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MPAA Rated R for brief graphic nudity and language

Sex & Nudity

  • Two scenes of brief female full frontal nudity and sexual dialog.
  • All of the women's dresses are severely low cut and reveal cleavage.
  • One of the maids crows about who she slept with and often talks about sleeping around.
  • A man rowing a boat speaks Italian to a young woman, and later she asks her friend if she knows the meaning of a word. The friend smiles and whispers,"Cock." They giggle. The same man who spoke Italian comes searching for the girl. She bluntly asks him what he wants. He says she knows. And so she takes him into a room where they hurriedly begin to take each other's clothes off. They are interrupted before anything is shown.
  • The queen asks a maid to find the Duchess, and when she goes into her room, she finds her sleeping with only a sheet to cover herself. One breast is visible. She pulls back the sheets to reveal her entire front and the sleeping woman rolls over, exposing her bare backside.
  • In one of the background scenes there is a statue of a naked man.
  • The queen insists one woman undress in front of her to then don the clothes of a duchess so that she will be in disguise. Full frontal nudity is shown with her partially covering between her legs with just her hand.

Violence & Gore

  • There is talk of decapitation. Someone said a man beheaded another man with a pocketknife. A list is passed around with people's names on it and whoever is on the list is in line to be beheaded. A woman commits suicide by hanging herself. This is not shown, but the rope that still hangs around her neck is shown being sawed by a man trying to get the woman down. A girl who sees it looks horrified and runs away.


  • The entire film is in French, but English subtitles will let you know that there are a few uses of a*s. One use of cock. One use of sh*t. Several uses of God's name.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Wine is consumed. Other sorts of liquor in small amounts are drunk. One man is seen highly intoxicated on the stairs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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