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Season 3

24 Feb. 2014
Episode #3.1
Whilst Clive Reader celebrates his taking silk but Martha hits the bottle, angry that inspector Wright has lied in court to convict her client Johnny Foster. Later David, the teen-aged son of chambers head Alan Cowdrey, is arrested for causing the death of a policeman , one of six who kettled him during a demonstration. Martha believes David has been bullied into pleading guilty by Wright and wants Alan involved in his son's case but David is not keen to see his father. Reader and Caroline Warwick agree to help Martha, who sees on CCTV that an anonymous man spoke to ...
3 Mar. 2014
Episode #3.2
Martha defends footballer Jordan Sinclair, who has attacked fellow player Dean Trent on the pitch in front of thousands - with Clive Reader prosecuting. Just before going into court Martha learns that Sinclair has recently fallen foul of smug manager Ben Madden, who appears to have coached Trent into deliberately needling him. Martha also discovers that Sinclair is gay, giving Trent another excuse to torment him and she brings in a witness to prove Madden and Trent's general bullying. New office manager Harriet Hammond continues to cross swords with the ...
10 Mar. 2014
Episode #3.3
Martha is engaged by euthanasia campaigner and solicitor Aisha Wiseman to defend Sarah Stephens, accused of helping her tetraplegic daughter Jo to die. Reader is prosecuting and brings in Sarah's ex-husband Patrick and their fifteen year old son to show that Jo did not want to die as Sarah stated. Whilst two expert witnesses appear to endorse this and Sarah's defensive attitude towards her family make her a less than cooperative client Martha realizes that she may be covering up for somebody else. Meanwhile Jake is poached by a rival firm and Billy tells Martha that, ...
17 Mar. 2014
Episode #3.4
Martha is approached by solicitor Dani Kakwani, whose nephew Rashid is wanted for extradition by the US authorities for his supposed role in a bomb outrage at an Arizona university. The American embassy is keen to offer a deal in order to hurry the process but Martha believes their information is wrong and that he was not where they claim. However Rashid has lied to her as he is clearly covering for somebody else, as are MI5 and the judge asks Reader to investigate. Finally Martha locates the missing person to help her cause. Meanwhile Caroline, standing for head of ...
24 Mar. 2014
Episode #3.5
Martha visits old flame Sean McBride in prison. He is charged with shooting dead gangster Jimmy Monk after Monk's family demanded protection money to allow him to open a night club in their territory. Despite an obvious bias she represents him with Caroline prosecuting though she comes close to exposing her position and needs Reader to support her. Billy visits corrupt solicitor Micky joy in custody after which Martha takes him to one side. Harriet is happy to back Amy in her sexual harassment case against him but Martha urges him to admit that his prostate cancer ...
31 Mar. 2014
Episode #3.6
Believing in Sean McBride's guilt Clive Reader withdraws from the case whilst in court Martha's passionate, if biased, speeches lead to accusations of 'performing'. Increasingly the evidence suggests that Sean was indeed the owner of the gun which killed Monk though, as the trial continues, Billy brings in Micky Joy to high-light police corruption and present Sean as a victim of a dishonest inspector. After the jury delivers its verdict Billy is exonerated of the sexual harassment charge as, much to his annoyance, his terminal illness is revealed and the chambers ...

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