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Season 1

25 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.1
In customs, the most active frisker turns out to be an eagerly men-groping impostor. The immigration officer lets pass even the most absurdly falsified ID. Menial airport staff are selfish, lazy or thievish goodfornothings. A low budget carrier excels in absurd and deceptive tariffs and worthless service. An old bat ruthlessly exploits far too kind 'relations officer' Moses Beacon.
1 Jan. 2011
Episode #1.2
A 'sudden wing malfunction' delays FlyLo passengers on their way to Malaga, while Melody and Taaj get tough with FlyLo's new baggage allowance regulations. We also meet Tommy, Happy Burger's newest employee and pilot-to-be, and discover what went wrong for Peter and Judith on their FlyLo cruise.
6 Jan. 2011
Episode #1.3
FLyLo ground crew Taaj Manzoor bumps into Harrry Potter actor Rupert Grint, and Customs Officers Roberts and Stewart try to work out what to do with a truly massive drug bust. And we meet Penny, Great British Air's snobbiest employee, as she comes to term with passengers from the lower classes using her exclusive first-class cabins.
13 Jan. 2011
Episode #1.4
There is a bumpy ride ahead for husband-and-wife pilot team Simon and Jackie when Simon's one-night stand is recorded in books on their flight to Barcelona. Up on first class, Penny gets a discreet visit from a member of the Royal Household, and we follow the important work of dog handler Steve Downes and his canine partner Bobo.
20 Jan. 2011
Episode #1.5
Immigration Officer Ian Foot pulls in Taaj for questioning as part of a random security check and Ferghai goes the extra mile to get nominated for Steward of the Year. Tommy Reid finally gets his chance to apply for pilot training, and over at the FLyLo desks, it's Helen's last day and Melody and Keeley discuss who's getting the promotion. Omar gets accused of sexually harassing his staff.
27 Jan. 2011
Episode #1.6
During their lastest disastrous holiday travel season, Peter and Judith get mixed up in the dark arts of voodoo while Tommy finally gets his chance be a pilot. Fearghai is hopeful to win a Golden Trolley at the Steward of the Year Awards and Buster is suspended after an incident involving Dame Judi Dench. Omar Baba deals with his latest staff mutiny when all of FlyLo's ground crew goes on strike.

 Season 1 

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