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  • A plain jane woman who believes she was wrongly let go from her job at a men's magazine for being too good-looking comes to Infeld Daniels looking for legal representation. Meanwhile, the man-cave's overwhelming technology causes the server to crash, leaving everyone disconnected from their respective gadgets.


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  • Open with the guys having their internet service knocked off line. Tech expert buddy Gene comes over to fix it and tells them he's being forced to move to Chicago because someone in accused him stealing something. He lives in Chinatown and is being shunned.

    Infeld presents two new cases to the partners. A former employee at a Playboy-like men's magazine claims she was fired for being too pretty. The wife of an important client was arrested for public urination. Franklin wants the magazine case and bets Karp that they'll win the case, wagering their office against his prized guitar.

    The girl who claims the magazine fired her for being too attractive, Jennifer, shows up and the guys are disappointed she isn't exactly model material. They try to get out of their bet with Karp but he isn't biting.

    Jennifer was the assistant to the publisher (Katherine Mack). She describes what appears to be general politeness and seems to have an inflated sense of her appearance. She isn't interested in settling, feeling that she's an important figure for "beautiful women."

    The guys talk to the storeowner accusing Gene of stealing a rabbit. He has no interest in taking down a large sign indicating Gene is a thief. They plan an injunction.

    The guys go to the magazine and find the place crawling with attractive women. Katherine offers her a glowing recommendation if she drops the suit, but the guys aren't biting. She shows them some performance memos. She won't introduce them to her father "Big Mack."

    Infeld seems impressed by Jennifer's confidence.

    Jennifer tells the guys the performance memos weren't true, that Katherine was upset she didn't get surgery offered by the company. They excuse her and debate dropping the case. Based on what Hanna tells them about Infeld's reaction to her, they think Jennifer was probably discriminated against for not being attractive enough. They're just not sure how to tell her.

    The guys say they will take Jennifer's case but are unable to tell her why they think they'll win.

    Franklin suggests forcing the magazine to define beauty. Gene calls wanting to show them something.

    Franklin's and Bash's faces have been posted all over Chinatown, along with a negative description of them and the firm. He tells them Western courts can't help him in Chinatown; his only hope is to get a hearing with "The Council."

    Infeld rips the guys for being insensitive of local customs. He has heard of the elders who preside over the The Council and tells them they must find a way to get him a hearing. Infeld and Karp are going to take over Gene's case.

    Bash argues in his opening remarks that Jennifer didn't deserve to be fired for how she looks, dancing around the fact she isn't "traditionally attractive."

    Karp and Infeld introduce themselves to the store owner (François Chau). Infeld speaks to the man in Chinese and seems to make some inroads. Infeld seems to notice something about the man's daughter, Tonia.

    Hanna drops by the guys' place wanting to help on Jennifer's case in order to stick it to Karp. She tells "beauty can make people do irrational things" and they must show the jury that Jennifer's beauty drove the magazine to its actions.

    One the stand Jennifer tells the magazine's counsel she is more beautiful than the models in its pages. Bash begins asking her questions and the two appear to hit it off, eventually becoming entranced by other. They start to kiss. Hanna stands up and apologizes for Bash's actions.

    Katherine comes to the guys with a settlement offer. Franklin counters with a decent offer but Bash cuts him off. He thinks the jury sees Jennifer differently and it almost seems he's legitimately interested in her himself.

    That night Franklin wonders why Katherine would have upped her offer. They recall that she seemed to hide Big Mack (Robin Thomas) from them.

    The guys have the firm buy a table at a fundraiser in order to try and talk to Big Mack. At the event Katherine seems very upset that Jennifer is there. They watch Jennifer on Big Mack's shoulders in the pool. The two seem to get along great. Bash chats up Big Mack, who seems like the ultimate ladies' man. He says he wanted Jennifer to be his assistant but Katherine told her "she wasn't good."

    Gene tells Infeld he was feeding his pet python that day and had fully intended to pay for the rabbit. Infeld thinks there was a reason Gene didn't shop at the much cheaper market across the street.

    On the stand Big Mack tells Hanna that Jennifer was a "good kid" and compares her to his daughter. She points out that Katherine and Jennifer were two of the few women in the building he hadn't slept with. Katherine is on the stand next. She seems to indicate to Franklin that her father may have preferred Jennifer to her as a daughter figure.

    Infeld gets an audience of the council of elders -- Chinatown's merchants association -- and brings Tonia forward. She tells her father that she loves Gene, despite his shortcomings. Tonia tells her father that her relationship with Gene won't change her obligations with him. He asks them to allow Gene to continue to live his dream.

    In closing Franklin argues that Jennifer stole the spotlight from Katherine and was, in fact, fired for being "too beautiful." Outside the courtroom Big Mack asks Jennifer what she wants. She says she wants her job back and wants the company's plastic surgery fund given to Operation Smile. He agrees and makes her his assistant.

    The guys have a party celebrating Gene staying in town. Karp stops by with his guitar. Jennifer is also there hanging out and the internet service has been restored.

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