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Just Pathetic
DoctorRabbit1 June 2012
Well this was a huge disappointment! I really liked the first Piranha 3D film so I was looking forward to this. This is a lazy, lifeless, and pointless sequel that had no business being made. Instead of being so bad it's good like the first film, this one is just so bad it's terrible. For starters, the first Piranha film actually had likable characters and somewhat of a plot to it. This one has the thinest of a plot you can get and the characters are incredibly lifeless and not even the main character serves any purpose to the film at all. You'd think that with this being a sequel they would amp up the gore and deaths, but the deaths in this one are actually tamer than the first and there's actually less of them. The film tries to be much more of a comedy this time around by adding more humor which all of it falls flat. The humor in this film is so awful and outdated thats it's hard to believe anyone over the age of 13 actually wrote this film. But, what really annoyed me about this film is just how damn stupid it is! The writers couldn't even come up with a decent way to get these characters in a situation to set up a death scene and instead have them do something really stupid or come up with a really stupid reason to get them in a situation that sets up a lame death. The acting here (even though it's suppose to be bad) is bad even for a B-Movie. And just when you think you will finally get a payoff after sitting through 55 minutes of crap, the film presents you with a lazy and totally underwhelming climax that is filmed so poorly that most of the time you can't even tell what is going on (And this really sucks because that was the highlight of the first film). And then, the film presents us with an ending so stupid and forced that even those who can suspend their disbelief the most will be left frustrated with just how incredibly stupid the ending is. The film is a short (althought it feels much longer) 70 minutes followed by 11 minutes of credits that include a ton of lame outtakes. I can now see why The Weinstein Company decided to only release this in barely any theaters and just put in on VOD. I still can't believe how bad this movie was. The director John Gulager shouldn't ever be allowed to be involved with a film ever again because this guy can't direct to save his life. Alexandre Aja who directed the first film actually understood the material he was working with. John Gulager had no idea what the hell he was doing and just decided the wip out a POS to make a quick buck because he obviously didn't care about this film at all and just wanted to get paid. As far as the cameo's in the film go, Gary Busey is only in the films opening scene and is wasted (the only thing we get to see him do is light a cow's farts on fire). Ving Rhames cameo doesn't just feel forced, but also is just really pathetic and sad to watch. The only positive things I can say about this film was that David Hasselfhoff's scenes are actually chuckle worthy and there's a lot of gorgeous nude women on screen many times. Even though i'm only giving the film 1/2 a star, that feels generous. This film could've really been a blast and fun just like the first one was, but it really is just an atrocity of a film that not even the biggest fans of the first one will enjoy. If you are looking for a fun B-Movie, go rent Piranha 3D and just forget that this film even exist. Piranha 3DD tries to so self-award of itself that it just ends up being exactly what it's parodying.
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lucasebaker27 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Wow. Just wow. Let me note that I enjoyed the first Piranha, and went into this movie with an open mind (despite horrible reviews). What a absolutely HORRIBLE sequel. The time around, the directors have obviously run out of ideas. It was a sequel to a movie that didn't need a sequel. You can only get about 1 good movie from a concept as simple as piranhas, and that's all but clear, seeing as this movie sucked. First of all, this movie is disgusting. You see a fat mans bloody ass, the tip of a severed penis, gore galore (and not the good kind...the bad overly bloody fake looking kind), and a piranha that swam up a girls v- a-g. At points you could tell the piranha's were puppets, and the puns were cheesy one liners at best. The whole film made me nauseous, and the deaths of several people were fake as fake can be. A guy gets decapitated from a yellow flag ribbon...yah...that's right...a guy's head gets severed (though the neck bone and all), by a piece of plastic that is soft, stretchy, only about 1 nano-meter thick, and not even sharp. There is also a guy who gets skewered through the eye, because of an explosion that caused a trident to have impeccable aim falling from the sky. Also, one of the main characters has enough aim to skewer a bag of chips and a piranha perfectly from a good 20 feet away, which begs the question of how he is a lifeguard. The whole film makes no sense, with a girl who has a seizure while having sex (due to a piranha inside her)only to come back to life once a guy severs his pen!s, and the kick- butt black man from the first movie has a shot gun leg. And finally, the ending sucked to an extreme. The piranhas have now begun to walk (or really hop), at the end, only to cut off the entire head of a really nice innocent kid, just for a cheesy one liner that wasn't even funny. In short, this movie is complete an utter crap. Avoid watching (unless you like stupid, gross, and fake movies).
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Good for a laugh, familiar faces
Broadbean10 June 2012
This was more enjoyable than I thought. The acting was not as bad as some of the reviewers say, and for a film that doesn't take itself seriously, neither should you. I actually didn't mind the movie being short, after all it was always hard to stretch the storyline more than an hour.

The whole movie was more like a spoof, and somehow I felt Christopher Lloyd, Ving Rhames and of course The Hoff all added to the fun. The Hoff in particular was great. His role really suited him. He also had a bit more screen time than I would've thought.

I didn't see this in 3D, and I'm not sure if that would've changed my rating. There was a fair bit of gratuitous nudity, but I suppose the gratuitous gore balances that out.

So if you find gratuitous blood, body parts and boobs (and screaming) hilarious, this movie is worth a look over a beer and popcorn. And if you don't like it, it will be over before you know it.
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Shutdown Your Brain and Enjoy This Gross and Funny B-Movie
claudio_carvalho24 November 2012
Lake Victory is a dead place after the tragic events with the invasion of prehistoric flesh-eaters piranhas.

In Cross Lake, Merkin County, the greedy Chet (David Koechner) opens The Big Wet Water Park against the will of his stepdaughter Maddy (Danielle Panabaker). When the van of her friends Travis (Paul James Jordan) and Ashley (Meagan Tandy) is found in the water and the couple is missing, Maddy and her friend Shelby (Katrina Bowden) miss them and they talk on a wooden deck on the lake; out of the blue, they are attacked by piranhas.

Maddy visits the specialist in piranhas Mr. Carl Goodman (Christopher Lloyd) with her former school friend Barry (Matt Bush), who works at The Big Wet, and with her former boyfriend, Deputy Kyle (Chris Zylka), and they discover piranhas in the lake. However Chet refuses to shutdown his water park and soon his costumers are under the attack of the fearful piranhas.

I saw "Piranha 3DD" on DVD and I found it a gross and funny B-Movie, with stupid but hilarious characters. The director knows the B-movie formula, with teats and beautiful girls. Christopher Lloyd has become stereotyped as the mad scientist in American comedies in the end of his career. The uncredited Ving Rhames afraid of the water and shooting with his leg is comical. But David Hasselhoff steals the movie making fun of himself as the most famous lifeguard of all times. If you shutdown your brain, you will certainly enjoy this movie. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Piranha 2" ("Piranha 2")
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Lowest common denominator garbage
rhaynes197417 June 2012
This has to be the absolute nadir of genre film-making. A 20 million dollar budget to produce this crap, ten decent low budget features could have been produced for the same price.

Performances that range from embarrassing to "oh my god what was that?" Visual effects that set the digital revolution back about ten years. Some of the worst one liners in the recent history of cinema and a silly extended but unfunny cameo from the Hoff himself.

All this negative criticism is coming from someone who rated the first one an eight, but the director here seems to have fallen asleep in his chair and forgotten to pen a halfway decent script. A handful of pre-pubescent boys out there may find the barrage of boobs enough to sustain its scant 80 odd minutes - I didn't! Utter garbage!
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One of the worst films ever made - and not in a good way
PimpHandStrong12 June 2012
The first Piranha surprised audiences in 2010 with its wit, over the top nudity, and excessive gore. It never took itself seriously and had a solid cast. This follow-up to the 2010 movie is just honestly embarrassing. It had all the elements that the first movie had, but everything goes horribly wrong with incompetent direction, laughably bad acting and dialogue, and some of the cheapest gore effects I've ever seen.

Why is this movie so bad? Let's start with the plot - there is none. If you can buy the premise that piranhas are going to go in underground lakes and somehow end up in a water park swimming, well then I have a bridge to sell you as well. The characters are all terrible. The one couple in the van early on exists only to die, no other purpose, no even attempted development. Yet later we see other characters mourning their disappearance, only it's forgotten 5 minutes later. The one scene that people will probably remember involves a girl that had a piranha swim up her lady parts (and somehow survive) only to bite her boyfriend's penis during intercourse. Trying to be inventive there, but really just shows the lack of any restraint with this movie. But even if you think the plot and acting are atrocious, at least there will be good gore, right? Wrong. The gore effects can be described in one word: cheap. The special effects with the piranhas are terrible too - you wonder where they spent $20 million on this movie. Not to mention, the inevitable massacre scene is shot so poorly that it has zero coherence and lacks any punch. It looks like they just poured some red dye in the pool and hired a few extras to flop around. The massacre scene in the first film had some of the best gore effects I'd ever seen. This is a joke of a follow-up.

So which actors disgraced themselves for a paycheck? There is a cameo by David Hasselhoff where he's basically mocking himself, but you have to wonder what is going through his head when his character mutters "Welcome to rock bottom." I wonder if the irony is lost on this man. David Koechner is just obnoxious and terrible. Jerry O'Connell played this type of character way better in the first film. Every time Koechner was on screen, I was just wanting him to get killed off already.

And also surprisingly, we don't even get any good nudity. All the extras they hired for this movie look like washed up strippers. None of the cute female leads goes topless. Maybe they ran out of budget and couldn't pay them enough to do it.

I have a feeling that 95% of the people involved in this film will ever have meaningful work in Hollywood again (thankfully). Don't waste your time.
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Crap not worth it!!!
rawzwar2 June 2012
OMG they totally MESSED up this movie.. How do you go from the better story line and funny lines and all to this bad acting, stupid story just plain awful!! not worth 3d shouldn't even be a 3d movie are you kidding me.. I was so looking forward to this after how the first one was and ended great. I mean this one was funny and all but come on seriously BAD BAD BAD!!! VERY Disappointed... DIMENSION FILMS I WANT A REFUND!!!! It started out OK but then just was crap i waisted two hrs of my life i wont get back.. Just answer me how van this even be made... wow!!! very bad !!!!!!!!! MOVIE!!!!! awful... really wanted to see a well made movie just am very mad should've went straight to DVD.....
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Awfully Good - Just don't take it seriously!
liamn199612 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I went to watch this today and I couldn't stop laughing! The bedroom scene is one of the best scenes ever. As with the first one there is lots of nudity and lots of gore! Which I like. Danielle Panabaker is great as the lead and done well with this film. Ving Rhames was back and that was just delightful. David Hasselfhoff - well, what can you say about David? Just too awesome for words. Katrina Bowden gives us the best line in the film "Josh cut off his penis because something came out of my vagina" then of course Ving with his "Bring me my legs". The other cast members were hilarious! It was great seeing some not so familiar faces. The effects (again) were not amazing but enjoyable non the less. The deaths were inventive and funny (wait for the last one)! And of course - Christopher Lloyd, amazingly crazy once again. I gave the Piranha 3D 9/10, this one I give 8/10. It's awesome but the first one is, well... AMAZING! Just don't take the film so seriously, just enjoy it, have a laugh and smile! When this comes on DVD I will have my beer and pizza ready! Great lads film but i'm sure the ladies will love it too! Please go and watch it so we can get a third - God knows what it'll be called...
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Only for those with an acquired taste, I thought it was great though.
poolandrews10 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Piranha 3DD is set a year after the horrible events at lake Victoria where a once believed extinct species of Piranha ate lots of people, money grabbing businessman Chet (David Koechner) runs the Big Wet water-park with his stepdaughter Maddy (Danielle Panabaker) who both have differing opinions on how the park should be run. Meanwhile in an underground lake nearby yet more ferocious Piranha hatch & make their way in the local water system killing & eating anyone that wanders into the water. With the grand summer opening of Big Wet the park is going to be packed full of people looking to have a good time but the killer Piranha manage to feast on them after being sucked into the park through water pipes. The Piranha seem unstoppable as they tear their victims apart...

Directed by John Gulager, the son of veteran actor Clu Gulager who has a small role in this, I am sure the average person on the street will probably hate Piranha 3DD with it's stupidity, moronic character's, over the top gore, in jokes, film references & downright silliness but I have to say I really liked it & I am 100% serious when I make that statement. Every one of the 80 odd minutes that Pirahna 3DD lasts for is either gory, funny or downright stupid & there's never a dull moment if nothing else. It takes a special kind of person to appreciate a film like Piranha 3DD, I am that kind of person as I found the constant in jokes & references absolutely hilarious, seriously I just found this so funny & during the moments that were supposed to be funny as well. Any scene with David Hasselhoff is just brilliant, he makes fun of himself & his public image seemingly in good humour from a hotel room encounter with two gorgeous twenty something girls to his droll reaction to the carnage at the water-park as he states the obvious when he says 'once these moron's get out of the water the fish are hardly likely to follow them home' to a really funny send up of the Baywatch opening credits just after the closing credits here as a curious little bonus. In fact the film itself lasts for a mere 70 minutes yet the end credits last for 12 minutes with lots of outtakes including what looks like a couple of deleted scenes (the female life guard being strangled on her own whistle cord) & messing around by the cast & crew. The whole film is just so much fun to watch, from the first moments with the farting cow corpse to the scene in which Josh runs around with a Piranha clamped to the end of his penis before castrating himself to the young kid who gets his head bitten off at the very end. The more I think about Piranha 3DD the more I like it. There's plenty of gore although maybe not quite as much as the first & there's plenty of flesh on show with nude swimming pools & lots of horny teens wanting sex. Call me easily pleased but I laughed at the right places, I got just about all the in jokes & film references & enjoyed the film as a whole too as it has a reasonable if not exactly brilliant story, in fact the story is basically the same as the original Piranha (2010) but set in a water-park rather than a big lake & it's considerably more funny.

The special effects are alright, the CGI Piranha look okay but not much else & I can't believe they roar like Lions. Whose decision was that exactly? It's the aspect of Piranha 3DD that I thought ended up really lame. There's some gore here, there's plenty of blood & chewed up bodies, there's another severed penis as in the original & to go with all the blood there's lots of nudity on show. Blood & boobs, what more do you want? There's nothing particularly scary here, there's not much build-up of tension & you can guess what's going to happen but it's still great fun. There are lots of bad taste humour & tastelessness going on, a guy with a flapping Piranha stuck up his bum & the priceless line of dialogue where a woman says 'Josh cut of his penis because something came out of my vagina' which is surely one of the greatest lines ever spoken in a motion picture. Enough said. No-involved in the making of Piranha 3DD is taking it seriously so I suggest that anyone watching it doesn't either & just take it for what it is.

The IMDb says that Piranha 3DD had a budget of about $20,000,000 which it total rubbish, try about half that. Since I am blind in one eye I cannot watch films in 3D so I have no idea how effective it is here. Filmed in Wilmington in North Carolina. The cameos from Christopher Lloyd & Ving Rhames reprising their roles from the original are also pretty funny, especially Rhames & his gun legs which he borough by saving money from 'not buying any socks'! Gary Busey also has a small cameo at the start. The rest of the cast are OK, they were obviously chosen for their looks rather than their acting skills.

Piranha 3DD is a film that the majority of people will hate & despise, of that I have no doubt but for those of us who it was actually made for will probably love it. Sure, it constantly tries to appeal to the lowest common denominator with it's nudity, gore, nastiness & outright silly send-ups & gags but there's no harm in that. Is there?
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makes the first one look like the best horror movie ever made!
dschlatter15 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Has anyone ever watched Severance? Now there's a beautiful example of a horror movie with just the right amount of pitch black humor. I loved it!

This total piece of garbage? Oh, please! I have to dig deep into the Steven Seagal archive to find movies that are equally uninspired. It doesn't work as a horror movie (no suspense!) and it sure as hell doesn't work as a comedy (bad, lame and sick jokes at best!). The worst part is that only after one hour does the movie decide to wanna be a comedy as well. Until then they desperately try to create suspenseful scenes, in which people almost get bitten. It's like saying: "Well, we just can't seem to make it scary. Let's turn it into a travesty. Ideas? Anyone? Say what? A fish inside of her...? And then it bites into his...? Awesome! Let's do this. Quick, guys, before I get sober again!"

Do you know what made the first one good? It packs a brutal punch but still finds the time to tell a story and develop some characters.

3DD fails to deliver on all fronts. Just awful!

Let me put it this way: The director wanted 'Lethal Weapon 2' but out came 'The Naked Gun' instead. Only without ANY quality and no Leslie Nielsen. See what I mean?

Stay clear of this movie!! You were warned!!!
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A masterpiece
otis-simon9217 May 2012
I must admit, that it is very hard to write a review for something this amazing, but I will try my best to express it here.

The sequel to the ever so popular "Piranha 3D" is back, and my Lord it came back with a vengeance. Returning to the big screen with everything we loved about the first film, but with even more substance thrown in to entice new fans of the series as well as keeping us existing ones impressed.

The movie is set 12 months after the tragic events that transpired at Lake Victoria, where at a nearby lake, the first sign of the piranha's return is beckoned upon two unexpected townsfolk, with a disastrous end. Now, by the lake, a new water park called 'Big Wet' is opening up, to uplift the general public who have had a morbid and disconsolate year, and what better way to attract customers than with scantily dressed women? But our main character Maddy, has caught wind of the recent piranha attack, and is in a desperate race against time to stop the piranhas from feasting on the unexpected public. This leads to some edge of your seat moments that leaves you totally immersed.

This is the perfect example of how you don't need a complicated plot to make something great. The casting was perfection. It has all of the recognisable faces such as Danielle Panabaker, Matt Bush and Katrina Bowden. And if these names are not making your jaw hit the floor then the two amazing cameos by Christopher Lloyd and David Hasselhoff certainly will. And let us not forget about the various porn stars scattered around in this movie. You would think that porn actresses can't act to save their lives and they are there for fan service, but this movie has removed this ridiculous stereotype. From the beginning you can sense the raw emotion that these girls are portraying in their characters; from the ecstasy of them enjoying the carefree lifestyle working at the water park, to the anguish they must feel when they see on of their own friends attacked by a ruthless and unforgiving piranha.

And you may be thinking that this adrenaline rush of a movie won't have any character development, but that's where you're wrong. There is a love triangle in this movie that can give 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' a run for its money. (Google it) The conflicts between Kyle (Chris Zylk) an old flame of Maddy (Danielle Panabaker), and Barry (Matt Bush) a childhood friend who was secretly in love with our protagonist Maddy is electrifying; it is very rare to see this much passion in modern cinema these days and provides an enjoyable side story to go with the already fantastic plot.

The visuals in this movie was very simplistic to the point where compared to some other blockbusters out there, it looks like some kid shot it from his blackberry. But this wasn't a bad thing. It shows that the visuals do not need to be excessive, and it proves that you don't need a ridiculous budget to fund flashy FXs to stick in people's mind (Looking at you Avatar). It also doesn't use cheap 3D tricks like a guy sticking his hand towards the screen, but utilises the 3D to truly emerge you into the movie itself. When a piranha jumps out of the water, you can sense the raw ferocity of it as it homes in on its unexpected targets, which could only be provided with the inclusion of 3D.

Walking into the cinema screen, I had very low expectations, but this film has done more than just exceeded them, but made me re-evaluate cinema as a medium. While writing this review I was hard pressed as to what score to give this, as a perfect 10 may not give it justice, to what may be one of the most influential movies of our generation.

So I'd like to advise all movies goers to grab their jackets, match down to the cinema and watch this masterpiece of a movie known as Piranha 3DD.
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Skip this one if you are fan of decent stuff
kailash-kain28 July 2012
No decent story, writer must have finished it over coffee break. Its all about crazy ways to kill a crowd within minutes. Tries very hard, at times, to be entertaining. But, apart from 2 or 3 moments, its a no-show.

Trust me, if you don't want to see senseless killing, you may think of something else to do. Anything but this. Next they will come up with Piranha-3. And to extend the series further, someone on phone will claim that Piranhas can talk or fly or can change shapes or whatever. Time to wrap this up. I don't think this subject can get downhill anymore than it already has.
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The Aquatic Penis Munching Continues
Simon_Says_Movies15 September 2012
The aquatic penis munching and poor character choices continue in Piranha 3DD, the even goofier follow-up to Alexandre Aja's surprisingly entertaining 2010 remake, the former of which has just been made available on DVD and Blu-ray. Although containing plenty of both intentional and unintentional laughs, "3DD" often mistakes simple-minded schlock cinema for parody and balls-out nonsense for organic fun. The Weinstein Company/Dimension Films should strongly consider packing this disc with a six pack of beer combo offer.

It's really no surprise that an influx of gratuitous nudity, celebrity cameos (as game and often ironically funny as they often are) and heaps of sheer camp can do little to raise Piranha 3DD to the level of its predecessor. It's even less mysterious as to how populating this film with jerks, ditsy bitches and pure morons (who are seemingly all bipolar judging by their mood, rationalizing and motivations) fail to make for a compelling B-movie.

Of course we expect these human-shaped hunks of piranha fodder to make poor decisions for the sake of crimson water, but when it seems like the writers are intentionally trying to craft most of these individuals with the IQ of water-logged bait worms, it comes off more as insulting.

A year has passed since the massacre at Lake Victoria, and following an eradication campaign that led to the complete and utter contamination of the water, the town's tourist industry has been likewise extinguished. But to paraphrase Dr. Malcolm from Jurassic Park, "life finds a way" and a newly evolved school of prehistoric nasties has managed to elope to another nearby lake, which unlucky for its inhabitants, supplies the local water park called "The Big Wet." Oh and in case you were even going to ask, these piranha have mutated to thrive in chlorinated water or something, so the attack may, in fact, commence without delay.

Of the things to enjoy in Piranha 3DD, it's bar none the extended cameos from Ving Rhames (complete with a shotgun leg) and a booze-swilling, out-of-shape David Hasselhoff whose self-lampooning is the only effective instance of parody to be found in this sequel. His reluctant "celebrity appearance" at the opening of "The Big Wet" amounts to nearly all of the films involuntary chuckles and his bond with a young boy (which forms because he is the only one who doesn't recognize him as the star from Baywatch) is close to the stuff of comedy gold.

Aside from those fleeting moments of inspiration, Piranha 3DD is missed opportunity after miscalculated set-piece. I mean, if you've managed to devise a scenario where a fish has managed to enter (and live in) a woman's vagina and then manage to overlook the chance to make an "eating out" joke, the filmmakers have failed us all. As far as high camp is concerned, you could certainly find more blasé fare, though that doesn't excuse this film from being an unnecessary sequel that seems to think its audience consists of horny preteens who have never seen a proper parody rather than horror buffs looking for a faithful and lovingly crafted follow-up to Piranha 3D.
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End of Piranha franchise
saadgkhan27 June 2012
Piranha 3DD – TRASH IT (C-) When Piranha's remake was released in 2010, it surprised everyone as it was pretty good and even still it holds whooping 73% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. When sequel was announced there was hope it'll be good but when its first promo was released everyone knew it's more like Straight-to-DVD sort of movie. To no Surprise Piranha 3DD, with tons of double Ds is a disastrous. It starts okay with all clichéd unfamous tween stars but end terribly. There is no sense or humor to anything. Bad production, performance and screenplay tank the future of Piranhas. Danielle Panabaker alone couldn't save mediocre performances by other tweens Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Chris Zylka, Matt Bush, Meagan Tandy, Katrina Bowden and Paul James Jordan. Piranha 3DD starts mediocre (C) and ends dreadfully (D). Overall rating (C-)
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as good as the first
jack-braith99913 May 2012
look, i know there have been many negative opinions towards this film and i know its not worth 10, but it is good, just don't have high expectations for it. i admit i was looking forward to this. the opening scene is funny and gory, the effects in this are a huge improvement over its predecessor. the actors are great with great cameos from the Hoff, vingh rhimes and c lloydd. the deaths in this are extremely brutal and the climactic scene is absolultley crazy and bonkers. if gore and laughs is your thing and you loved the original piranha you'll love this. the 3d is excellent, some of the best i've seen and due to the short running length of 83 minutes, the time will fly by and you will have a great time.
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Still a whole lotta fun!
baz_boy8510 May 2012
OK so I've been looking forward to Piranha 3DD for ages now...I was bummed when I heard it may be going straight to DVD but alas here I am, happy as Larry that I just watched it at the cinema :)

Firstly let me start by saying that the movie has a great pace. Even though its not a long film, everything moves fast giving plenty of action along the way.

Danielle Panabaker is great in the lead role, David Hasslehoff has fun with his cameo and Christopher Llyod laps up his brief screen time.

There's a decent amount of blood and gore but definitely nowhere near as much as the first. Also the scale of the film feels so much smaller then the previous entry you start to think that they released the films in the wrong order!!

But having said that, the film is such fun, just like the first and there is never a dull moment thrown in with some great laughs :)
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Nauseating Garbage
JasonDanielBaker21 July 2012
If you have seen any one of the Piranha movies going all the way back to 1978 then what is shown here is more of the same. By casting David Hasselhoff as himself they showed they really weren't even trying with this one.

The only awards the female lead Danielle Panabaker might win for her performance here is an Amber Tamblyn lookalike contest.

Set in the water park equivalent of a strip club with profoundly unlikeable and spectacularly dumb characters the essential hook here is to show naked people (Mostly women) and gore which is not something everyone wants to see together or even separately.

The gross-out factor gets to be pretty intense and for the second one of these movies in a row male genital mutilation is served up for audience approval and that isn't even the most disgusting thing shown.

What we see readily earns this flick its R rating within 10 minutes. There is political incorrectness and then there is Girls Gone Wild out-takes intercut with cheap indie horror. The piranhas look like claymation when you see them up close. You'd expect more from a production with a estimated $20 million budget.

Shot in Wilmington. North Cackalacky is rapidly becoming Hollywood Southeast.
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Let's Swim With All of Our Clothes On!
rmcatalina1 June 2012
I don't know about you, but I have never seen 20-somethings at any real beach or pool swimming dressed like they were going to a college class. But just as in the original "Piranha 3D," our hero men are fully dressed whenever they're in the water. It's a startling contrast to the treatment of women, who are usually naked or, at most, wearing a skimpy bathing suit. I know the target audience is 19-year-old guys, but I can't believe they'd be squeamish about men being shown in a realistic way. Look at the Hollister Co. website! Even in a bedroom sex scene, the guy's upper body is mostly covered up by a sheet. There is a very brief nude scene with him, but it's more of a flash cut compared to the women's scenes. With "Piranha 3D" I speculated the male lead of that film wore a shirt during the big rescue scene because he has a large tattoo on his arm in real life. Maybe that's the case with all of the young male stars today? Now, there is one exception: David Hasselhoff, in a role as a lifeguard, is shown with his shirt off -- but he probably should have left it on. Aside from this strange double standard swimming attire, "Piranha 3DD" tells essentially the same story as its predecessor, except with a new cast and more confined location. Aside from a sympathetic performance by Matt Bush, we don't get to know any of these characters well enough to care about them. The script is mostly series of vignettes of characters who just appear, get killed, and we move on to the next random couple. I laughed a few times at some unintentionally funny situations, but there really is no plot, other than the formula that repeats scene after scene. The biggest flaw is opening the show with a summary from the first film. This preempts any kind of mystery element in the first act. I saw this is a major theater on a Friday night...I was the only one in the house. I guess that sums it up best.
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Biggest mistake of century (unnecessary sequel)
josephjk25 June 2012
This would be a movie for Fishers. This should be a nomination for the worst movie of this year. What a disappointment for horror movies! The whole cast is weird. This one is very predictable and showed a remarkable lack of any sense of human biology or basic plumbing. They could've done so much more! It seems a film aimed at 14 or 15 years old kids who are hoping to get a peek at some boobies for the first time in their lives.. Why would any1 spend their cash on this garbage. Why would there be piranhas in a community pool? Makes such nonsense. It's more funny than scary/ To be honest, I think the film doesn't even deserve such a detailed review.
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Exhaustingly incompetent and ferociously indulgent
StevePulaski1 June 2012
Piranha 3DD is the first 3D film, or "3DD" film in this case, to be released both theatrically and through video on demand. I wouldn't even call this 3D. All you get are creatures, breasts, blood, water, and vomit careening towards the camera amateurishly and in an unnecessary fashion. At least it's in bright colors and not dimmed with a ludicrous surcharge.

The film is an affront to the genre of horror-comedy, shielded by the unacceptable and numbing phrase "leave your brain at the door," and atrociously erected off of clichés, idiocy, and nude characters. The original Piranha 3D was a surprising summer success, and to be fair, it wasn't horrifically awful. The actors in it knew they were in a goofy, outrageous B-movie ode, and some sequences were well arranged. The problem? The CGI, which killed many of the death scenes, making them look implausible and unrealistic, virtually killed the mood and the idea that this was a low budget, cheesy horror flick.

And now, the marginally passable horror flick has a sequel leaching off of it, that pushes the envelope of parody so far that it becomes dreadfully incompetent. It is so indulgent, always trying to be so witty and cute with its puns, references, and spoof-elements that the stench of desperation quickly fogs the screen.

Instead of a beach, this time, we are taken to a water-park, ran by the royally perverted and careless step-dad of our main character (Koecher). He is so pre-occupied with prepubescent fantasies that he ignores everyone around him completely. His daughter Maddy (Panabaker), co-owner of the water-park and aspiring marine biologist, is concerned that with the rumor of piranhas swimming through sewers and drain pipes that they may be a hazard to the park. Her step-dad doesn't listen, and it isn't before long that he gets his comeuppance.

The remainder of the picture is a mindless shows for the kiddies, containing more breasts than anything I've seen this whole year, sometimes even two or more pairs per frame. The film is so juvenile, crass, and filthy-minded, and the characters so impotent, one-note, and poor that one can not help either drifting away while watching or just simply not caring.

There is a degrading, nasty scene in the film I'd like to discuss. It involves a piranha festering around the part of a woman that goes without saying, before it leapfrogs and jumps out onto that part of a man that goes without saying, before he has to cut the whole thing off with scissors. The scene is nothing short of unnecessary and borderline reprehensible.

One thing that Piranha 3D had was the star-power its sequel woefully lacks. It had the appearances of great actors like Elizabeth Shue, Jerry O'Connell, Ving Rhames, and Christopher Lloyd, showing despite their well deserved success, could still pull off a campy exercise relatively well. Lloyd makes a cameo in a scene far too short, Rhames does too and earns the only laughs the picture sees, and David Hasselhoff, portraying himself as a lifeguard, shows us why he has fallen off the face of the mainstream world in the first place.

Now, maybe I'm being too brazen and unfair. Piranha 3DD is a fairly harmless piece of work, but not a good one at that. Its structure of scantily clad women, many full-frontally nude, phoned-in characters, too little, too late cameos, third rate special effects, and cheap, nonexistent suspense wears so thin so quickly it becomes appalling. I have no problem with horror, even when it creates a hybrid with the neighboring genre of comedy, but this is a work of hybrid indulgence and overkill.

NOTE: The film ends the same way Piranha 3D ended, with an abrupt, unsuspecting scene that provides us with one last quick jump and conveniently leaves the franchise open for another sequel. Though with the very secluded release of this sequel, I wouldn't put all my money on "3DDD" so quickly.

Starring: Danielle Panabaker, Matt Bush, David Koechner, Chris Zylka, Katrina Bowden, Gary Busey, Christopher Lloyd, and David Hasselhoff. Directed by: John Gaulger.
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B Grade movie delivers exactly what it promises.
Robborg20033 June 2012
The film is advertised as having "Double the D's"... What are you expecting to watch; "The Last Emperor" ?? I actually found this better than the first one (and even more importantly better than James Camerons original sequel "Piranha 2: Flying Killers"). 3DD is quicker paced,more tackier and fun to watch. 3DD also delivers heaps of bouncing boobs and really thats what the 14 year old boys who go to see this want to see. Like honestly how serious can you take a movie with lines like: "Josh cut off his penis because something came out of my vagina!!" My one complaint would have to be the running time. It felt like it was over in an hour. Like honestly we have to pay extra to see a 3D movie, that doesn't mean the studios can make shorter movies.. Does it?
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Fails on almost every level!
MaybeTomorrow28 June 2012
I had high hopes for this film. I absolutely LOVED Alexandre Aja's Piranha film. But everything that made that movie work, is nowhere to be found in this film. Sure, it features lots of blood and lots of nudity but it lacks all the fun. The only funny thing worth mentioning is David Hasselhof's role and when that man is the only funny thing in your film, you've got a problem. The kills are lame, the characters are beyond stupid (i know these movies aren't about the characters, but they could at least TRY) and it's all too exaggerated to be fun. My recommendation: Skip this one and just watch Alexandre Aja's film or the original 1978 classic again. 4/10
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what is this?
Mystical_lonewolf15 August 2012
I really wish that people would realize that horror movies does not mean porno with gore. Is this what we reduced ourselves to? Did the director walk up and go, "Hyuk, hyuk, let's add in tits and gore babes. hyuk,hyuk?" A piranha in the woman? Seriously? It's not even possible for the piranha to just crawl up between her legs and she didn't notice. Also, the piranha would just eat her, not live in her genitalia. This is just some really stupid film. I lost all faith in humanity when people not only makes films like this, but actually like it.

All i can say is that i don't want to live on this planet anymore. I don't want to live with middle-aged men with the mentality of a 13 year old perverted kid who gets off peeping at women and drawing boobs. If i want to see gratuitous sex, i'll watch porn. What i want is a scary film, and this ain't it. This doesn't deserve a 1/10, it deserves -100/10.
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Is This A Propaganda Film By The Taliban ?
Theo Robertson2 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'd nearly written this review before I'd even seen it . Something along the lines of " I really hate 3-D BLAH BLAH BLAH . The narrative drive is held up by self congratulatory mis-en-scene BLAH BLAH BLAH . The camera angles are of an unnatural nature BLAH BLAH BLAH " and my fears were confirmed by the opening pre-title sequence as we're shown long lingering shots that merely exist to show the audience this is a film in 3-D but after this I saw something totally unexpected - a film so bad it made me forget I was watching something with a gimmick and made me think I was watching something produced by either Mad Mullah Omar or Fred Phelps

From the outset we're watching a film that has an entirely ethnocentric world view of America . People of the United states are very young , impossibly good looking and incredibly stupid . The only people who aren't are very old , very ugly and very stupid and everyone has a sex drive higher than Mount Everest . This is acceptable if you're good looking and female and totally disgusting if you're not

We're introduced to heroine Maddy and villain Chet her stepfather . We know Maddy is the heroine because her breasts can't be bigger than 34B and are natural unlike 99% of the women featured . One wonders how the other women can swim since their obviously enhanced boobs make it aerodynamically impossible . We know instantly Chet is the villain because he own's 51% of the water-park to Maddy's 49%. That and the fact Chet comes across as so creepy you just want to look him up on the Megan's Law website

And that's the thing about PIRANHA 3-DD . The humour relies on innuendo but it's not the type of naughty but nice innuendo you see in the likes of THE BENNY HILL SHOW but this lazy near the knuckle humour along the lines of " Are you still wet " that wasn't funny to begin with and continues for most of the film , so much so you find yourself very tempted to switch off

What saves the film from being a total disaster is that the final third works very well when we're introduced to David Hasselhoff playing ..... David Hssselhoffa sort of hetrosexual Liberace . The set-piece of the piranha attacking the swimmers at the water-park are very entertaining in a tasteless way . One thing I remember about the Joe Dante original is the lack of internal logic where people wade through the water for no other reason than to be eaten . This is referenced by a woman asking for the Hoff to help and his replying that " They've only got themselves to blame by staying in the water . What'd expect the fish to do ? Follow them home " which had me laughing out-loud while wondering why this type of post modernist wit wasn't employed earlier ?

In short this is a very uneven film . It's trash as so many people have said but some of it is slightly witty , or rather slightly witty in comparison with much of the other humour employed . Being a 3-D movie many scenes merely exist to show the audience that it's a 3-D movie whilst some scenes exist merely to show that America has a monopoly on bikini babes with silicon breasts. Most teenage boys will enjoy it while Jihadists will think it's a gritty documentary about infidels in small town America
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FAKE BOOBS=Complete boredom!
james-turner3718 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched this piece of crap, I find it terrible. There is no story here, a guy chops his own penis off, with a bunch of fake huge breasts bouncing around, oh wait I mean not bouncing since there all fake.

Not that I have a problem with watching beautiful women with nice boobs, but there is a time and place for that.(when I do watch beautiful women I prefer normal natural boobs, not fake garbage)

Back in the day when they use to make real and intelligent horror films this boob thing was never a factor. This is my point, why try to sell a film just from a male heterosexual attribute, I find this sexist, and just plain dumb film making. This is not a film, this is just stupid cocky rich kids trying to make a "movie" with the backing of a rich arrogant society. Let us not forget the first film was produced by goof ball "Eli Roth". Let's also not forget that he came from a rich family from Newton, Massachusetts, born from a Doctor(his father) and lived the high life.

Must be nice to have everything given to you on a "silver platter", I wish I was that little rich kid.

The directors and producers once again just wanted to make money off of a film that is a horror rated version of girls gone wild.

In this garbage version, sequel whatever you want to call it has great actors like Christopher Lloyd, Gary Busey, David Hasslhoff, which are all talented actors. Even with the Hoff's recent burger incident he is still a great actor. This film just makes them all look like they are trying to make a buck and not be who they can really be. I feel they are all better than this instead of selling themselves to a horrible accident of a film. This is the only thing horrifying in this film is the fact they tried to plug past great actors to sell the film.


The original films were suppose to be taken seriously and not made into a half porno/horror film. This makes me angry, I love the original films, Piranha I&II. I didn't enjoy watching the out takes at the end with the whole idea of making it into some funny joke of a film from the past.(like American Pie)

I challenge the real directors and producers out there to make a serious remake, telling the story of Piranha in an intelligent manner, not seeing it from an idiot version giving us a PG Titty rating, with no substance, no storyline.

I want to see true science, true palaeontologists facts like the beginning of the first remake. With the prehistoric idea when Christopher Lloyd tells the story of the Piranha. I want to watch this film how it was when it first came out. I wish there was a remake with intelligence out there.

Maybe somebody has a brain and uses it to actually make a remake, without turning it into a total Girls Gone Wild horrorfest.

Well, in turn this second edition was more pathetic than the first remake. Cashing in on washed up actors. But I sincerely think they are not really washed up, I think that Hollycrap, Sorry I meant Hollywood has no way of producing actual intelligent films. Taking old school popular actors and making them act for this kind of garbage is the true pornographic material that this film represents.

I say a -10 out of 10 for me.
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