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Fantastic film - 3 friends who learn the beauty and the horror of life
butterflyripo3 August 2012
Also known as "Come As You Are", a beautiful film from Belgium starring Tom Audenaert, Robrecht Vanden Thoren and Gilles De Schrijver as three disabled friends who want to go to Spain, to lose their virginity, the story is based upon a real-life experience. They get help by nurse Claude, played by Isabelle de Hertogh, who drives them through Belgium, France and Spain, in her own way.

"Hasta la Vista" is beautifully shot and realistically written - funny and sad - in the end a fantastic movie about 3 friends who learn the beauty and the horror of life. Philippe is paraplegic and hilarious, Lars sits in a wheelchair because he has cancer, and Jozef is almost blind. The actors are nothing but great, and very likable. They meet Claude who becomes the 4th friend and all together they enter a wonderful journey in which everybody learns something about themselves - but not in a cliché way! The movie is different and original, we can relate to everyone, which shows how well its done, because we're not necessary disabled like them. The end is moving and one of the strong points of the film. Absolutely recommended!
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A unique story
so_she_says12 June 2012
I enjoyed this movie particularly because it is so different. You have three friends, young men with various handicaps, they want to live their life as it is and make the most of it, despite their condition. The most handsome of them is also the one that has to face the most serious and life threatening condition... Overall it is about friendship, love of course but most importantly being alive in the true sense of the word. Experiencing novelty, seeking and trying... not giving up. In the face of the most feared element of one's life... that is death. There is no running away from it, but making the most of one's life until the inevitable happens. There is sadness in the movie, throughout, even when dreams come true. But there is also pure humor. Very recommended.
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Well worth a watching!
maximhammel23 September 2011
I went to watch this film last night with a bunch of teammates after a horrific practice. And this was just what we needed!

'Hasta la Vista' has its moments where your eyes tear up with joy and laughter as well as wanting to cry your heart out just moments later. The chemistry between the trio (or perhaps I should say foursome) of actors comes across as very real and the story is truly wonderful. At times, it wanders off onto the path of predictability, but then again, which film tries to completely steer clear of this (succesful) route?

In conclusion, this is a very nice flick. The humour, the sadness, the like-ability of the actors along with the great acting all cumulates into a very enjoyable film where it's hard not to root for them to reach their goal.

And for those interested, our night ended with some of us dancing on tables in one of the better bars in Antwerp, and I like to think it was 'Hasta la Vista' that set the mood perfectly.
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A Belgian Sideways in wheelchairs. Funny, charming, bittersweet.
DopamineNL18 December 2013
While Dutch/Belgian movies often try to replicate the big budget action (or suspense) from US cinema, they would be much better off trying to master the art of creating something charming and heartfelt within the budget range that is there. Like this film! No fancy effects or smoky rooms with people staring in the distance contemplating the state of the world, but actual people with actual needs and a little challenge at that.

Because what do you do when you're a young horny bloke, and paralysed? Or blind? Or dying? It's simple questions like this that probably arise a lot more in regular life than we (I) might think. Luckily, the Spanish have a solution: a bordello for just that sort of need. On with the road trip!
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Great drama
kosmasp19 November 2012
You really have to give credit to the filmmakers for tackling this very tough subject matter! Especially because they're not steering off to cliché country. That doesn't mean it isn't predictable, but that it feels and looks honest. The three main actors do have a lot of to work with and they'll get their moment to "shine" (no pun intended). But "Claude" is also a great character.

Even when the characters feel annoying, you can't be too mad at them. But you can see where all the conflict is coming from. It's not easy sometimes to walk that fine line (no pun intended), when it comes to character likability. Watch it if you like good and believable drama!
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a gem
manschelde-110 December 2015
This film (English title "Come as you are") is a low key gem, a Flemish mini-treasure, that will linger in your memory for quite some time.

The BBC-2 TV channel in the UK screened it in early December 2015 , with subtitles in English (much of the dialogue is in Flemish and French), and some of my neighbors mentioned it to me, saying that word-of-mouth was positive about the film.

It's a charming, engaging, bittersweet road-trip. Hard to find fault with it in any serious way. I suspect this film will last the test of time.

So I hope the investors got a handsome return from this worthy effort.
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A road trip like no other
LincyTy27 January 2014
I think this movie is absolutely amazing! And no that's not just because I'm Belgian. What makes this movie so great? It has got everything in it: one moment you will fall of your chair laughing, the other you will a tear escaping your eyes. It's got the drama, the humor,... everything you need in a good movie.

Another thing I love about this movie: its an original story. Unlike some other movies you will not mix up this movie with any other movie. It's a story the grasps your attention from the beginning of the movie and never loses it. You really sympathize with the characters. On top of that the acting of the three 'disabbled' persons is outstanding. They all shine in a different way. The chemistry between the trio (or perhaps I should say foursome) of actors comes across as very real.

I can only recommend everybody to watch this movie. You might not like it as much as I do, but you will definitely not hate it.
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As the promo says: A Road trip like no other. It's an excellent drama.
JohnRayPeterson5 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Three handicapped buddies in their twenties, beset by circumstances set out to go on a road trip after they convince their parents the trip is a wine tour they have their hearts set on, when in fact they are out for their first sexual experience; to be more precise they vow to lose their virginity. Now I immediately thought this was going to be the basis for a mishmash of clichés. Boy was I wrong; well, there are a few inevitable clichés, but that'll be the least of the things you'll remember.

This Belgium production won the Audience award at the European Film awards, Best Feature Film at the Cinequest San Jose Film Festival and at the Montreal Film Festival it won both the Grand Prix des Amériques and the most popular film. Being from Montreal, how could I not write a review about it. I was completely surprised by the film, expecting some sort of comedy; it is not a comedy.

I knew none of the actors or the director, but by the end of the movie and knowing then that the three key characters are not handicapped, you can't but say 'Wow, what talent', as their performances are so damned credible. The trio is made up of a quadriplegic, a blind guy and a paraplegic who has some other terminal disease. They share the same healthy lust for women as any healthy fully functional man their age, but have a life perspective only people in their situation can understand; that makes them close friends. It's that friendship and how the three cope and struggle with life, how they bond and how they care for and help each other, much like second nature, that the movie manages to capitalize on in a big way. The audience, you, will start seeing life from their perspective, you'll get their humour and their frustration, how some seemingly insignificant things to you and I are so wondrous to them when they experience the road trip.

Much of that has to do with the nurse/chauffeur, Claude, the trio had to hire for their road trip. Isabelle de Hertogh plays that nurse/chauffeur, savior; she has a back-story as well and were it not for de Hertogh, the movie would not work as well as it does.

I don't wish to spoil much more of the movie for those who will be interested in seeing it, but I'll add that the resort they had longed to reach is one that caters to people like them but could very well be any other classy sex resort or very fancy brothel in southern Spain, or other parts of the world I could site (and describe). In life, there is drama, meaning highs and lows, and this movie takes you there. This movie is what many will call a gem; I do.
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Three guys with one desire which is beyond their reach
Reno-Rangan26 October 2013
It was like the British movie 'Third Star' where they go in search of peace but in this movie it is totally opposite. It centers around three friends Joseph, Phillip and Lars who are in the twenties. Joseph is a visually impaired, Phillip is paralyzed and Lars got a tumour. They are all common in something, like, they are still virgins. They are looking for their first sexual experience, so they plan all the way to tour Spain where the destiny for their desire is waiting for them. But what stand against them are their parents and of course the disease. How they overcome everything and reach their goal is what the rest of the movie gonna tell to us.

If you read the synopsis of the movie you come to know that the concept was not the first time you have heard. It is the common theme in Americans teen movies like 'Sex Drive' and 'The Inbetweeners'. But the thing was the main three characters were disabled and that makes the movie special. Because of the softness of the characters, the audience will easily approve the intense of storyline and saying 'let them have what they want'. Yeah, that makes I too want to be like one of them then I can be approved to have anything I want, hahaha.

I think the movie was good. It was a fun adventure simultaneously light emotional tale. All these three guys wanted was to have the fun like the normal people, before it become too late for them. There was also a fat woman in the story, called Claude and she was the van driver who takes them to the tour. Her role was obvious and supported well to the main characters. She was kinda reminded me Melissa McCarthy.

It was one of the best road movie. I thought I could see some beautiful places of Europe but the director had the different ideas. He exposed lots of character emotions than the places around them but still the beauty of Europe vastly visible. The tale leaves nothing for us to guess the end, as expected it ends in a usual style. So if you thought it would be a tearjerker's movie, it is not. The movie had many lines about adult stuffs, that makes it suitable for them only. It is one of the heartwarming comedy about disabled people and their desires like many movies we had seen.

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magnuslhad24 December 2015
Jozef, Philip, and Lars are three disabled young friends who decide to go on a road trip to a Spanish brothel to lose their virginity. At first the true purpose of the trip is hidden from their doting but overprotective parents. Then the whole trip has to be carried out covertly when Lars, in the doctor's opinion, becomes too sick to travel. What the trip reveals is that Jozef is a lovely guy, Philip is a self-absorbed moronic drunk, and a misogynistic one to boot, while Lars is also a drunk and an out-and-out racist. But the film expects us to forgive these traits because they are in wheelchairs. However, there isn't enough characterisation or subtlety here to mitigate the crudity of the two young men. The film has episodic successes: Lars' younger sister is gleeful in her plans to aid her brother's adventure, and the character of Claude is well-written and performed. But overall this is an under-realised script that relies too heavily on disability as a forgiveness for ugly prejudices. Formulaic, tonally uneven, and strangely both cynical and sentimental.
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A sensitive balancing act
jandesimpson13 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Come as You Are" is an all too rare example of a film featuring physical disability that actually succeeds. Let's face it. Which of us would normally expect to be entertained by the spectacle of three young men, a paraplegic, one with hardly any vision and one semi-paralysed as a result of terminal cancer, struggling to go on a holiday sex adventure? I have to admit that on reading the blurb in the Radio Times I thought this could not possibly work. It sounded like some sort of "Inbetweeners" effort in the worst possible taste. However as it was taking up time in a BBC World Cinema slot I felt duty bound to give it a "ten minute" test particularly as too little attention is given to foreign movies by our TV companies. That the film grabbed immediately and survived those initial scenes I can only attribute to the likability of its characters. Admittedly Philip the paraplegic, the mouthy one of the three, needed getting used to, but his companions, Lars and Jozef, had those endearing features that make for good company on a long journey. But even Philip was to reveal a more sympathetic side towards the end. I suppose in a way it worked because it was a comedy that skilfully sidestepped the mawkish, with each scene however embarrassingly uncomfortable for the characters at the time - the hotel bedroom scene where a key is mislaid or the misadventure where Jozef accidentally rolls down an embankment into a lake - tending to come right so that the overall feel-good factor was never quite dissipated. Claude, the lads' overweight female chauffeur holds the whole thing together beautifully. She develops a bond with her charges as we do with both them and her. In the end their sexual fulfilment is what matters all round. Admittedly the scene where death finally catches up with Lars is terribly sad but somehow it speaks for the honesty of a film that faces up to the fact that life is a balancing act of laughter and tears for most of us.
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"Hasta La Vista" is a nice feel good film about the plight of 'differently abled ' people.
FilmCriticLalitRao20 August 2014
Sex is an extremely personal thing which cannot be imposed on anyone. Some people go for sex and some people find love while searching sex. It is on these themes that this film has focused all its attention. It does succeed in getting viewers' attention and sympathy as it is a different type of film. When the end of the film is known in the beginning, one has to just watch to know how is the story progressing. It helps to know whether the film has ended as one has wished it to end. This is something which might bother some died hard fans of melodrama films like "Hasta La Vista". Travelling with Europe is not easy as many people do not speak the same language. The language question in this film is presented through a character who doesn't speak much Flemish but prefers to converse in French. This is a good example of a nicely made feel good picture of recent times.'Hasta La Vista' makes the viewers realize that differently abled people also have rights to have sex with people of their choice. When it comes to sex they just want to let others know that they are as eager as other 'normal' people. This is the key message which viewers get by watching "Hasta La Vista".
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Road Movie with a Difference
l_rawjalaurence28 August 2015
HASTA LA VISTA's subject-matter is a familiar one: three teenagers decide to go to Spain to lose their virginity and hire a mini-bus to do so. When they eventually get there, they find the experience not quite what they anticipated. The major difference between Geoffrey Enthoven's film and other examples of the genre is that the three protagonists (Robrecht Vanden Thoren, Tom Audenaert, and Kimke Desart) and all disabled: one of them is paralyzed from the neck downwards and confined to a wheelchair; another is blind; while the third suffers from terminal cancer and is also confined to a wheelchair.

The film is as much about how the protagonists negotiate their disabilities as the road-trip itself. All of them are heavily dependent on their parents; but for this road-trip only, they decide to branch out on their own. They engage the services of a taciturn bus-driver-cum-nurse (Isabelle de Hertogh) who appears to resent their presence, even while looking after them. As the trip unfolds, however, so she loosens up; and eventually becomes their protector, even though she has a shady past.

The film has some sentimental, not to say implausible elements; given the parents' concern for their siblings' welfare, it seems highly unlikely that they would permit the ambitious road-trip to go ahead, especially when they eventually catch up with their offspring at an anonymous gray concrete hotel. The ending is also a little predictable, as one of the three protagonists, after having achieved his dream of losing his virginity, passes away, DEATH IN VENICE- style in his wheelchair by the sea. Nonetheless there are some highly humorous moments along the way, no more so than when the three friends try to manage for themselves in a hotel room without the nurse's help, and end up spending an uncomfortable night together.

HASTA LA VISTA contains some remarkable performances by the protagonists, who refuse to let their disabilities get them down; like most teenagers, they are alternately irritating, attractive yet lovable. When they eventually get to the specially appointed brothel, catering especially for disabled clients, their reactions are definitely worth remembering.
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