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  • A tormented young woman is given a hiding place by an elderly lady and soon they are reminded of their mutual horrendous past.

  • Estonian in early 1990s: The story of two women from different eras whose lives are equally full of deception, despair and fear. Aliida survived the nightmare of the Stalinist camps and the deportation of Estonians to Siberia. At the same time, she has to live with a sense of guilt for her opportunism and even for the death of people. One night in 1992, she finds a young woman in the courtyard of independent countryside: Zara has been beaten down and is escaping from the bandits of the Russian mafia who kept her as a sexual slave. Subsequently, it turns out that Aliida and Zara are relatives. Gradually, their relationships and their stories are intertwined into a complex network. The cycle of hatred and violence continues from decade to generation.



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  • Told largely in flashbacks, this film begins by introducing two seemingly dissimilar characters first meeting. The story quickly progresses to reveal both are victims; one a victim of the comunist purge of facists in Estonia, the other the victim of sex trafficking.

    The major theme of the film is the life of the older woman--unrequetted love, suffering, hardship, selfishness and sacrifice. The younger woman's appearance and crisis serve as a catalyst for the elder to reexamine and reevaluate her own life.

    This film has a number of very graphic and very traumatic scenes, including rape, torture and murder. Not recommended for young viewers.

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