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Slightly unusual Israeli horror movie
Red-Barracuda20 June 2011
First of all it's worth pointing out that the title of this film doesn't really have any bearing on the content. When you hear that this is a film called Rabies set in the woods, you would be forgiven for thinking that it's going to be a Cabin Fever clone. But in truth Rabies is a much more ambitious film than that. It basically has a group of disparate people brought together one day in the woods where a psychopath traps and kills people. However, where the film differs from most of this type is that the maniac is probably the most irrelevant character in the whole film. Instead he is the catalyst for a series of events leading to all the other characters independently committing all manner of violent acts. There's barely a story here and none of the characters are very well-developed but the slightly chaotic narrative is certainly a bit unusual.

As far as I'm aware, this is the first horror film from Israel. Maybe even the first in the whole of the Middle East. So I suppose it's quite important in that respect. It's by no means a great film but it isn't especially derivative and it does have some good jump moments and occasionally effective humour. Worth seeing for horror buffs.
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Unlike any slasher flick you've ever seen.
moviewizguy28 September 2011
RABIES is the first Israeli slasher film ever made, and it starts off as your typical slasher flick: A group of teens are driving on a shortcut through the woods. However, even this early in the film, it starts to veer off in a different direction when we are introduced to other characters, which includes the killer himself, two cops, a ranger and his dog, and siblings. As expected, an incident occurs that sets off a chain reaction that ultimately makes RABIES one of the weirdest and most original slasher flicks I've ever seen. All the ingredients of a slasher film are here, but they go against the conventions of a slasher film. Think of it like this: RABIES is the product of what the Coen brothers would do if they ever decided to do a slasher film. Saying anything more would ruin the experience, so I'll just leave it at that.

RABIES separates itself from other slasher flicks in many ways, including the fact that the entire film takes place in daylight and that most of the characters are fleshed out. Even the teens seem like real people, not dumb victims who make idiotic decisions to get them killed off. The film also has surprising levels of comedy and drama that's mixed with the horror, which is influenced by Korean horror films in the past few years. It also has something to say about the nature of human beings, so not only is RABIES an atypical slasher flick, but there's also an underlying commentary running through the film.

Because of how RABIES bend the slasher genre, I can see that it might not work for everyone. Some die hard slasher fans may be disappointed seeing that it doesn't follow a lot of the slasher conventions while others may open up their arms willingly to what the film has to offer. Although it doesn't revolutionize the slasher genre, I found it to be entertaining and weird overall, and I appreciate the originality put into it. I'd also keep my eyes on directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado and on their next film, which is a murder mystery. Hopefully, this film will also open a lot of doors to what Israel can offer to the rest of the world in the future. And lastly, there's already talks of an American remake so watch this ASAP.
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First Israeli horror movie
kosmasp23 January 2012
And you know what they say about the first impression. It's the one you can't undo. And Rabies does not disappoint. Well it might not give you what you expect (given the title and what you think of that), but if you keep yourself open minded you will get an experience that is unique. And not because it is an Israeli movie, but because it has characters in it, that you care about.

Horror movies tend to get that wrong and just try to deliver the kills and thrills. But this one has "real" people in it. You can relate to some of them or not, but you will get to know them. That's the reason why the movie Rabies comes up in so many "Top 10" lists (mine included for 2011, when I saw it at Frightfest).

Defying expectations, I can really only recommend this to you. Watch it when you can
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a creative take on a slasher film
PhantomAgony3 April 2012
Rabies, despite the title, has nothing to do with rabies, I think it is supposed to represent how infectious the violence was between the characters as they found themselves in a fight for survival and being paranoid about each other's intentions. Rabies, however, is a really creative, different & entertaining film that I thoroughly enjoyed. It all starts with a female, Tali who has fell down a trap in the woods and her brother, Ofer who is trying to get her out. We learn that the trap was set up by a crazed killer who plans on torchering and killing her. as soon as Ofer goes to try and get help to get his sister free, the madman returns and begins his assault on Tali. This is not a formulaic slasher film where a killer in the woods kills off a group of young 20 somethings one at a time, in fact the killer plays a very small part in the movie and acts more as a catalyst for a series of events that lead to interactions between other characters that stumble into and around the woods.

In addition to Tali, Ofer and the killer, there is also a group of 4 friends on their way to a tennis match who get lost - they end up hitting someone on the road which is how they get involved in the plot & descent into the woods, 2 cops who are called to help the 4 friends and a man who is hunting and surveying the land in the woods with his dog. He also has a girlfriend who we meet at the beginning.

I would definitely recommend this movie. The story line has many unpredictable twists and turns and overall the acting was solid although the girl playing Shir, played by Yael Grobgas was the one weak link. I think her wooden, blank performance was supposed to be a result of her character being in shock but she was just as wooden, blank and unnatural before any bloodshed occurred so I think she's just a horrible actress. That would be my one complaint in this film.

8/10 = rating
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Original backwoods black comedy horror minor gem
Bloodwank1 September 2011
Israel's fist horror film, and it's quite a doozy. Not only that, but one of the more unconventional, genre bending efforts I've seen in the genre for a while which comes across especially impressive for not just first time directors but a first time country. I won't go into the plot too much as its a film that one ought to discover for themselves, but a look at the characters is in order. We have Ofer and Tali, who ran away from home only to run afoul of evil in an abandoned nature reserve. Then there's Menashe, surveyor of said reserve and next to get drawn into it. Next come four young tennis players on the way to a game but are waylaid by an accident and finally Danny and Yuval, two cops who come to investigate said accident. Once all the characters are set up, the film gets moving, a black comedy of confusion, strained friendships and mounting anger, plot dependent entirely on character and emotions that spiral inexorably out of control. It all comes down to human nature and breaking points and its rather good to see in the film that peoples actions and reactions in the film feel realistic, whether the odd moment of deliberate malice organic to a character or mostly just desperate and unthinking violent reaction to a problem the film really has something to say underneath the chuckles or the bloodshed. The film is pretty amusing in a largely deadpan manner and the humour is nicely mixed in with the horror even as the tension slowly mounts and things become towards the end rather affecting. There isn't all that much gore but what's there is decent, nice little gruesome jolts achieved with quality practical FX work. It as all the more effect for audience identification with the characters, all of whom are well portrayed. Special mentions for Danny Geva as horny sleaze-ball rich kid cop Yuval, Ania Bukstein as a girl with some Sapphic attraction to a friend going on and Ofer Shechter as a jokester whose assurance and easy manner is sorely tested by affairs. The film could have done with more constant tension I think, with early scenes before everyone gets entangled lacking much of a spark to them, and also towards the end slightly overdoes its emotional farewells, but its solid going all the way and even gave me things to think about afterwards. A fine start for a new entry into the world of horror, definitely worth a look.
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tommeiri-13-25052729 March 2011
This is a very cool film, that has a very unique storytelling. I really enjoyed all the twists and turns. It is not your typical slasher film, but i thought the script is really smart. It has a very funny dark side to it that i liked a lot (it reminded me the Choen brothers a bit, or maybe some Korean films...). You can also see the homage for 70' films in a lot of ways. Also the movie simply looks great - shot mostly on day light and in Israely woods - also a nice twist on the genre (the daylight). I also very much enjoyed the girls in the short tennis skirts running all over - nice touch.... well done on doing the first slasher in Israel, and a damn good one.
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Makes horror a more horrifying thing
rotemyi29 March 2011
Rabies isn't just the first Israeli horror film, a country most people living outside of it mistakenly think suffers from horror on a daily bases, but is also a slasher film with no real slasher. The fact that there isn't one killer, just makes the horror more intense and real: when the going gets tough, the tough (and gentle) get murderous; And when all happens in an enclosed part of the woods known as "Fox reservoir" - it's hard for anyone to escape the part of the man (or woman) with the gun (or ax,knife and anything around). The film follows a brother and sister that flee to the woods to hide their forbidden secret. But in the woods other people hide secrets; a psychopath killer sets traps all over the woods and the sister falls into one of them. The brother seeks for help and is hit by a car with two couples of tennis players that got lost on the way to a tennis tournament. He drags the two men in two the woods to help him and leaving the girls alone on the road. From this point on everything that might go wrong goes worst and involves a forest ranger, two cops and more. What strikes me most about the film is the way in which it lets human nature do its thing without needing any special incentive: everything that happens is just people loosing restrains on their civilized manners. The films seeks to show that movies don't need any super natural killer or a psychopath with a plan - just let people forget the way they were brought by, and anyone can kill. It is both a genre film and a comment about the genre and human beings. The woods is most likely the most important character in the film, and Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado in their directorial debut along with their cinematographer Guy Raz meticulously crafted its appearance as to look like the place where all hell can break loose, though it is usually a nice place to have a picnic. Blending in horror and comedy, the film puts (after more then 60 years) Israel on the map of horror films and hopefully will not just open doors for other young Israeli film makers to make other horror, Sci-fi and even musicals - all genres that have been almost completely forgotten in the history of Israeli cinema, but will also mark the beginning of an ongoing career for the two young directors.
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A boring and imbalanced mess
DTonyo24 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I give this movie a rating of 2 stars, because 1 star ratings are reserved for movies like "Manos", where no one knew how to do his/her job. In this movie, you get the feeling that at least the actors and the composer might be able to do well. Unfortunately, all their efforts are in vain because of the terrible direction by Kasheles and Papushado. They had the idea of a slasher movie where the slasher is only a peripheral figure and the real danger lies elsewhere. This might sound original, but at least in this realization it is a complete disaster.

The events are not driven by plot or characters, but by incomprehensible actions. For most of the time, we see people stumble through the woods. Occasionally one of the characters gets killed accidentally or deliberately. Almost none of these deaths are related and their co-occurrence is just a big coincidence. The movie ends quite abruptly, leaving the fate of most of the surviving characters in the dark. This is not as dramatic as it sounds, since we never really start to feel for them anyway.

Another issue with this movie is the blatant incompatibility between comic and and dramatic scenes. There are several horror movies which manage quite well to incorporate both funny and tragic scenes, but this one should be shown at film schools as an example of how not to do it. The respective moments are very clumsily put together and level each other out. Add to this the wooden and dull dialogues and the unfitting soundtrack (which is actually not bad on its own), and you receive a complete mess as final result.

I have read several times that this is the first Israeli horror movie. If it really is: Keep trying! It can only get better from here!
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best film in fantas 2011
nunolimit29 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I caught this hilarious film by accident during a film festival in Portugal. There were films from Korea (I Saw the Devil, Bedevilled), Serbia (Serbian Film), Spain (Kidnapped), USA (Splice) and only one film from Israel. Later i learned that it's the first slasher film from Israel. Boy, What a great surprise. the kind you look for in film festivals. It starts off like your typical slasher film and than it goes against all genre conventions: The murderer; The Virgin; The Last survivor. Everything is upside down in this horror comedy. It reminded me the originality of the first "Scream" movie (not the other two, they were not so good). Great Actors (also good looking), beautiful cinematography ( a slasher film shot entirely in day light-genius!!!), bad-ass soundtrack. I guess the crowd was delighted as me because they were roaring and clapping their hands every time somebody got slayed.

A few days later i read that the film got the "Critics Award". Very much deserved. best film in fantas 2011.
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A Well-Made And Meaningful Israeli Thriller
walterradunsky20 October 2013
In general I've been disappointed with Israeli cinema. Rather than giving sincere and insightful expressions of a country with such a heavy sociopolitical atmosphere, a land which underlies so much of the world's history and which has now been so quickly repopulated and rebuilt by a people who have achieved so much under the weight of hatred, exclusion, and genocide, most Israeli filmmakers have followed in the aimless and shallow footsteps of Hollywood trash and self-righteous American liberal con artists. The film "Kalevet," however, is an exception to the current trend of filmmaking in Israel and all the other countries of the world who are to some degree being culturally tainted by one of the worst things America has to offer, i.e., it's cinema. And interestingly enough, "Kalevet" manages to escape the Hollywood pattern by making use of one of it's most simple-minded conventions--the slasher film. By employing sophisticated directing, cinematography, editing, and a screenplay portraying morally complex characters and a narrative that serves as an insightful metaphor for Israeli society as well as a universal statement on the human condition, the creators of "Kalevet" have succeeded in doing what is usually more expected from filmmakers in the more eastern part of Asia, i.e., reinvent a usually meaningless Hollywood genre into something that is not simply entertaining but meaningful.
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Not Formula in the Least.
John-The-Roman13 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I think this is probably why the movie has gotten such a low rating here on IMDb. Most people want a formulaic slasher film that follows all the basic American Hollywood rules. This is far from in. In fact, the spoiler I will reveal is that the supposed "psycho killer" has the least amount of screen time and is actually not even really a tool to drive the plot. This is the first horror movie which Israel has released and I admit, it's not SCARY in the conventional sense at all. I saw a couple reviews which completely pooped on this film for not being scary, but that's because it doesn't follow the formula of your typical Hollywood scare.

What I can say is that this film did, in fact, scare me because of the fact that instead of bringing another formula slasher to the screen, it instead presented the horror of human nature to its audience. The true star of this film is not the psycho killer, but the nature that lies within us all. Jealousy, anger, misconception, and simple passions are the true stalkers here.

The acting is amazing in that you can actually connect with every single character who dies in this film and feel bad for them in one way or another. The way they are presented really causes you to feel some sort of empathy with them so that you can honestly finish this movie feeling you got a sense of who that person was, making their death even more horrific because you'd actually taken some time to get to know them.

The fact that this first-time attempt by Israeli film to create a slasher movie completely stepped outside the formula to come up with something new and innovative impressed the heck out of me. I have been DYING for something to finally bring something new to the whole genre of horror/slasher films, and this movie did it. Instead of creating a bad guy out of one person, it instead pointed out the horrors which can sometimes be found within our own nature.

A brilliant film, through and through.
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Life is full of misunderstandings.... and everybody dies!
dschmeding6 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was praised from its festival premieres and I was looking forward to a different horror movie with comedy elements. Man, was I disappointed.

I give "Rabies" one thing... and that is that it sure is different. I guess it tries to be exactly that because the movie has nothing but one basic idea. Take horror movie clichés and turn them upside down. Kind of like "Tucker&Dale vs. evil" but minus the comedy.

There is a killer here but he never manages to kill anyone. Instead everyone else in this damned forest ends up killing themselves or each other by accident and misunderstandings. Now that would make for a funny roller-coaster plot but "Rabies" goes for a strange slow pacing with barely any jokes, light moments or suspense. The atmosphere is rather dark and there is little gore which is another plus for "Rabies" because its not much but its done professional and without CG.

Basically you got 4 guys and 4 girls stumbling through a forest that inexplicably is laced with land mines and a killer who instead of killing takes a 70minute nap. When 2 cops appear to help it goes downward because one of them has serious issues and sets off a downward spiral which has only one survivor... Hint: Its not a girl like in all the french horror movies.

I have not laughed once until the end. You basically get one dialog with a family arriving on a wrong turn. And that has quite some laughs to end the movie on plus the survivor which you could expect in a movie that turns the expectable upside down. But I had to suffer through 80 minutes of boredom that was only eased by 1 landmine, 1 creative gore scene and basic setup of the film

"Rabies" is a really strange movie that had so much going for it... its a shame they didn't really know where they were going in the end. In the middle of the movie i was close to pressing the stop button because nothing was happening.
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what a strange trip - מה טיול מוזר
specialuse11722 May 2014
Fresh, inventive, fast paced - this film was like going on a fun roller coaster. Never a dull moment and you do not know exactly what will happen next. Just when you think it is going to follow a formula the bottom drops out. Never having seen any of these actors before added to the experience. At first it may seem there are too many characters but it all blends together at the end. If feels like the directors took the theme of the old movie "After Hours" and paired it with the comedy of "Shaun of the Dead." Then gave it a Cohen brothers twist. I really enjoyed this film and the previous effort (Big Bad Wolves). There are gory scenes (and I dislike gore) but it did not seem excessive or gratuitous.
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Unusual take on familiar themes
richardmarkham4230 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this on TV out of curiosity having read that it was the first Israeli horror movie and was pleasantly surprised. Whilst one of the kills is totally predictable when it happens, the plot mostly subverts the norm to give us some genuine surprises. In a cleverly constructed build-up we meet several rounded characters and the scriptwriter gives us some witty lines to enjoy along the way. For a while I thought we were in for a tongue-in-cheek Scream-style parody of the genre, but to his credit the director keeps things gory enough that we take the movie seriously and in my opinion the actors convince. The setting is well-used to disorientate the characters and the audience. If you like to be scared out of your wits this is not the movie for you, but if you like to be absorbed and kept in suspense you won't be disappointed and there is plenty of blood for most fans of the horror genre.
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Now i am angry
Yoshi_Dino18 November 2014
Because i expected this to be crap, but got "convinced" otherwise by positive reviews (not only on IMDb).

People must have gone silly, i don't even know where to start explaining how bad this movie is. The dialogues are so fake and silly, i felt how my brain begs for mercy. It's impossible to care about any of these guys & gals. The acting so wooden, you never can get rid of the feeling it's just a stupid movie. Never, i almost expected to see cameras and someone asking for a break.

The story, if you can call it that - a complete mess. This movie does not take itself serious, and normally this helps a bit to tolerate bullshit but not here... the jokes are not funny, they come in the wrong moments and it just adds more nonsense.

Needless to say it's also not scary at all. All this nonsense about it being something new because the killer is just a sidekick...forget it. Doesn't matter who kills who and what happens, it's all random anyway because they obviously had no idea what to do with their own stupid film.

I also don't care about it being the first horror movie from Israel. Yea it's horror, but only for your brain cells. 1 star cause i cannot go any lower, 0 stars for everyone who gives this a positive review. Unbelievable...
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Unbelievably Impressed -- Hidden Gem
gavin694215 March 2012
A brother and sister who run away from home find sanctuary in a deserted nature reserve. When the sister falls into the trap of a psychopathic killer...

This is probably the best horror film I have seen so far this year (2012). Rich plot, twists, turns, a healthy amount of gore without resorting to CGI. Characters with some depth. A very creepy sexual assault scene (without the aid of nudity being in this picture).

I just have to say I was impressed. The plot weaves in and out of different characters' lives fluidly, expertly. We learn just enough about them to be interested, but not enough to ruin the surprises. You will have many questions throughout the film -- some will be answered and some will not. Is there room for a sequel? Yes, but it would be a mistake to add to this film.

I am not completely clear why the film is called "Rabies". My best guess is because it contains a very contagious violence. But if you are looking for a plague or zombie film, this is not it. (Even "slasher" is not at all correct, regardless of how some people have presented the film.) Do not judge this film by its cover. The box design is rather poor, but the film inside is not. A must-see for horror fans.
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Interesting concept, well delivered, decent horror
Robert_duder10 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Rabies is the first Israeli film I've ever seen and it did not disappoint. While it wasn't your typical slasher gorefest that is actually it's charm. The concept is actually unique and well executed. The serial killer in an ironic turn isn't the the one they need to watch out for but rather their own fear and hatred spreading like...well like Rabies. Where it falls short is that the characters are a little empty and the performances perhaps a little wooden at times. They create stereotypical characters (perhaps on purpose as a nod to American slasher flicks) but they don't let them delve any deeper. Despite the unique concept it was a little strange to have a serial killer on the loose and literally have no purpose to the story. The pacing might be a little slow as well. But don't let the few shortcomings deter you if you enjoy foreign films. This horror flick is definitely different than the run of the mill stuff out there!! 7/10
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Serial Murderer Film?
Duveteux26 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I read the synopsis on another site which summarised said "serial murderer comes across teens in forest", I thought oh no, not again... but wondered, why is it called Rabies? So I gave it a watch...

The synopsis I read is giving it so little credit.

I still am none the wiser, no idea why it's called Rabies. Perhaps the title should have been Rabid instead, as the people in it aren't exactly compromising.

The serial murderer can't be described as such, however, as he only gets to kill one dog in the entire movie. He doesn't really get a look in.

Not bad actors, refreshing take on "teens lost in forest" movies. It has brutal moments, poignant moments, funny moments. No one is innocent in the end. You have the characters you want to see make it and a few you're dying to see dying. It is a no mercy movie, though, so the former becomes increasingly unlikely.

It isn't scary, there's maybe one moment some people would jump at. It is consistently entertaining, though. Worth it.
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Like Magnolia but most everyone dies!
brianmmerrill6 March 2012
I watched this movie expecting a typical, B grade slasher vibe. Instead I found it full of ironic humor, no attempt to arrive at a happy ending, the courage to kill off any character regardless of whether that character would be focus group friendly or not.

I'd be willing to bet that the only non-human victim gets the most sympathy in its demise.

Pretty women, decent to good acting, nobody is truly awful as you find in nearly all low budget movies, the dialog flows naturally, no extended whining or Smith/Linklater verbal diarrhea to be found.

Cool Flick!
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Bad Case of Rabies
finetunes1 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
One of my requirements for most movies is at least one likable character. Not this movie. To boot, there was more than the average number in a movie that were unlikable. Luckily, those negatives were offset partially because many of the unlikable characters died off. Yay!

There are good twists, not that the twists weren't predictable but there was more than 2 options to every twist incident, so guessing was like a multiple choice question.

The movie was slow for a horror movie, excruciating in some scenes.

There were an inordinate amount of people in the forest considering it was closed/off limits to the public.

Do all the cars in Israel have a hard time starting, including police cars?

Due to the being set in a forest, no studio sets, no CDI, a large budget was not required to make the movie, so not so much good money was thrown after bad.

In general the movie was extremely, irritating. In the hands of the right director it could have been an excellent black comedy.
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amazing movie
jazzyclarinet1 July 2012
what a cool move!!! i have never seen a horror film before and this was the best movie i have ever seen! i only saw it because i had just seen "the secrets" a movie with Ania Bukstein in it and wanted to see more of her work. I love the way the story twists and turns, you never know what is going to happen next! The humour makes it fun to watch and helps you relate to the characters. people say the title rabies it a rubbish name because it does not say what the movie is. the title in Hebrew "kalevet" can also be linked to rage, fury and madness suiting the film perfectly. its just lost in translation. i think everybody should see this movie, its a treasure and well worth watching! something that annoyed me is that the English subtitles didn't match the Hebrew in some places! but thats it :)
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The One Friday the 13th Jason Took Off
thesar-222 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It's not just an unlucky day when a hockey-masked killer shows up for work.

I usually don't do too much research before seeing movies and following, writing my reviews; I like to go in as cold as possible and have the review all from my experience. But, while looking for something else, I stumbled upon the fact: this was Israel's first horror movie. Wow. First swing and the rookie hit a grand slam.

I did know this was a slasher movie going in and the movie sure starts that way. Lately, I've noticed, most (intelligent) filmmakers who want to carry on my favorite horror subgenre: the Slasher and even more specifically, the Slasher-in-the-Woods, have been adding enormous twists and subplots to spice up the decades old formula. This Rabies film has to be taking that fresh start to the extreme max.

As stated, this movie starts off with the Slasher-in-the-Woods tropes but quickly evolves into probably more than half a dozen subplots and characters all over the same wooded area and all with their own issues. Really bad issues.

It would be one thing just to label each as stereotypical characters and simply state their conflicts and motives, but these two filmmakers, simultaneous directors and writers: Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado, adhere to my favorite movie experience: Show, Don't Tell.

I felt each and every person's plight and drive to achieve their goal. I also felt very little innocence here…in any of them. That, within itself, isn't usually a good thing – when there's barely a good character in film to root for, but I still felt for them and wanted, well, for some of them to reach their goals.

To state the two movies this truly reminded me of would be too much of a spoiler, but I enormously recommend any horror fan, Slasher-lover or not, to see this. Heck, any movie fan that can tolerate some extreme gore at times due to the overall fantastic storytelling, make-up and acting.


Final thoughts: This is the spoiler-zone, so stop reading if you hate spoilers as much as I do. You've been warned. The two movies I saw here most in my mind was Very Bad Things and definitely, a 100% serious Tucker and Dale vs Evil. If you liked those movies, namely the latter, you'll probably like the dead-serious take on them here.
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Life affirming teen horror
begob16 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Strange and mesmerising.

It looks like a dumb-ass teens in the wilderness, how long does is take to pick them off, kind of movie.

But for some reason it is full of emotion. I guess the sound track is the secret ingredient. Plus very good actors.

Shouldn't work, but I liked it - even though half the sub-titles are illegible.

I thought it was kind of eastern europe, then maybe middle-east, then they picked up an old minefield warning sign with hebrew letters.

I likes it. Recommend.
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'Did you get hurt playing cricket?'
punishmentpark26 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
An extraordinary Israeli (!) horror movie. It's about what can happen when you enter a territory that is seemingly sort of a no man's land... with consequences quite darkly. I experienced it as sort of a mix between 'Crash' (2004, drama) and 'Rovdyr' (2008, horror) with a good fix of dark comedy. Whether or not everything should be strictly believable, is not the biggest issue in such a film to my opinion. The feel of it is sincere, and a lot of the dialogues and actions are convincing. Very well done, and very well acted, truly a pleasant surprise. And finally, let's give it up for the tennis girls... hubba hubba!

8 out of 10.
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you just can't see it coming
trashgang12 November 2013
Over 30 years in the horror genre and this must have been my first horror that I watched coming from Israel. It's not your usual horror because it's more about how things can turn out rather bad with a sick twist.

It's all about being at the wrong place at the wrong time and just when you think that the police can help you one of them is just a sexist and want to abuse the short skirted girls in which he does by searching for weapons but put his hand were it doesn't belong and it's not her juggs. From there the story about a missing couple turns out in a sick way.

On part of the horror it's low because it never really becomes scary but the effects used makes it rather brutal especially the face being hammered. But what I liked most is that it doesn't have a happy ending.

For the first Israel horror flick I must say that I was surprised even as it didn't look like a real horror it still is. It's being sold as a slasher but for me it wasn't, although it's all about a slasher walking around. It has won a lot of prices and I must agree, you can't see it coming what is going to happen to them all.

Gore 1,5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5
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