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Season 4

20 Jun. 2015
Berry Double Trouble
Raspberry and Lemon want to join a fashion contest. They offer Strawberry to be their model, but she is too busy running both her café and the market. Raspberry and Lemon meet the twins Sweet and Sour Grapes, whose names fit their personalities, and offer them to replace Strawberry in the café. The twins bicker about their cooking, until Strawberry persuades them to work together.
27 Jun. 2015
Berry Bitty Adventurer
Apple Dumplin' comes to visit her cousin Strawberry. Soon she causes troubles: she installs a light/music display in Strawberry's bedroom, but cannot turn it off; later she causes a power failure. After Apple leaves, it is revealed that she fixed the power. Strawberry goes after her and persuades her to stay at Berry Bitty City.
4 Jul. 2015
High Tech Drama
Lemon and Raspberry make the final preparations for the contest. Strawberry offers the twins to be models at the contest instead of her. Sweet is delighted, but Sour is not excited. Shortly before the show is broadcast, Sour sabotages the TV equipment. As a result, the broadcasting starts ahead of schedule, showing the audience the girls in very awkward scenes, trying to finish the preparations. After realizing what happened, the girls are saddened, thinking that they have been made a laughingstock. Sour regrets ruining the show and confesses. She is ready to leave ...
16 Jun. 2015
A Berry Merry Birthday
The twins' birthday is approaching. Sour says she does not wish to share the birthday with Sweet. Sweet is sad that her sister feels that way, but respects her wish. Sour initially enjoys having a birthday of her own and the activities the Berry girls plan for her, but gradually feels lonely without her sister, and regrets what she said earlier. Eventually the twins celebrate their birthday together, to the delight of everyone.
18 Jul. 2015
Tall Tale Trio
The Berry girls go on their annual camp-out. Cherry, Plum and Orange become tired on the way to the camping site and stop to rest. When they catch up with the other girls, each of them has a different version of the adventure they had.
25 Jul. 2015
Berry Big Tale-Teller
Sour implores Sweet to help her recount the Adventures they had in the Berry Deep Dark Forest, but her performance is so embellished that Sweet can't keep up.
1 Aug. 2015
The Berry Bitty Great Race
At the camping site, Apple tells a story about the great race she participated and won, although the other competitors cheated and did their best to stop her by using dirty tricks.
8 Aug. 2015
The Berry Best Taste Test
Apple's rave review of Strawberry's dessert encourages the Queen of Berryvania to order her new cake for her ball.
15 Aug. 2015
The Berry Best Biscuit
Sour and Apple begin a prank war and they are sentenced in a Berry Bitty City-style trial to camp alone together for a whole weekend.
22 Aug. 2015
Hot Sauce Cook Off
Berrykin Bloom's braggart cousin, Berrykin Bertram, has won the hot sauce competition at the local county fair year after year, but this year, Sour and Apple are determined to help the kindhearted Bloom win.
29 Aug. 2015
The Berry Bitty Dance Disaster
Apple joins Plum's ballet class. When she realizes she is not as good as the others, she decides to make a pair of dancing shoes which she calls "Groove Booties". But they escape and wreak havoc in the town. Apple must find a way to stop the Booties before they ruin the Berryball game.
5 Sep. 2015
Doggie Dance No-Show
Apple makes improved Groove Booties that can teach anyone to dance, including the puppies Pupcake and Pitterpatch. This gives Plum the idea to put on a show of dancing dogs. She asks Huckleberry if Tom Tom would like to participate, and he agrees. Tom Tom enjoys dancing when he and Huckleberry are alone, but soon it becomes clear he does not like dancing before an audience. Strawberry notices that, and convinces Huckleberry that Tom Tom should not be pressured into doing something he does not feel comfortable about. Eventually, Plum performs the show with Pupcake and ...
17 Sep. 2015
Dance Puppy Dance
Apple and Plum ask Cherry to compose a music to the video of the dancing dog show, that it can be uploaded to Apple's website. Cherry is very busy writing a song for the queen of Berryvania, but takes a break to do as they ask her. Apple uploads the video with the new-composed song "Dance Puppy Dance", and soon it becomes a great hit, that many of Berry Bitty City play and sing it often. Cherry becomes angry, because the she cannot write her next song for the queen while listening to her last song, and cannot find a quiet place to work. She grows to hate the song and ...

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