled the box office with complete invincibility in the last 15 years. Ajay Devgan is a great actor and one of the main reason why people loved Singham despite a weak story was because it had characters the audience could relate too and moments which engaged the audience. Ajay devgan performs well in this movie but one feels the director did not utilize him properly or play the movie to Ajay's strength like in Singham. Anyway, I still enjoyed it and think it's good for one time watch. I just hope his next movie, he gets back to his old stomping ground. Lastly, I went to see the movie with fellow friends and was shocked to see the theater half empty. I think more people went to watch the avengers instead of this movie, which is bit sad.
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