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Still In Good Form
slightlymad223 December 2014
Rules Of Engagement comes back after it's best season! Barring two bum episodes episodes ten an eleven season four was been a great season, so I have High hopes for season five and thus far it's not disappointed.

Plot In A Paragraph:Whilst awaiting to go to an adoption seminar (That does not serve food) Jeff (Patrick Warburton) is upset that he'll have to purchase a new rug after Audrey (Megyn Price) gives their old one to Adam (Oliver Hudson) and Jennifer (Bianca Kajlich) Jeff tries to ruin the gift by telling Adam about all the "sex fun" that he and Audrey had on it. Meanwhile Russell (David Spade) is reading the Harry Potter novels and Timmy (Adhir Kalya) delights in revealing spoilers as revenge for how poorly he is treated by Russell.

A lot of praise must go to not only the writers, but the cast for they have been superb all season. Patrick Warburton once again nailed his performances as Jeff, whilst Megyn Price has never looked better as Audrey (her great butt is showcased again!! After the shorts in the last episode, this time it is yoga pants) Oliver Hudson is good as good looking but dim Adam. David Spade continues to do what David Spade has always done and brings the laughs as sleazy Russell and Adhir Kalyan has been a breath of fresh air as Russell's put upon assistant Timmy.
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