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Wonderful Tamil History wasted by a poor screenplay
bull_dog00628 October 2011
First thing: I don't know why Harris was paid for this movie, He has copy pasted major of songs and his BGM is actually playing against the movie.

Murugadoss trying to share a lost part of Tamil history is commendable. But it is heartbreaking that he has tried to do it through a rehashed plot beaten to death in Hollywood movies. Nothing great about the much hyped action sequence. Only good part of the movie is the first 20 minutes portraying the story in 520 AD and Shruti's outburst in the scene where the scientists try to mock her for using a book written in Tamil as the reference for her research. Every Tamilian should share the spirit. Shruthi has a better role than Surya in the movie. Only role for Surya is the one u see in posters

Thanks to ARM for sharing the wonderful Tamil History, but this beautiful concept is spoiled by the annoying BGM and a poor screenplay. Btr luck next time Doss....
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Expectation always hurts----7 aum arivu
ruganblue27 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I went in with loads of expectations.Only to be disappointed after the first half an hour.Making a big budget movie(in terms of Tamil film industry) with big actors is really a huge burden.Murgadoss clearly succumbed to such a huge pressure.

It takes immense talent,hard work and more importantly the knack of creating what we really wanted to,rather than what others wanted to present a wholesome entertainer.I rate Shankar way above every Tamil director to give a humongous entertaining movie.Many have attempted it and I don't find anyone even coming close to him.

Now let us come to the movie.What did the director really wanted to convey?

-> The life history of Bodhidharma? -> To praise Tamil as a language and Culture?

Had he tried this whole-heartedly, I bet, the outcome would have been excellent and the viewers would have loved it.

I understand the time and efforts put by the director&co for the research on Bodhidharma and Tamil culture,genetic engineering,Bio war,China's intrusion and their motive.Every bit of this is true and the director can be lauded only for trying to bring all these within 160 odd minutes.Hard work only pays if it meets intelligence.

In spite of all these efforts,what the film viewer got was,

-> A normal commercial movie,leaving the first half an hour. -> Usual romance though the director tried trimming it as much as possible. -> Five..sorry four really unnecessary songs.The songs were really irritating.(yemma yemma was the worst of all.) -> A usual smart hero who plays with everyone,suddenly out of nowhere becomes patriotic and clever. -> Usual heroine,strictly with a non-tamil looks and accent,but glorifies tamil throughout the movie.(tolerable???) -> A suave anti-hero, less spoken, trying to speak with eyes!!! but tortures with his facial expressions.

The director has underestimated the film viewers which is a big disappointment for a normal film goer like me.Every second scene there is dialogue glorifying tamil.And every third scene there is a reference to Bodhidharma.It makes me wonder what such directors think of film viwers?

In short let us see the positives and negatives.

Positives: ->Bold try. ->Surya's efforts. ->Camera,editing

Negatives: ->Screenplay ->Songs && BGM ->Graphics(Car stunt sequence) ->Director's under estimation

Suggestion: -> Could have made the movie in two parts.It requires immense guts though,which no one has in Tamil industry. -> Never try to cheat film viewers in the name of culture,language etc etc.However intelligent you might be!!!!!
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Its all about Surya!
nanda-ramesh27 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Saw the movie on the 1st day (26th Oct), noon show. It was fun to hear the whistles when "the man" appeared first time. Mind you this is in Bangalore. Interestingly, Director Murgadoss also got similar response when his name appeared.

The story, I think all of you know by now having probably read the summary or one of the many detailed reviews out there. It is a science fiction story based loosely on the various legends of Bodhi Dharma with a plot similar to many recent movies/books like Outbreak, James Rollins "Doomsday Key", etc. The story ties those 1500 yr old legends to modern day issues and eventually becomes the usual masala(potboiler) movie. The script is still very much an original one(I thought) tailored to showcase Surya and Shruthi Hassan.

Now for my critique.

The good things first:

  • I thought Surya's acting was fantastic. He is truly head and shoulders above everybody else resulting in them looking bad by comparison. Future casters for Suryas movies have to be smarter and put actors around him, even for smaller roles, who are up for the challenge.

  • The plot is quite good and I commend the group for experimenting and taking risks. The presentation of the 500AD scenes were quite believable.

  • Songs were good. I was looking forward to the Ringa Ringa one. It was again a good try. However, I was disappointed with the fast camera panning and lack of more crowd screen time, that is the non-planted ones. It seemed to me that they had too many actors mingled in the crowd and in effect missed out capturing the true surprise shown by the normal crowd on suddenly seeing Surya dancing.

Now the bad things:

  • Other than Surya, and the villain John Nguyen(?), rest of the action was sub-par. Shruthi Hassan, her friends, Professor, Chinese plotters, Police etc..etc..all looked to be from a C grade movie. I sincerely feel, Shruthi is better off going back to music. She looked stiff and overwhelmed in her role. Her dialog delivery was as bad as it can get. I thought also she lacked the Glamour feel for the Heroine role and worst of all... no chemistry with Surya! Oh well....but she has good looks and who knows...with her pedigree she might still make it.

  • Too much violence. But thats just me. The Tamil-makkal(people) may like it. But I and my wife thought there was too much gore and killing, a lot of which could have been avoided. Dong lee forced one too many hypnotic "harakiris" leaving the audience exhausted by the end.

  • The plot ended quite amateurishly after starting out well. I can take stretching the possibilities quite a bit given this is a science fiction movie...but to do genetic modification using scriptures from 500 AD? Well, I have to draw the line somewhere! :) Also, what happened to China after it was exposed to have perpetrated a massive terror strike on India? The script conveniently forgot all about it.

  • unnecessary Tamil pride lines all through with a totally weird final rah-rah speech by Surya. Just tell the story and let the audience figure it out...when it is force-fed...the message becomes a bit rancid.

Overall, in spite of the original exciting script handled by great talent all around, the movie became an usual run-of-the-mill masala. Too bad! But I do hope the same group will venture further and do a better one next time and make sure they have enough screen time to end it well.
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A nice try, but a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT
karthick-me28 October 2011
Pros: Good Story line, Tamil Pride and Steady Villain

Cons: Poor Screen play, Copied Music(Even the BGM), Sluggish dialogs, And some ridiculous scenes of vehicles flying, Sruthi's Tamil accent, terribly placed songs

* AR Murugadass - Failed to deliver a world class movie even with such an incredible crew. * Villain 'Dong Lee' - Welcome to Kollywood, u may get another Tamil film. * Harris Jeyaraj - (Sorry, could'not use bad language here). * Terrible scene - The sequence where a girl and a sanitary worker doing martial arts fight is terrible. And the vehicles flying like papers - A pure comedy.

Verdict: A Big disappointment (considering the big hype by Murugadoss)


Rediff: "Harris Jeyaraj's music usually adds pep to the proceedings; here, they are a severe let-down here, not to mention the fact that they hamper the proceedings and act as a stumbling-block. Removing them would have aided the movie a good deal"

Bollywoodlife: "What follows is a love story spanning an hour of screen time, including three songs, inter-cut with pointless and pedantic explanations of the DNA matching process. Haasan supposedly plays a native medicine doctor's daughter from Thanjavur, but her Tamil accent and diction sounds like she's just jetted in from another planet, struggling as she does with complicated polysyllabic words."

Tamilwire: "Also, the director has taken generous scientific liberties in constructing his script. Nothing wrong with that, science fiction is a welcome addition to Indian cinema. But, once a scientific track is adopted, it must be seen through to the end. Instead, the script abandons the scientific credibility towards the fag end to give way to a commercial climax action sequence"

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An assault on all of your senses
mahenicecold26 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This was a very much hyped movie.Seriously the makers of this movie took marketing it to the extremes.But the question is does it live upto the hype.And the answer sadly is no.

And the biggest disappointment is that it promises a lot but is not able to deliver as it is let down by some shoddy screenplay.And the director seems to have made no effort with the movie's characterization.None of the characters are well etched.The plot is a bit far fetched but the concept is digestible.

The actors Suriya and Shruti Haasan don't produce any brilliant acting to write home about and the heroine seems to be just going through the motions in a lot of scenes.

The plus points of the films are the well choreographed action sequences involving the villain Johnny Nguyen.The action sequences make the movie worthwhile.The songs should please the audience. But they are not enough to keep the movie from disappointing.
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Not a Great one but yes its good...
nanaashwin26 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, the director has started the film in a good old age sequence. The Bodhidharma, pallava culture, travel to Chinese land, Fight sequence in the china etc... was good. The hero could apt for 70% of the character(my suggestion of hero who is apt for the character is Kamal Hasan.Any ways he cant act though). Then the plot moves to Chennai where the decedent of Bodhidharma Dharma is now working in a circus- second Suriya. Sruthi hasan gets acquainted with him and those scenes are good indeed, but rather getting us away from the main theme. then hero comes to know about sruthi-suba who is a genetic engineering student and was following a ancient book script left by Bodhidharma dharma himself to excite the DNA to bring out hereditary skills or abilities. Dong lee - Johnny Nguyen a shaolin student, one of the best, who is hired by some Chinese goons to carryout an operation in India comes and tends to kill sruthi hasan and suriya. sruthi can bring the Bodhidharma dharma back to present by exciting Surya's DNA. so this was to be stopped by dong lee, if not his whole operation would be a failure, because the operation is a bio war, in which certain deadly virus is set out which happened in the period of bodhidharma(in china) and he is the one who cured it. so bringing him back would cure India of the virus again. so is Surya's DNA excited? did he turn to Bodhidharma dharma? did dong lee successfully complete his mission? Answers to this is the climax.

this film truly portrays the Tamilan's power and also strictly portrays their mind set which never accepts their ability....
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Over Rated
kannan_fifa28 October 2011
7aam Arivu - 6.5/10 - 7aam Arivu as promised managed to deliver a strong message weaved with a sturdy historic story. Certainly any 'Tamilan' who watches this film, can feel the pride of knowing about an ancestor like Bodhidharman. A.R.Murugadoss have caught such a solid premise and the initial 20 minutes of the film really sets the tone really big.

However, what makes it fall apart is the weak and unfocused screenplay which often slips out of the main objective of the story. Badly placed songs and redundant love track (which comes immediately after the epic 20 minutes start), are some of the examples of the wandering screenplay. The vision of the director and what he wanted to tell the world is very clear by just seeing the visuals and the central plot itself, therefore some of the preachy dialogues could be avoided. In addition, Harris Jeyaraj - Murgadoss combination is surprisingly missing in this film.

On the brighter side, 7aam Arivu boasts with good use of technicality. Be it Ravi Varman's subtle yet epic cinematography or Rajeevan's grand art direction, they impress to the core, enhancing the story. All the actors score well in their given role but the real scene stealer is Johnny Tri Nguyen who casually cake-walks his role with such a majestically menacing posture. However the over use of 'Nokku Varmam' by the character rips the whole genuine feel of the art.

As expected by many, 7aam Arivu might not be a next Ghajini but really scores in the originality and the patriotic feel towards the Tamil. In overall 7aam Arivu is not a disappointing fare but not a remarkable one either.
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7th Sense (7 aum Arivu) with no sense
gnsuitor27 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Such a pathetic screen play even worst than his previous movies (excluding Ramana) all the valuable resources have been miserably wasted by the director.

Audiences don't expect great things always but at least there should be minimum guarantee that it will not irritate them. Disappointment will not be the right word where all the factors are worst.

Director offers 3 chances for the audience to escape from the cinema hall in the 1st half, counting from the Bodidharma's news reel, Shruti hassan's intelligent demo to Suriya on DNA match and Villain's entry to India respectively, if we missing all these 3 then its sad on us :(

Good example for a poor screenplay!!
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Not good,just new.
viseshamrish25 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Very disappointing and totally over-rated. A historic flash back, Bio war, Foreign Terror Villain , Hero tries to cure/stop the virus...Tamil sentiments and Tamil supporting dialogs deserve claps..The dubbing is not good..Narration is not good..Hero doesn't suit the character..Heroine shows difficulty in speaking dialogs..Screenplay could have been better..Songs slow down the movie..Romance scenes are boring and slow.. Stunt and fight sequences are illogical and unrealistic..Graphics are not at all good..The script itself is illogical..I mean how could someone just contact a monk in the Shaolin Temple,just like that.. Altogether, a total waste of money and time..
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this is a excellent movie to watch
fzcool1231 November 2011
The triumphant team that gave audiences the stylish and riveting "Ghajini" is back. This time they are trying to whip up same creative magic with the much hyped "7am Arivu". Except for the halo and hoopla built around the title, "7am Arivu" falls flat, bogged down by the euphoria and expectations of its own creation.

A martial arts ace Dong Lee, a Chinese Operation Red agent is sent to infiltrate India and spread a bio-war by introducing deadly viruses into the country and snuff out Shuba.

As the fantastical film flits from China to Chennai, rocking between ancient history and modern Sino-Indian antipathy, it's one roller-coaster ride for audiences who have trooped in with great expectations.
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Decent effort...could have been better!
karthikananth871 November 2011
7am Arivu had been hyped to a great extent and that became it's biggest hurdle to success...

Still a decent effort! Pros: Great effort by Surya!Very convincing as a Bodhidharman. Shruti Hassan (minus the mispronunciations) makes a good debut with a meaty role. Interesting storyline. Great cinematography. Jonny Ngyugen is a fantastic villain.

Cons: The movie's flow is interrupted by unnecessary obnoxious songs. Harris's BGMs are a huge letdown. Repetitive stunt sequences bore the audience at times. Certain scenes involving pathetic graphics could have been avoided.

Overall Verdict: I still liked 7Am arivu.... But it is not a mass entertainer catering to all the sections of movie audience... A decent effort...Worth a watch!

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7th sense. Sensible idea, Sensible message. But Senseless execution
findmurali30 October 2011
I expected an 'epic period' movie with a 'difference'. And,into the first 20mins,I thought it was. The periodical take with some good action and acting, is the only 'great' part in the movie. From then on when it enters the current period, it started to disappoint.

Indian directors still feel 'safe' only when there is unnecessary romance, irritating songs and useless characterization. There is absolutely zero chemistry between Surya ans Shruthi. They are not to be blamed. It was not needed and it goes nowhere.

Harris attempts to kill the film with loud songs which irritates the viewer. And the BGM is freaky and too loud. It would have been better music-less. The screenplay could have been better with an understanding that the audience do have a sense of intelligence. Where's the need to show the arch reading "museum museum" every time they enter one. We will know by the look of it. The villain's hypnotizing looks are used too far,to point where it gets dumb. Some CGI scenes really lack quality.

There are a few good things to look out for. The message which is really novel and striking, Surya's and Nguyen's acting, the initial prelude and some fight sequences. But if you have watched decent movies, you will definitely cry for a proper editing in the movie. Even when I know nothing about it, I honestly thought I could have done the editing job better. It made me feel that way.

A lot of potential wasted because of the need to commercialize it.So sad to see an excellent plot being beaten-up like this.
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7aum arivu - Got my seventh sense
shyind15 November 2011
Social messages and connecting back to the history are two themes that have awed movie makers of this part of the country. Murugadoss, once again finds his path in the same. Well done this time to kindle the curiosity in you and provoke some native jingoism. We have seen that in plenty in the past of Tamil cinema, thankfully this time, its not the loud war-cry-kind of jingoism but done in its subtle way. However that said, 7aum Arivu is loaded with the 'templated movie formats' needed to appease all classes of audience as the movie circuit popularly puts it.

7aum Arivu starts of brilliantly connecting back to history as how Bodhidharma went past Tamilnadu, past India to China to preach medicine and self defense, two most important elixirs. And then how centuries later, the Chinese attempt to use the same against India and thrawt the very roots of it. Thoughts of a bio-war and Tamil oppression in the movie gives that tinge of the current political undercurrent prevalent, Murugadoss scores here. Long story short, no spoilers, Aravind is in the line of progeny of Bodhidharma and Subha the research scholar trying to prove that DNAs carry hereditary characteristics of ancient forefathers and hence the DNA of Bhodidharama's descendants may have the immense sense of healing and protection, which if invoked is of great benfit to mankind. Of course the Chinese unhappy about this pursuit, the economical intentions that are revealed later, have their martial arts specialist Dong Lee on a mission to end the research of Subha and naturally begin the bio-war against India. Now why just India? Thats leaves you pondering, maybe the subtle political undercurrent between India-China.

Suriya is a treat to watch. Graceful as Bhodhidharma and stylish as Aravind, you can't ask for more from this professional. Doubt if anybody else could have pulled of this with such ease. Shruti has her part pretty well played as Subha. Women playing significant roles in a Murugadoss movie doesn't surprise us and naturally deserves due apperciation. The stone-cold bad man,Johnny Tri Nguyen from China does his part neatly. His stunts are probably the only note-worthy martial arts expo in the movie. Songs are catchy, well placed and passes on with the movie. Ravi K Chandiran leaves his magic behind in the songs as usual. With that said, the movie though kindles your curiosity to go google and run thru wikipedia to ascertain facts and fiction, the movie leaves you with the big lows of the typical format-movie problem. The stunts are thoroughly disappointing. A movie about a martial arts legendary with no spectacle of martial arts is on the downside. Peter Hein's trademark flying cars and human bodies are plenty and leaves a sore in the mind.

A great storyline, a subtle jingoism, good performances from Surya and Shruti and a few here and there 'so-called-appease-all' movie making style,leaves you wanting a bit more from Murugadoss, maybe he has reserved it for the Hindi version with Aamir Khan if he does one. :) 7am Arivu, a neat entertainer, picks your thoughts at places and leaves you wanting for more at certain others.
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Waste of Money - Waste of Time
thedarkmaster8926 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A genetic engineering student tries to bring back the skills of a legend of the past in his descent and use his skills to save from a deadly Virus attack.

BodhiDharma - Known to be the " The Founder of martial arts in China " 1600 years ago travels to china from South India after becoming a monk and saves Chinese people from a deadly virus and teaches them martial arts....after 1600 years at present day...China decides to use the same virus to launch a BIO WAR known as OPERATION RED on India keeping in mind that they got Bodhidharma's antidote for this Virus but India forgot about him totally and they don't have any idea about this virus.On other hand Subha (Shruthi Hassan) a genetic engineering student does research on Bodhi Darma and finds his DNA match on present days Aravind (Suriya) working on a Circus...And she tries to bring back the talent of BodhiDharma in Surya(Aravind).So Chinese government sends Dong lee(Johnny Nguyen) to Kill her and start the biological war.Now what happens??? at last does Bodhi Dharma's talent are brought back in Suriya and are they protecting India from this Deadly virus attack???? Is the rest of the story with some good visual effects ,Music Direction and screen presentation.

The music score by Harris Jayaraj is exceptional.

The way the 6th century Chinese village is been brought out in the screen is awesome.

The Visual effects add the perfect flavour to the movie.

Hats Off for the efforts made by Suriya , A.R. Murugadoss and the rest of the crew to put forth a movie making us remember the forgotten legend BodhiDharma.

Overall the movie is a mix up various movies and games we have already seen and played having same biological war plot... If its not for the BodhiDharma's character then the rest of the movie would be too boring with lack of proper twists and suspense which the movie promises but has not delivered it...

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Worth a watch in theaters....!
binnyraj31 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Be yourself while you give your feedback....Its a clean film having a wonderful scope for the female artist.Balanced action thriller for all ages. Even if he has copied we don't have the rights to say that , You can always see the hard work that he has put in this and also his previous films just don't say that " oh its a copy" not all are successful. Its all correct,having a slow screenplay....but those things need not be there for such a neat storyline.You don't need extras for this kind of a movie. The director has made justice in not complicating the narration mode.The heroine has made a great attempt,her modulation was very different but really good . She has great impact.
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7th sense makes no sense
123kal12313 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I went in to the theater expecting a world class movie especially after the director and hero went out of their way to assure us that the movie will be a milestone in Tamil cinema. And the initial 15 minutes set the movie up nicely and it only increased my expectations but what followed was a horror show which will make you regret paying the price for your ticket. I seriously do not know what this movie was about? Was it about kung fu? or Bodhidharma? or china being wary of India as a competitor? or Shuthi's genetic memory research which will help cure children born with deadly diseases? or was it about today's generations' failure to embrace the Tamil culture? or was it about trying to stop a virus from spreading ? or was it just another Tamil movie where the good guy comes back from the dead to finish the bad guy? I have no idea why Surya signed up for this movie, and his chemistry with Shruthi hassan was as good as a diwali rainy day. The music will put you to sleep with the Chinese track being suspiciously similar to a nursery rhyme. The villain could have brought some well needed class to the table but was wasted. I mean why would anyone want to watch an hour of him staring at the camera when he had brilliant king fu moves up his arsenal. The ending will shock you with the hero claiming that all the "clever Tamils" have ditched Tamil nadu and I don't blame them with movies like this to watch I would rather take my chances abroad.
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A Must Watch...
akshay-nair9428 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
As we all know, actor Surya has always stunned us in most of his films. In this film, he stuns us in all aspects. The continuous effort from him has enlightened this film, thus creating better viewing for all audiences. This film focuses mainly on India's historical martial arts master, Bodhi Dharma,to be more specific. He dies due to his great sacrifice and his talents are soon passed on to circus performer Arvind, who is connected to his family tree. The rest of the movie is about how Arvind and his team make use of the passed on talents by Bodhi Dharma to save India from being infected by an unknown yet dangerous disease. In conclusion, this movie has many useful values on how we should not give up and continue our battle for justice.
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A worth Watch!!
ramkumarh27 October 2011
One More Pearl added to the crown of Tamil Cinema!! Hats-off to AR.Murugadoss, for taking up a initiative to reveal some of the hidden truths about our Language(Tamil)and our Pallava king(BodhiDharma). :):)

The choice of starring is also an added Pros. :)

The Screenplay is bit sluggish with unnecessary songs at regular interval. :(

The dialogues are very good which makes really some sense for so many people who thinks other foreign languages are superior than 'Tamil'.

Stunts: Peter Hein did no mistake(Surya too).

Music: Less than Expected. :(

All together even though we have some negatives in the movie,Still the Pros overcomes it. Sure its a worth watch movie.. :) :) :)

7 Am Arivu -- Really Makes Some Sense!!
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Big directors movie can fail too
PokkiriAsif30 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The movie was over-hyped pre release, but the atrocious thing it failed to keep up to our expectation and worth the hype. The movie starts with the backdrop of Bodhidharman the history of tamilis 1600ago it was a only relief i found throughout the movie. The first half has scenes where surya tried romancing shruthihasan but ended up irritating. Songs were Big let down and BGM from harris were very lame while first half moves without seeking our attention second half has few 1 or 2 watchable scenes involving Chinese made villain Johny(Dong lee) and surya. Hynotism was over-used which leaves us nothing but Torture. Surya preching audience at the end was Biggest Joke of the decade , Are audience who pays their own penny and watch the movie that big Kindergarten KIDS TO LEARN from surya's lecturing? Overall, the movie ends up a complete disaster and i recommend don't watch this movie at any cost!
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A Movie Must Watched By Tamils
sambath-kumaar29 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is a movie not entirely for the world audience but specifically for every piece of Tamil that still lives around the world. After thinking for a long time, I have come up with this review which I guess is just and not biased.

Positives: Cinematography, Story, Camera, Song Visuals, Back Ground Music, Cultural Impact, Performance by Surya specially, and the antagonist Jhonny and Level of details.

Negatives: Screenplay, Editing, Songs, Logic less Romance.

The song visuals are picture perfect and you would really love it when you see it in a big screen, the cinematography is awesome, anyone who is going to the movie now please give an eye for the colors and the lighting. The BG Music goes along very well and suits perfectly for the climax fight sequence. The movie will leave you with an everlasting cultural impact on every true tamilian watching this. The finishing dialogs by the protagonist tells it all. Those lines are the core concept around which director A.R.Muragadoss has taken up this project. The first 25 minutes are amazing in the way it was pictured, the graphics and the art. Songs at irregular intervals and improper places creates a drag to the speed of the story. Performance by Suriya as both the Bodhidharman and Aravindh is out of speech and this sure will be a mile stone in his acting career. Sruthi Hassan with her debut can be appreciated but cannot be lauded. Script is really effective that it makes your hair stand at times and you feel that sense of pride in you.

Draggy screenplay is a drawback for the movie. If you could muster up the patience to sit for 20 minutes then you will be happy that you did because it will create a feeling that cannot be said in words.

Movie is worth watching for the positives mentioned above. If you are too concerned about the negatives do not watch it.

7 out of 10.
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7th sense only for man without common sense
solomonnow29 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Director A.R.Murugados scripted about great Bodhidharman returning journey to India from China. Plus: 1.First 20 min of the movie... 2.Suriya acting in first half.. 3.Dialog's 4. Villain Johny 5.Different Script Entire teams hard work Minus: 1.All songs and background score - very worse musical score 2.Boring Second half 3.Actress Shruthi Hassan Logic mistake: Villain Johny can do Dhustha Vasikaram to heroin, if he does all his target will be successfully completed know? then why is not doing that and makes the movie to run for 3hrs You know: some punch dialog's are pricing Tamil people is very nice but still we cant Proud for this boring movie. My rating is below 4/10 but i applause their hard work. Verdict: A confusing and boring middle crisis
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excellent movie which shows up the spirit
arun_c9415 November 2011
Behind the Movie 7th Sense: Combo of AR Murugadoss and Suriya makes this film most awaited. Amidst sky high expectations, here comes the day of release. Let us see, how strong and how sensible is this 7th Sense? In the Movie 7th Sense: Boddhi Dharma (Suriya) is a Buddhist monk belonging to 5th Century AD living in Kancheepuram of Pallava Kingdom. He transferred the rich Martial Art and Ancient Medical Science of India to China. When he reaches a small village of China, villagers treat Boddhi Dharma as inferior and keep him away. Later when he cures an unknown deadly disease prevailed in the village and fought with enemies, people respect and treat him as a god. Boddhi Dharma ends his life eating the poisoned food offered by Chinese people.

Coming to present, Chinese Government starts 'Operation Red' using Dong Lee (Johny Tri Nguyen), a Martial Art expert. This Operation is to initiate bio-war against India using a viral disease for which medicine is alone known to Boddhi Dharma. Around the same time, Genetics Engineering student Subha Srinivas (Shruthi Hasan) cracks the DNA of Boddhi Dharma only to find that Aravind (Suriya), working in Bombay Circus belonging to the same lineage of Boddhi Dharma's clan matches in 80% of DNA. To tackle the menace of Dong Lee and Operation Red, Subha manipulates the DNA of Aravind with Boddhi Dharma. Was she successful? Was she able to preserve the ancient knowledge of Boddhi Dharma in Aravind forms the climax.

Values of the Movie 7th Sense: The impeccable and untouched story line of AR Murugadoss can be awarded 110 out of 100 marks. The way Murugadoss mixed Ancient History with Modern Science and the kind of racy scripting he followed will leave you spellbound. Direction wise, trade mark of Murugadoss is seen more in second half. Camera of Ravi K Chandran, sharp editing of Anthony and Art Work of Rajeevan stood highlighted helping the director to come out with enhanced output. Music by Harris Jayaraj is vibrating in background score but songs seem to have reduced the tempo of film. Martial Art compositions by Peter Heins are extraordinary. Production values of Lakshmi Ganapathi, Red Giant are all time high.

Performance wise, Suriya is most effective and his perfectionist attitude is seen in each frame. Both as Boddhi Dharma and Aravind, he tears the screen apart. Finally Shruthi Hasan has got a lengthy and meaty role to perform. In fact she hogged a screen time more than Suriya and she is exactly Heart for entire flick. Vietnamese actor Johny Tri Nguyen is terrific. He has a unique body language with sharp eyes that can hypnotize you. Remaining others are just okay.

Out of the Movie 7th Sense: Recreation of History visually on the screen and saying the same with conviction is a daunting task. Murugadoss added more of the burden to himself by bringing a connect between Ancient History and its applicability in Current times. Nevertheless, this gem of a director has caught a perfect balance and result is the exquisite, praiseworthy output. In conjunction, Murugadoss is more adorable for adding of moral values to his storytelling. It is our duty to respect and follow our Ancestral Traditions which are more valuable than present day Science. India has a great heritage and one should feel proud of. The biggest drawback and the reason why we Indians in spite of inherited with rich history are standing back in contemporary world is because of lack of focus and various difficulties built with in our system to conduct researches.

First half is deliberately narrated slowly with boring episodes so as to give a kicking feel in second half. Too many cinematic liberties, high level Science are spoken about in the film yet Murugadoss keeps everything simple and understood easily for front benchers too. That is the real quality of director where Murugadoss is brilliant and different from others.

We regularly speak of Six Senses in normal life. This 7th Sense elaborates about the Ancient Science and Traditional Heritage that is more sensible and is to be preserved for coming generations. Best examples are Charaka Samhita that dealt on Genetical Diseases, Arya Bhatta who gave an idea of Astronomy and many more which are above the present day research findings.

Commercial success of the film is to be wait and seen but for audience who ask for novelty in plot and narration are to be fully satisfied by Murugadoss in this Lesser Entertainment and More Enlightening show of 7th Sense.
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worst movie
satyas61928 October 2011
The worst movie never go for this movie and don't waste time and money nothing there in this movie

This was a very much hyped movie.Seriously the makers of this movie took marketing it to the extremes.But the question is does it live upto the hype.And the answer sadly is no.

And the biggest disappointment is that it promises a lot but is not able to deliver as it is let down by some shoddy screenplay.And the director seems to have made no effort with the movie's characterization.None of the characters are well etched.The plot is a bit far fetched but the concept is digestible.

The actors Suriya and Shruti Haasan don't produce any brilliant acting to write home about and the heroine seems to be just going through the motions in a lot of scenes.

The plus points of the films are the well choreographed action sequences involving the villain Johnny Nguyen.The action sequences make the movie worthwhile.The songs should please the audience. But they are not enough to keep the movie from disappointing.
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7 Aum Arivu has a good plot supported by actors and its background music. Overall,its a entertaining venture and is definitely worth your money!!!
bharath200825 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Protagonist: Surya Sivakumar -> Arvind

Female Lead: Shruti Hassan -> Subha Srinivasan

Antagonist: Johnny Nguyen -> Dong Lee


Story revolves around Subha, a genetic engineering student and Arvind, a worker at Bombay Circus. Arvind is a Descendant of the legendary Bhodi Dharma, who lived during the 6th Century AD. As per the story, Bhodi Dharma is an exceptionally skilled fighter and a Medic. Subha's theory is that the DNA SAMPLE of a person contains the MEMORY STRANDS OF THEIR ANCESTORS. If this thesis sounds oddly familiar to you,then you have played Assassins Creed.. The basic plot is derived from the EPIC video game series. Subha's main aim is to perform a genetic experiment on Arvind and to revive Bhodi Dharma's skill once again. She submits her thesis to various countries. Apparently,China is being a bad girl and is plotting to wage a bio-war against India. They get shocked on seeing Subha's thesis and send Dong Lee to carry out OPERATION RED to make sure that Bhodi Dharma's truth remains uncovered. The fate of the country rests on Subha's research and how she does it covers the rest of the story.



The plot is derived from Assassins Creed and the Tamil movie "E".. having said that,it has been modified to suite the Tamil audiences and if you have not played the game,then the concept is something absolutely new to you.

i would rate this as 5 on a scale of 10.


Being a SCI-FI movie, its not too technical so that even the rural people can understand the story plot. Hats off to Murugadoss for this as it is very difficult to make a sci-fi story understandable as well as to keep it a bit technical.

i would rate this as 7 on a scale of 10.


Harris Jeyaraj has done his fair share of work for the music. The songs are melodious and the choreography stands out as well.Surya rocks the stage with his facial expression and Shruti Hassan looks more cute than ever.

I would rate the music as 8 on a scale of 10.


Surya has done a decent job in this movie. The part where he portrays himself as Bhodi Dharma is Awesome. Shruti, being her first Tamil film has done a good job. But for me,the best actor in the film is Johnny Nguyen. His acting is flawless.His Action Sequences are perfect and he has done a great job in the scene where he controls the minds of the police men.

I would rate this as 6 on a scale of 10.


7 Aum Arivu is not your everyday commercial entertainer.Having said that,the movie fails to leave any remark on you when you leave the screen. The movie has a good plot supported by actors and its background music,but could have been taken well. Overall,its a entertaining venture and is definitely worth a single watch!!!

Score: 6 ON A SCALE OF 10.

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Good Movie, worth a watch!!
coolman3415 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When the movie was first released, all it got was negative reviews. That is just a work of Vijay fans, scared that Velayudham could become a flop. The first scenes of Bodhidharma are amazing, showing his skills, abilities make us feel very proud of tamilans. After you have seen the movie, you would surely be proud being a tamilan. back to the movie, the first half contains information about bodhidharma and how modern surya and shruthi become friends(Love on first sight for surya). The second half gets to the rest of the story on how a Chinese man sent by their government tries to kill surya and shruthi and also spreading a virus.This half gets a bit slow, and the Chinese guy does exceptional damage to the police department yet there is no hype about it. You may think that all the hypnotism, kungfu is not realistic, but the truth is it does not affect the movie.Overall, DO NOT listen to anyone who says about the movie. Go and watch it yourself and you will know!!
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