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MPAA Rated R for sequences of strong bloody horror violence and gore, graphic nudity, sexual content, language and some drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • Breasts,vulvas and buttocks are seen throughout (much less vulva than topless shots of women, bare breasts are the most frequent type nudity)
  • For those reading that wish to make a distinction between the actor's actual genitals and prosthetic genitals, all male genitals in the movie are prosthetic (for special effects), not an actual penis.
  • A woman's bare breasts are seen (covered in blood) as she holds a man's disembodied head in her hands and shakes it between her breasts.
  • We see an "adult pool" where fully nude women (genitals are briefly visible) jump into a pool while another topless woman is seen dancing suggestively against a pole and a fully nude woman is shown from underwater (her breasts are visible but genitals are obscured).
  • A woman is seen facedown on a float (her bare buttocks are visible).
  • A close-up of a woman's bare breasts and shaved crotch is seen as she steps out of a pool. We see many topless women, their bare breasts visible and multiple close-shots of women's bikini bottoms. We see a woman with bare breasts, and a nude man (his bare side is visible). We see shirtless young women in a pool (their bare breasts are visible) as they swim. We see in slow-motion young women shirtless (bare breasts are visible) in swimming pools.
  • We see a young man's bare buttocks in a pool.
  • A young man is seen thrusting in a pool of water, implied to be pleasuring himself on a water duct in the pool; he shouts in pleasure.
  • A young woman tells a young man that he needs to "make love" to her, that she does not want to "die a virgin" and then makes a crude sexual remark; she takes off her pants and we see her underwear, focusing on her crotch.
  • A young woman tells a young man that she wants to "take off all their clothes" and go swimming, the shadowy outline of their nude bodies is visible underwater.
  • We see in slow-motion young women wearing bikinis walking slowly by and focusing on their buttocks.
  • A man makes a crude remark about a young man "boning" a woman's stepdaughter.

Violence & Gore

  • We see many people attacked by piranhas and men, women and children scream: we see blood covering many people, we see a piranha biting a young woman's neck and blood spouts from the wound, a man enters the water and shoots piranhas with a machine gun, and one shot hits a young man, knocking him backwards as pieces of exploding fish are seen in the water and blood fills a pool; we hear children screaming, a man rushes to help a shouting child, knocking a man over and pushing another man into the water, dead bodies are seen on the side of the pool and floating on top of the water, a man is seen missing an arm, a young man has the back half of a piranha literally sticking up his ass (headfirst, blood covers his buttocks) and another young man helps pull the piranha out of his ass as he screams (several of the above and definitely the last instance listed are played for comedy).
  • As a television reporter narrates, we see a short flashback of the "Lake Victoria Massacre" from the first movie. Blood fill the water of a crowded lake; young men and women struggle to climb onto a stage, leaving behind bloody handprints as some of them are dragged under the water; we see boats and swimming floats covered in blood and bloody people.
  • A young man grabs the partially eaten body of a young woman from the water, we see blood and gore coming from her body, and she appears to have been decapitated; many bodies are seen covering the ground and floating in the water, including partially eaten bodies.
  • We see the dead body of a young woman as a piranha snaps at her finger and swims away (the body appears covered in bite marks).
  • A piranha leaps at two young women who angrily smash it to death causing blood to spray over them.
  • A young woman is dragged out of the water and is unharmed except from a small bite on her ankle (we later see the cut look slightly gangrenous).
  • A man has a flashback of himself using a boat motor to kill many piranhas; blood fills the water.
  • A young woman swims in blood-filled water and we see disembodied limbs zoom past her, the young woman begs a young man for help and she goes underwater.
  • Seconds before a young woman is attacked by a piranha, a young man throws a spear through its head.
  • We see blood pooling in the water under a woman on a raft and seconds later she screams.


  • About 23 fucks, 7 sexual references, 16 shits, 18 anatomical terms, 12 mild obscenities

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Throughout the movie we frequently see young men and women smoking cigarettes, marijuana cigarettes, and drinking alcohol in excess.
  • A police officer approaches a group of young men and women and he remarks that there should not be underage drinking as the officer smokes what appears to be a marijuana cigarette and drinks a beer.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The piranha attacks could be quite intense and frightening to some young viewers, however, many are played for laughs, unlike the first film.
  • The film is filled with graphic and overtly gory deaths, though there is more bodily mutilation than death. One small child is decapitated and his mother is seen screaming and crying (made more horrific by the fact that the film seems to portray this as an amusing thing).
  • Some scenes may scare some young viewers, however there are a lot of comical scenes and this installment is less scary and less intense than the first film.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A young man and a young woman have sex: we see the young man thrusting, we see an outline of something squirm in her stomach, he makes a crude remark about climaxing and pulls back as the young woman appears to die (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details); a piranha is seen on the end of his genitals and we see his bare buttocks and prosthetic genitals as he chops the fish off.

Violence & Gore

  • A piranha appears to rip through a young woman's body: she seizes on a bed as a young man thrusts above her, engaged in active sex, we see blood spray as the young man pulls away from the young woman, a piranha is seen on his genitals, and the young man uses a large butcher knife to chop off his genitals (we see a spray of blood); the young woman wakes, blood is covering her and the room and she walks over to the fish, lying in a pool of blood, steps on it and it spits out the young man's genitals. This is not as horrific and graphic as it sounds, but could bother male audience members.
  • A piranha attacks a boy, ripping the boy's head off (a spray of CGI blood hits a young man and a young woman and covers the boy's mother who watches in horror, then goes into hysterics).End credits are shown over the aftermath, along with some gore flashbacks
  • Two men are attacked by the piranhas, we see blood fill the water as one of the men is pulled under, the second man has one of his fingers bitten off, one of the men surfaces moments later, we see piranhas attached to his face, the man (played by Gary Busey)bites a fish's head off and spit it into the air (this scene is mainly played for laughs rather than fear).
  • A parked van, carrying a young woman and a young man rolls into a lake causing the young woman to lunge forward and hit her head as they hit the water and water quickly fills the van; the young man panics and we see his arm handcuffed to the back of the van (for kinky sex attempted earlier) and he screams as the young woman swims out of the van, unharmed, piranhas fill the sinking van and attack the young man, blood fills the water and we see the piranhas begin to rip the young man's flesh from his bones (the stump of the young man's arm breaks through the window).
  • A man discovers a dead, blood-covered woman on the ground begging for help, her daughter crying next to her, and the man hastily backs a golf cart over the dead body as he drives away; then he drives into a taut banner, it slices through his neck, blood spurts into like air like a geyser, we see his severed head, the cart crashes and his head is thrown through the air with an arch of blood following, and a woman catches the disembodied head, throws it and piranhas eat it.
  • A young man triggers a massive explosion that rocks the water park, and we see fish fly into the air from the water; a trident (made of metal with sharp spear-tips) falls from the sky and spears a young man through the head (in slow motion), blood spatters and his body falls over.
  • A young woman, covered in blood (specifically around her crotch), shouts that a piranha had jumped out of her genitals and onto a young man's genitals.

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