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2 Feb. 2011
The Ballad of Scary Mary
Kimmy takes Newton to Sherman High's annual Scary Mary party and Ilana and Lance reluctantly go along. A Mutraddi shapeshifter lands in the woods nearby and infiltrates the party, disguising itself as various of the humans present.
9 Feb. 2011
The Demon Within
The team defeats the amphibian Muculox in a swamp, but Ilana becomes infected by it's bite and starts to mutate into a Muculox herself.
16 Feb. 2011
I Am Octus
The world comes to a standstill. Octus is the only being not frozen in place. He has to figure out the source of this phenomenon in order to free his teammates and every one else.
2 Mar. 2011
After watching school band 'Disenfranchised' perform, Lance is inspired to pick up a guitar. General Steel has one of his men pose as a student at Sherman High to discover the secret of the Titan.
9 Mar. 2011
Escape from Galaluna
Flashback to the day the King of Galaluna was overthrown by the Mutraddi. Lance was the first to catch on to the betrayal while Princess Ilana and her loyal bodyguard try to make it back to her father.
16 Mar. 2011
Under the Three Moons
Ilana proposes helps to organize the Homecoming dance and bases it's theme on the Galalunian Harvest Festival. Even Lance is forced to find a date since Octus/Sherman is dating Kimmy and Ilana is taking Jason.
26 Mar. 2011
A Family Crisis
A surprise birthday party for Octus is interrupted by a distress call from, of all people, Solomon. He needs help fighting a creature made up out of pure lightning aboard an abandoned space station.
2 Apr. 2011
The Steel Foe
Unable to defeat a Mutraddi menace without Octurs, Lance and Ilana have dropped out of school and are traveling the country in search of a way to recharge their robot protector.
9 Apr. 2011
A New Beginning
Solomon offers help to the Galalunans and tries to reactivate Octus at G3 Headquarters. But General Steel takes this opportunity to launch an attack on G3 with his H.M.E.R. (aka The Hammer). In the middle of the battle, the Rift Gate opens.

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