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Cracking series by stellar writer
jegpad20 December 2010
Each of these individual one hour stories are captivating from start to finish. Jimmy McGovern excels in tight scripts which gripped me with their realism and pace. The series is further enhanced by fine English acting.

Each episode begins with a person in a prison cell awaiting trial. Flashbacks build up to a crescendo as to why the accused is on trial and whether or not they will be found guilty. The concept is great for those who love a whodunnit type scenario, only this time it's did they didn't they. And even if they did, the complexities of the back story provides moral angles which make you the judge too. Lovely armchair stuff.

In a year when the BBC has had to generally tread carefully in its broadcasting post the faux pas by Ross and Brand on radio which caused thicker red tape to be introduced, this miniseries is one of the few stars in an otherwise cloudy darkness.

It is one of the few, if only, must see fictional programmes on British television today and I thoroughly recommend it.
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Strong stuff
paul2001sw-121 December 2010
'Accused', a series of six tough films scripted or co-scripted by Jimmy McGovern, strikes me as vaguely reminiscent of Alan Bleasdale's 'Boys From the Blackstuff'. What we have is a set of (essentially unconnected) intense dramas that effectively reflect the struggle of many ordinary Britons to survive and prosper. Each one ends in a court case; but it's not the gimmick that's important here. Most of these 21st century characters aren't desperately poor, in the way that Bleasdale's were, and McGovern lacks Bleasdale's political edge: these remain six random stories, without connecting narrative or theme. But there is some good writing, and also some great performances, from a portfolio of British character actors who know exactly how to do TV. It's not fun in the conventional sense, but its definitely worth a look.
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Wish there were more seasons
moon_creature15 December 2017
This series is not light, it's heavy, there is pretty much no comic relief... The acting is excellent, the story-lines often gut wrenching reflecting on the real trials of being human, making bad mistakes and the like. It sounds like a downer, and it might be for some. I watched this for the first time on flix a couple of years ago, and basically binged through both seasons. Saw it again this year, and it's still completely riveting. If you are looking for a "cozy BBC mystery" like Miss Marple this isn't it.
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Worthwhile, intelligently written, solidly directed television
runamokprods7 June 2016
A 10 episode limited anthology UK series. Each 1 hour story starts with someone being taken from a holding cell into a courtroom, where they will stand trial. Then we flashback into the story of what led them there, all building up to a final verdict in court.

The most consistent strength of the series are the excellent performances. Christopher Eccleston, Sean Bean, Olivia Coleman, Juliet Stevenson are just a few of the top flight actors doing powerful, subtle and complex work.

The stories themselves are somewhat variable. A couple feel too on the nose, or heavy handed in their themes. But most are at least quite good, and a few are flat out terrific – morally complicated, surprising, tense.

They are also mostly quite grim. Even the few episodes with 'happy' endings still leave characters dealing with loss, broken families, damaged souls. As in real life, a 'not guilty' verdict doesn't simply put all the broken pieces of a life back together again. Because of that consistently dark, sad tone, this series doesn't cry out for binge watching. That would risk sending one out the window But this is worthwhile, intelligently written, solidly directed television, and well worth a look.
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Blown away!!!
Majikat7623 March 2019
I can't believe it took me so long to find this series!!!

This is what happens when top writers and some of Britain's most impressive actors emotional involve themselves into making great drama.

What a theme! That on paper, through the courts, there is simply a charge and a decision, without the truth behind the who's, what's, when's and why's.

One of the best dramas to date!
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Gut-wrenching stories beautifully acted
droberts-6789222 March 2019
Best to watch when your head is in a good place. Well done, Jimmy McGovern. And thank you, Acorn, for the best monthly $5 I've ever spent :-)
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Accused Drama of the highest level Superb!
roxmewild31 March 2019
Jimmy McGovern is undoubtably the Master of portraying the human psyche in its rawest realistic and most believable way! He has the ability to tell a story that draws you in and exposes every human emotion to the point you feel a part of it pure genius! Add to that top class actors and you have the bomb! Each episode is a different story regarding a persons journey to being in the dock accused and the final outcome. Sadly only 2 seasons but so good are they that this is my second time of watching them and they are as equally as good as the first time. And if you enjoyed this then search out his "Boys from the Blackstuff" another classic genius from Alan Bleasdale Gizzz us a job"
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Absolutely outstanding !!
julianrosser-440-78783929 October 2019
Can't recommend this series highly enough. Each episode bar one is a separate story and every one is outstanding and brilliantly acted and scripted.

Stellar cast under brilliant direction- you can't go wrong. Trust me.
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Just awesome!
Guanche483 September 2019
I discovered this series last month. And I start watching without expectations. Just life like it is....great acting!! Heavy staff to think about! And we can learn a lot by some situations.. just awesome.!! My heart was beating by some situations because it is so exciting!! Lots of good and bad emotions.
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Confused view of cross-dressing in order to make an unconvincing controversial drama
benjamin-twist15 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The acting in this opening episode of the new series of The Accused was superb, but the whole premise of the story was seriously flawed. Jimmy McGovern appears to have little knowledge of the subject he is writing about. Most transvestites are straight and enjoy the experience of cross dressing with their female partners, and not just for sexual gratification. Cross dressers do frequent gay bars but only because it enables them to drink in a non- threatening environment. The idea that a man like Simon/Tracie (Sean Bean) would drink in a city-centre bar dressed like a cross between Mae West and Madonna is totally ludicrous. What planet is Mr McGovern living on? It was not made clear exactly what Tony (Stephen Graham) was doing when he visited Tracie. Were they having sex, if yes then why not show it (perhaps McGovern didn't know what they would do to each other). But why would Tracie start a relationship with what was obviously a married man without discussing it and laying down some ground rules? It just lacks credibility. But perhaps the most bizarre aspect of this whole charade was the fact that Tracie was having a relationship with a psychopath who would rather violently stab his wife to death than tell her than he is gay - and not just an ordinary gay man but one who likes older men in unconvincing drag. Add to this ridiculous courtroom scene when Tracie addressed the court in full drag and you have all the makings of a really bad drama.

There were so many embarrassing moments in this grubby little play: The scene where Tony tells Tracie he will only be seen out with her if she looks more convincing as a woman, the scene where Tracie visits Tony's wife for a makeover and stares at her breasts and the fact that Tracie agreed to go away with Tony after he publicly humiliated him. What does it all mean? It means that Jimmy McGovern is a lazy writer and should do his research properly. I feels sorry for the actors who are no doubt proud of their performances but should really have looked at the bigger picture.

The problem with a lot of McGovern's scripts is that he can't make up his mind what he is writing about. In this case Transvestism or murder. He takes a controversial subject or story (no doubt lifted from the pages of a Sunday newspaper, in this from 1978 judging by the out-of-date concept) and twists it to suit his limited experience. If he seriously wanted to write about cross-dressing then why not talk to some real cross-dressers and use their experience to tell the story. That would certainly be a lot more realistic that this tosh.
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