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  • A trio of big brother stories unfold as Jim looks out for his visiting little brother Mike, Daphne seeks the truth behind a blame-taking student outcast, and Global Tech abruptly promotes Katie.

  • Jim's wayward brother, Mike, pays a surprise visit to the Powell household. Let in on the family secrets, he all too quickly puts JJ's abilities to use - helping him win big at a horse track. Meanwhile, there may be a secret agenda behind Katie given an all-too-sudden promotion at Global Tech by Human Resources VP Victoria Morrow, and Daphne is placed on the school's peer disciplinary committee where she discovers a scruffy student willfully taking the fall under a wrongful accusation of drug possession.


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  • Jim (Michael Chiklis) and Stephanie (Julie Benz) have a visitor in the house. As he was uninvited, Jim went to investigate, only to find his brother in the house. Of course, since this is a TV show, Jim's brother is...not exactly the most reliable person on the planet, which Stephanie knows and Jim denies. But Uncle Mike (Jason Wiles) assures everybody he has himself straightened out, giving up the (failed) energy drink business to sell shoes that didn't make manufacturer's standards. And it turns out he may be in trouble with some people, if the beating he got outside the bar was any indication. Jim intervenes, and the bad guys knock Jim off the parking garage roof with their SUV. But Jim survives, and Mike demands an explanation. And kept demanding it until Jim admitting having superpowers. Mike didn't believe him, until Jim demonstrated it. ("Hit me with the shovel.") And Stephanie probably picked at bad time to speed in and talk about Katie (Autumn Reeser). And with Daphne (Kay Panabaker) coming in at the wrong time to ask if Mike knew about everybody's powers, and the cat's out of the bag.

    Katie pressed Will (Josh Stewart) to tell her about being in possession of Stephanie's diary. Only, she wasn't. He took at look at the pages, and none of it was in Stephanie's chicken-scratchings, as Katie called them. It was almost as if Will re-wrote the entire diary. She apologizes for being paranoid and is rewarded with a promotion at work. She is to run her own lab in Miami. Stephanie is suspicious, even though Katie reminds her it only takes Stephanie 7 minutes to get to her workplace (if she ran the whole way), so they could still have lunch every day. Stephanie asks both Dr. King (Stephen Collins) and Victoria Morrow (Rebecca Mader), the new VP of personnel about it, but Victoria convinces Katie on the sly that Stephanie is harboring a bit of jealousy towards her because she won't be Stephanie's audience anymore. Sure enough, Katie confronts Stephanie about it and the two are not on good terms.

    Jim shows Mike the lair, over Stephanie's and George's protests. ("Who are you bringing in here next? TMZ?") Jim continues the denial front, but George ran the plates on the SUV that tried to run him over. The SUV belonged to a big-time loan shark. Now Jim is convinced, but Mike pulls the same "I gotta take this call" routine that got him out of paying their bar tab earlier to track down JJ (Jimmy Bennett) at the high school. Sure enough, Mike takes JJ down to the track. JJ's analysis of the racing form was quite profitable. The school calls Jim and Stephanie, and Jim finally breaks down and calls Mike to read him the riot act. "The Call to the Post" being played in the background by the track certainly didn't help Mike's cause. Mike tries to come up with a bullcrap story about his business, but Daphne just happened to walk into the room. Finally, Mike admits to owing $15,000 in gambling debts. Mike begs Jim to help. Jim goes to talk to Frank Matthews, the man Mike owes. Only Mike owes 10 times as much as he told Jim. Jim goes back to George, who suggests going to the lair and running through some ideas on the computers. Only the lair is gone. Three guesses as to who did that.

    One of Daphne's duties at school as the new student body president is to be on the peer discipline committee. Sure enough, students can't weasel their way from her mind reading, and she hands out the punishment. That is, until one student was caught with prescription drugs, but she mind-reads he was covering for a scholarship student...his younger brother. Since Chris didn't hae a great record anyway, getting busted for the pills didn't make a difference. Daphne asks JJ to crack the combination on the kid's locker, and they find the drugs. Daphne reports him, and Chris is quite upset. But Daphne insists sending Chris' brother to get help for his addiction was more important than any scholarship.

    Dr. King and Victoria try to figure out their next move, as Will, who was partly the reason why Katie received the transfer, refused to go back to work for Dr. King, despite the pain and depression the serum kept from him. Dr. King orders her to do whatever it took to keep Will in Pacific Bay. Perhaps getting rid of Katie was the way to do it, because she almost had several large panes of windows dropped on her from a crane. Fortunately, Stephanie was apologizing to her at the time and found a rather heroic way to make up for it by pulling Katie out of the way. Katie tells Will she thought it was an accident, but Will wasted no time going to King and telling him he knew what really happened. King writes him off without "the serum coarsing through your bloodstream," but Will assured him he'd go after King the old-fashioned way if he had to. Stephanie's heroic act was enough to convince Katie to stay.

    Daphne runs to see Jim because she hugged Mike goodbye, only to read his mind and discover he was watching an ultrasound being done on his wife at the time Jim and George's lair was being robbed. Jim calls to apologize, except Mike was captured by Frank Matthews, who demanded the $150K from Jim in 24 hours. George wants Jim and Stephanie to go superhero on Matthews, but JJ suggests raising the money at the track. Jim doesn't want to do it, but Stephanie thought it was the best way to save a member of the family. It works until a 12-to-1 longshot gets injured on the turn for home. Jim walks into the hostage situation without the money and offers to take Mike's place. Matthews puts the gun to Jim's head, but Mike takes out one of Matthew's thugs. The distraction gives Jim the chance to knock out Matthews. It turned out there was a reward for Matthews' capture, and Jim told Mike to give the reward money to his new son/daughter. Jim wouldn't need the money to rebuild his lair, because George's homeowners' insurance policy paid for a new lair Batman would be jealous of.

    Stephanie's heroic act was enough to convince Katie to stay. But the incident was no accident, as the crane operator dropped the glass on purpose. Failing to accomplish this was very disappointing to Dr. King, The operator was Victoria, who could shape shift into other people (think Mystique from X-Men). But Dr. King had another plan.

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