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Casting: Shannon, Lindo, Clements, Brooks

99 Homes

Michael Shannon will join Andrew Garfield in Ramin Bahrani's indie drama "99 Homes" at Treehouse Pictures.

Garfield plays a man who loses his home to foreclosure. Desperate, he eventually finds work with the manipulative real estate broker (Shannon) who took his house. The broker soon entices him into schemes to embezzle government money. [Source: THR]


Delroy Lindo has joined the cast of Michael Almereyda's biker-gang and corrupt cops take on Shakespeare's "Cymbeline".

Lindo will portray Belarius, a battered and paranoid noble. Ed Harris, Dakota Johnson, Penn Badgely, Milla Jovovich, Ethan Hawke, Boyd Holbrook and Anton Yelchin also star. [Source: Deadline]


6-year-old Kennedi Clements ("Rogue," "A Family Thanksgiving") has scored the key role of Madison in Gil Kenan’s "Poltergeist" remake.

The role is this version's take on Carol Ann, a little girl who meets up with nasty ghosts in her TV. Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt and Jared Harris also star.
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Faye Dunaway Explains the Delay On Her Directorial Debut 'Master Class' At the Locarno Film Festival

Faye Dunaway Explains the Delay On Her Directorial Debut 'Master Class' At the Locarno Film Festival
While she remains one of the definitive American movie stars of her generation, Faye Dunaway hasn't appeared in a major film production in years. Her last onscreen was role the 2010 TV movie "A Family Thanksgiving," and it's been decades since she appeared in anything that has received the degree of attention and acclaim paid to the definitive projects from her earlier career, such as "Network" and "Chinatown." But that doesn't mean Dunaway has dropped off the scene. In fact, the 73-year-old actress has arguably increased her aspirations in recent years by taking a shot at her directorial debut, an adaptation of Terrence McNally's 1995 play "Master Class" about the late opera singer Maria Callas, whom Dunaway played onstage to great acclaim. Later, Dunaway bought the rights to the play and announced her intention of writing, directing and starring in the film. Early last year, Dunaway acknowledged that shooting was currently underway on Twitter,
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Benny & Anna Gchat Movies: 'A Family Thanksgiving' starring Daphne Zuniga

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Welcome to Benny & Anna Gchat Movies, a quasi-semiannual running commentary roast by Anna Breslaw and Benny Gammerman. This week's feature is the Hallmark Channel Original Movie A Family Thanksgiving, starring One Tree Hill's Daphne Zuniga and Network's Faye Dunaway. Daphne plays a single wealthy New York corporate lawyer who is dropped into an alternative reality after an encounter with Faye, a bizarre mystic. Consequently, she sees what her life might have been like had she made different choices.

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Daphne Zuniga discusses the inspiration behind “A Family Thanksgiving”

By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith

HollywoodNews.com: When viewers tune into Daphne Zuniga’s “A Family Thanksgiving” Hallmark Channel movie tomorrow (11/6), they’ll be seeing moments out of the actress’ own life as the holiday fantasy tale unfolds. That’s because Daphne, who was in on the development of the project over four years, invested her heart and humor into it.

The charming fantasy romantic comedy has Daphne as a tough, workaholic attorney who has a great wardrobe and an upscale apartment, but no personal life whatsoever. Then, thanks to a run-in with a magical lady (Faye Dunaway), she finds herself in an alternative existence — the life she would have been leading had she fallen in love, married and had children. The movie turned out to be a love letter to Daphne’s sister, niece and nephew, and a foray into a lifestyle Daphne herself has never tried.
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