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Sex & Nudity

  • Gaterbelt is shown to be sexually attracted to younger boys, particularly Brief and is heavily implied to have had sex with him numerous times. This is played for laughs and although Brief's age is never stated, he is at least 18 as he participated in an 18+ Nudical run.
  • There's a few times where bare breasts are exposed, although they are very brief, barely lasting for a second on most occassions. The worst offender of this is a ghost who has exaggerated saggy breasts and nipples, although this is played more as shock value rather than sexually.
  • There is frequent strong sexual humor and allusions to fetishes and sexual activity. The sexual language is also significantly stronger in the English version.
  • The silhouettes of nude females are sometimes seen, though no explicit detail or nudity is visible. Panty is the source of the majority of the sexual references and scenes of sexual activity. During most scenes in which Panty beds men, you see nothing more than shoulders and a few suggestive positions.

Violence & Gore

  • There is a lot of gross out humour in this show. The first episode features a giant poop monster, whose smell causes everyone to projectile vomit, another episode in which the characters can't stop picking their noses and we see the boogers, one episode which features a man who projectile vomits a giant vomit monster causing the whole city to get sick and the final episode features a massive penis monster that ejeculates all over the city.
  • Like stated, not much gore. But, cartoon violence. Sometimes when Panty kills a monster with Backlace (her panty gun) they can explode.
  • A dog is frequently violently abused on almost every onscreen appearance, in some cases outright dying. This is played for laughs, and the dog in question is immediately magically resurrected each time, additionally he looks too cartoony and unlike a dog for it to be disturbing or upsetting in any way.
  • Some bloody violence, but not very intense and mostly humorous.


  • [JAPANESE DUB WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES] Profanity is used throughout the series. There are many uses of fuck, bitch, damn, shit, and an episode with a use of the word cunt. There are quite a few instances of name calling, and some of the names contain foul language.
  • [ENGLISH DUB] The English version of the series has much much worse language than the Japanese version, with fuck used at least eight times or more in each episode. In one episode cunt is said many many times when referring to the main characters (who are both female), aside from this episode it is said much less frequently, but still very often compared with most other anime. There is also frequent use of every other swear word you can think of.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A character is briefly seen with their head in a mound of cocaine. None of the effects of it are seen as he is shot and killed almost immediately after.
  • Panty is seen drinking Beer and other alcoholic drinks several times throughout the series and wakes up every morning with a hangover, although she is never actually seen drunk onscreen.
  • There are some references to alcohol in the series.
  • Panty seems to frequently wake up with a hangover.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • On the same level as Family Guy or South Park, this is a show that will offend some people. It makes jokes about cancer, strokes and Asperger's. The gross out content, especially "Vomiting Point" will be a bit too much for some viewers, as that episode is done realistically.
  • Episodes 6 and 13 have extended Intense action sequences which are played surprisingly straight for the series.
  • None.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • In one episode panty really needs her panty gun (Backlace). However, Panty wears shorts. She asks Stocking to help her. Stocking cuts her shorts however, Backlace falls. Nothing to explict is shown since it's censored (Episode 5)
  • Panty and Brief try to have sex. However, nothing is shown other than positions.
  • Scanty and Kneesocks perform incest with very suggestive dialogue and moaning, although only silhouettes and shadow's are shown onscreen. This scene lasts for almost 30 seconds.


  • A young girl says 'REPENT MOTHERFUCKER' out loud. She also says 'GRANNY OPEN YOUR FUCKING EARS.'

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Panty loses everything (almost) when she stays back from Heaven
  • The controversial cliffhanger ending of the series has Stocking revealed to actually be a Demon, who then Stabs and Kills Panty and hacks her into 666 Pieces.

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