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akasha1482328 June 2015
An absolutely amazing, informational, and funny show.

My daughter loves this show and will watch it over and over again.

I love watching this show with her as well.

Sometimes I'll catch myself watching it even when she is not.

The Kratt brothers are very educational for children.

They help them understand about wild animals and how all animals deserve to be respected.

Each episode has its own quirky event going on that keeps children interested.

The moment my daughter hears them talking or their theme song, she's very excited and knows what's on.

I highly recommend this Wild Kratts!
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Best TV show for you kids
shirjil25 January 2018
Very informative but done in a very fun way, my 9 year old and 4 year old love it, on some animals they have more knowledge than me and I asked them where did you learn it, in school? they said in wild kratts. Of all the desruptive and destructive cartoons nowadays, this one is done right, highly recommended, I hope they continues this TV show
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This is the best animal show I have ever seen
deanpanttaja16 March 2018
I grew up watching Zaboomafo and Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter, but when Zaboomafo stoppped airing episodes and Steve Irwin passed away I was in a long period of darkness for fun entertaining animal shows. But one day my younger cousins introduced me to Wild Kratts and my life changed forever. After I saw the episode Platypus Cafe I did my best to catch up. The good thing was the show was in the middle of it's first season so I managed to catch up before season 2 arrived.

And I enjoyed every second of the show. It has beautiful animation, cool animals, great science topics, wonderful Wow facts, memorable characters(hilarious villains), great humor, great action, fun stories, creature power suits. It has a mix of everything I always loved as a kid and things that I still enjoy now.

First lets talk about the animation. The Kratt brothers have always said that there are somethings you just can't show in Nature. Which is why the animation is crucial to this show. It brings alive the animals and there habitats as well, and is able to show some things (Like the Sperm Whale vs Giant Squid) that you just can't show. And it's not wacky 2D animation or gloppy 3D animation it's such beautiful and a more realistic kind of 2D animation.

Now lets talk about the characters. We have Martin Kratt the emotional, excited and disorganized, but serious when needs be, brother and Chris Kratt the calm and organized, but still fun and intellectual brother. Both are fun and educational teachers in animation and live-action. They bring the energy to the education of the show and the show in general. And the creature power suits are awesome. Humans gaining the abilities of animals and using there special skills is something that always interested me. As for the other characters we have Aviva, the smart, head strong, optimistic, and competitive inventor who makes much of the Wild Kratts awesome technology, Koki, the coordinated, sassy, sometimes grumpy, communications expert and also helps with Aviva's inventions. And Jimmy Z, the lazy, nervous, but crafty pilot and teleporter of there big turtle ship the Tortuga. All of these characters are so fun to watch and all of them are funny.

But who might be funnier than the leads are the villains. Never have I seen villains so funny and so memorable in any environmental kids show or in a PBS Kids show. We have Zach Varmietech who is a arrogant and whiny robotics inventor and the main antagonist. He likes to turn animals into robots and try to best the Wild Kratt, sometimes by stealing there inventions. He's also got some awesome and funny Robots. We have Donita Donata who is an impatient and easily frustrated, animal fashion designer with her dim witted henchman Dabio. We have Chef Gaston Gourmand, a sly, clever and crafty chef who likes to cook up animals. And we have there most recent villain Paisley Paver, an organized, by the book, engineerer who paves animal homes with her energentic henchman Rex. All of these Villains make me laugh every time there on screen with there egos, there crazy schemes and there interactions with the Kratt Brothers. And when you put them all in the same room you just can't stop chuckling. Even though the voice acting for some of these characters isn't spot on they are still fun to watch.

And last but not least we have the educational value. There are things in this show I have never heard about and even some animals I never heard about until I came across this show like the Yeti Crab, Proboscis Monkey, Honey Badger, Immortal Jellyfish(Wait till season 4) All of these animals are presented so well and in a way that can educate children and adults. Many think that education and fun are natural enemies but that is completely bogus. The Kratt Brothers, Martin and Chris not only make learning fun but also makes engaging stories to go along with it. It provides a lot of education but never shys away from being creative. But that's just my opinion, watch this show for yourself and see if you, like me, can go Wild with Wild Kratts
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Great fun with Kids n Parents
bmattingly-7791623 January 2019
We love the wild kratts at our house. Pbs has this great educational show.My son has had two wild kratts birthday parties in a row .He loves how they are real people who turn into cartoons to go on adventures, they have a specific animal they follow during the episode and share a ton of information on them. The best part is they have creature power suits where Chris n Martin turn into that specific animal and teach the kids more about the animal. He has learned so much from the show.
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We need more shows like this.
dease25 August 2019
I loved the Wild Kratts as a kid, and now my son gets to enjoy them too thanks to the series being available on streaming. Any kids show that encourages children to learn about and appreciate animals and nature is good in my book. The Wild Kratts however, have taken learning to a higher and more fun level by not only having the live action sets that we were used to growing up, by adding animated adventures centered around the animals that are the focus of the show. It keeps the kids more invested, and adds some humor and action to the series. The shows also recognizes the importance of every animal in the animal kidding, from lions to earthworms. Predators that go after some of the featured animals aren't vilified as you might expect them to be, because the Kratts know that they are all part of the animal kingdom. I definitely recommend this to kids of any age; there is plenty to enjoy and learn for the whole family.
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Burst of Nostalgia
beckstew23 February 2019
I loved this show when I was a kid and watching it on Netflix brings back so many memories.
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Not even close to Zoboomafoo
c-computerkid20 May 2015
The Kratts have been around for a while. Zoboomafoo was their breakthrough and they've appeared on TV ever since. Because of their experience and intelligence, I naturally assumed this would be decent, but I was wrong.

The characters are not very interesting. This problem starts with the brothers themselves, who cannot transition their energy to voice acting. Also, I'm not even sure why Koki and Jimmy Z exist; they are flat and are insignificant to the plot. Aviva does at least do something, but her voice actress is also bad. I should note that the characters aren't helped by a boring, hackneyed script.

The only reason I don't give this show a 1 is that one of the villains (Donita Donata), a fashion designer of sorts, is actually a little entertaining. Her interactions with the Kratts offer a little comic relief. The other villains are as bland as the main characters.

I know a criticism of this show may seem a bit harsh, as it is meant for kids, but there are better children's programs out there (Phineas and Ferb, Arthur, and even Cyberchase). PBS has gone downhill.
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dharmakyahlai11 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This show is stupendously stupid!

PBS sat down one day and said "hey, I don't think that people understand that animals are better than them, so lets make a show and hire two people from an old TV show that ran for two years and animate them and give them a crew and have them say snarky stuff about how much better vision, smell,, hearing etc any one animal has.")

also they stop people from doing normal stuff (designing clothes, eating lobster or turkey etc.

Its informational I guess. But the stupidity and the lengths they go to to protect any one animal is ridiculous.

also they had to devote an entire episode to whether or not they should let a wolf eat one elk.

the fact that some adults watch this and then go hate on Macgyver makes me think that some have an extra helping of stupid with their soy-nut-whipped-cream extra-milk-double-shot-extra-foam lattes
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