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A Great Family Film
donrholloway22 October 2011
In the Hallmark Channel film "Oliver's Ghost", eleven-year-old Oliver (Nicholas Stargel) is the youngest of the family of four who have just moved in to their new home. They have been wondering why the previous owner left in such a hurry. Well, watch the film and you'll find out--just as they did. This is a great family film which focuses on the need for family members to listen to one another and to help one another. It is not a movie that will be frightening to young children. Martin Mull plays the role of the ghost (referred to in the title). He does a great job in this dramatic role as does the adorable Nicholas Stargel in the leading role as Oliver. Also, watch for Rhea Perlman in a fine dramatic role. I hope this movie will be released on DVD as there is a real market for good family films like this. This movie is well-cast and well-acted and I would recommend it highly for anyone of any age.
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not-bad family Halloween movie
ksf-223 October 2014
At the film's open, Oliver McCaffrey ( Nicholas Stargel ) meets Eloise (Rhea Perlman) and helps her in the garden. His family has just moved into the neighborhood, but they soon find STRANGE things happening in their new house. Oliver notices it first, but the rest of the family won't believe him. More and more strange things happen in the house, which they can't blame on Oliver. Keep an eye out for (Clive) Martin Mull, who plays an important role in the film.. Mull has been working steadily since the 1970s. Most will remember him as the boss on Roseanne, but some of you are probably old enough to remember him from "Fernwood Tonight", back in the day. Most of the "special effects" shown here are just simple, easy tricks of editing photography and film shots, running the film backwards. It's okay. Very family friendly. Deals with youngster's issues and dealing with his dysfunctional family and school issues. Shown on the Hallmark Channel. Has pumpkins and ghosts, so I expect it will be shown just prior to Halloween each year. Written by David Golden -- looks like a lot of his work is written for Lifetime or Hallmark Channel. Directed by David Cass, who has done stunts, acting, directing movies for TV, and even writing. I see that he has worked on several films with Robert Mitchum, in uncredited roles or stunts. Got his start doing stunts for TV series in the early 60s. No date of birth shown on his IMDb page, but clearly he's been around a while and worked with some biggies.
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Ghost in the attic
Prismark101 November 2015
Oliver's Ghost is a family film with a spooky twist and a message that families should listen to each other and be for each other.

The McCaffrey's have moved from their bustling city life to their new home and hope to spend more time together and less at work.

Their youngest son, 11 year old Oliver hears some noises in the attic and gets bullied at school. His older sister does little to help and wrapped up in her own world.

Oliver discovers that the attic has a ghost who has been hanging around for 40 years and explains why previous owners have the house have quickly departed.

The trouble is Oliver cannot get other members of the family to see the ghost and it seems that the ghost has unfinished business regarding his daughter before he can move on.

This is a made for television film which has its moments and plenty of charm that younger kids will enjoy. Martin Mull has a ball as the abrasive ghost who understands Oliver more than his family.
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