So Undercover (2012) Poster


Miley Cyrus: Molly, Brook



  • Armon : This right here is your brand new Volkswagen EOS.

    Molly : Come on. Can't I ride my own bike to school?

    Armon : Girls your age would jump up and down at the chance to drive this thing.

    Molly : Well I'm not like most girls.

    Armon : Brooke Stonebridge is.

    Molly : Who's Brooke Stonebridge?

    Armon : It's your new identity.

    Molly : Are you serious? That's not a name, it's a gated community.

    Armon : I really don't care.

  • Sasha : Brooke, what is going on?

    Molly : What's platinum rule number one in the Kappa chapter book?

    Hunter : Never wear sweatpants.

    Molly : Rule number 2.

    Sasha : A sister in need comes before anything else.

    Molly : Girls, we have a sister in need.

  • Nicholas : You don't go to school here do you?

    Molly : Course I do. Why would you think that I don't? I'm in my late teens, I'm walking on campus, I got a pretentious name and a sparkly cellphone.

  • Bizzy : Oh, it's amazeballs!

    Molly : Wait, what? What balls?

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